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eLearning ADU Services or American Digital University Services is known to be an online learning platform that provides a number of online supplement courses to the users. The platform has been working successfully for over a decade now and has managed to serve higher education institutions as e-Consultants and e-Learning content development partners as well. With these services, the platform also focuses on providing off-the-shelf courses in different yet important areas like Mathematics, Science and Professional Maritime services. You can follow here to get more on free online courses with certificates from world best universities.

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The supplemental online courses that ADU Services develop and designed are fully based on David Kolb’s experiential learning theory. According to this theory, there comes four important factors which are

  • Learning by doing
  • Familiarization
  • Reinforcement
  • Visualization

Categories of Courses that eLearning ADU Services has to offer?

Now moving towards our next part that is the different categories of supplemental courses which ADU Services has to offer. There are a total of 3 categories of the supplemental courses that ADU Services is offering which are as follows.

  • MATH courses
  • Maritime courses
  • Bridging, Vocational and Skills courses
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Names of different courses offered:

Now if we talk about each category, there are a number of courses that are available. So here are the names of all these courses.

Math Courses:

Math courses category includes the following

  • Math for general studies
  • Math for finance and business studies
  • Math for engineering and technical studies
  • A la Carte

Maritime Courses:

The e-Learning ADU Services platform has managed to collaborate with a number of well-esteemed industry leaders to develop a number of professional online courses that are very suitable and helpful for all the maritime industry and institutions. Maritime courses category includes the following:

  • Ship Superintendent
  • Breakbulb shipping
  • Liquefied Natural Gas Cargo Operations
  • Maritime Logistics
  • Marine Engineering
  • Ship Operations

Bridging, Vocational and skills courses:

ADU Services has collaborated with Singapore Polytechnic’s PACE academy to introduce a number of bridging course in Math and Sciences category. The purpose of these courses is to enable students to clear their concepts and develop a good understanding in these two categories. With this, the eLearning ADU platform is also offering a number of vocational and skills development courses through the ePace initiative. You can also checkout ASL courses & classes.

The O level series:

This category contains a series of secondary education level courses in Mathematics and Sciences which are equivalent to the O level syllabus. The purpose of these courses is to help such students in developing a good understanding of the basics and also refresh and reinforce these basics before entering a college.

The Courses in this series include:

  • O level Additional Math
  • O level Biology
  • O level Chemistry
  • O level Math
  • O level Physics
  • O level Science (Chemistry & Biology)
  • O level Science (Physics & Biology)
  • O level Science (Physics & Chemistry)

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The A level series:

This category contains a series of courses in Mathematics and Sciences that are equivalent to the A level syllabus. Just like the O level series, the purpose of this series is to help students refresh and reinforce all the basics and necessary concepts so that it can help them prepare for their next step which is to get into a University.

The Courses in this series include:

  • A Level Biology H1
  • A Level Biology H2
  • A level Chemistry H1
  • A level Chemistry H2
  • A level Maths H1
  • A level Maths H2
  • A level Maths H3
  • A level Physics H1
  • A level Physics H2

College series:

Just like the above two series, this college series aims to provide post-secondary education level courses in the two main categories which are Math and Sciences. The purpose of such courses is to give guideline to students who are in University or college to become good at what they are doing.

This category includes the following Courses:

  • Mathematics for Engineering
  • Mathematics for Business
  • College Preparatory Mathematics
  • College Physics for Engineering
  • College Preparatory Physics

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We can conclude our topic by saying that American Digital University Services is indeed a platform that has courses which has been developed and designed meticulously so that whosoever takes the course is able to make the most out of it and gain something in the way.
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