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NPTEL Online Courses Registration 2023-24 [Updated]


NPTEL stands for National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning. This program is an initiative by the seven Indian Institutes of Technology which includes IIT Bombay, Guwahati, Kharagpur, Roorkee, Delhi, Kanpur and lastly Madras. The purpose of this program is to be used as a core curriculum content for the training purpose. If we talk more openly, we would know that this program provides Nptel Online Courses that can be taken by anyone interested so that they don’t lag behind.

NPTEL’s main goal or aim is to provide a number of online courses in Engineering and core sciences discipline. With that, the platform managed to introduce a number of different free online courses regarding different discipline so that whoever visits the website is able to find the course of his/her choice. These online courses, MOOCs and certifications are suitable for students, professors and all those who want to continue with their circle of learning or those who can’t afford to go to a proper college and get a degree. These online courses are available at no cost or at very reasonable prices and the fee to take the exam is also very cheap. Thus we can fully count on NPTEL to continue with our process of learning.

Visit free online courses with certificates of completion to get more information related to online courses from top universities.

Disciplines covered in the NPTEL Program:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Agriculture
  • Atmosphere science
  • Basic course-sem 1 and 2
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Engineering Design
  • Environmental Science
  • General
  • Management
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering

And many other disciplines are available for learners, professionals and others to choose from. NPTEL provides MOOCs, Online courses and different certifications regarding the above disciplines. The number of disciplines covered is a lot and so are the courses. You might also be interested in free online engineering courses with certificates of completion from best universities world-wide.

Top Universities providing Free Online Courses with Certificates:

You can find a number of online courses regarding these disciplines. Whatever you are studying or whatever you want to study, NPTEL has got you covered.

NPTEL Online Courses Registration 2021-22, How to?

Whenever you are done deciding which online course you need from NPTEL, the next step comes is the NPTEL registration procedure. So here are the steps to get registered to one of the online courses Registration 2021-22.

  • If you want to enroll yourself into one of the NPTEL online course then you have to open google and type our URL that will lead you to the NPTEL course portal.
  • On our portal, you are going to find a number of categories having a number of courses in them. So look at them carefully and then choose the one you want to enroll yourself in carefully.
  • After choosing the course, you are going to have to fill out a profile for NPTEL registration that has multiple questions in it and remember that while filling the profile it is mandatory for you to use your own Gmail id.
  • In the profile, there will be an option regarding whether you are a part of NPTEL local chapter or not, click yes if you are.
  • For more details and other schedules of the admissions, visit the official NPTEL website.

Coursera Plus Courses

Some Interesting information about the Online Courses by Nptel:

  • They have a Youtube channel that has a family of more than 1.5 million+ subscribers.
  • Their Youtube channel has almost 20,000 videos and almost 404 million views which is a great figure.
  • According to Alexa, NPTEL is ranked 155 in India and its global ranking is 1472.
  • It is the most accessed library of peer-reviewed educational content in the whole wide world.
  • They have more than 250 web and video courses available.
  • NPTEL started to offer online courses along with certificates in the year 2014.
  • It has More than 56000 hours of video content.
  • With that it also provides 52000+ hours of transcribed content and 51000+ hours of subtitled videos.

More Free Online Courses with Certificates of Completion:

Our aggregated series consists of best free online courses with certificates of completion in various domains:

NPTEL Registration Frequently asked questions:

Q1: If I sign up for a course, what will be the duration of it?

Ans: The duration of the course will be about 10 to 11 weeks.

Q2: How can I get access to a course?

Ans: To get access to a course, all you need to do is create an account.

Q3: How do I sign up?

Ans: In order to sign up, what you need to do is get access to a computer that has an internet explorer and a stable internet connection.

Q4: What should I do after I sign up?

Ans: After you’re done with the sign up, you’ll get access to the course and you have to watch the lecture videos and attempt the quizzes every week.

Q5: Are these classes totally free?

Ans: Yes, the access to the online course resource is totally free. But if a learner wants to take an in-person proctored online exam, he has to pay a nominal fee for it.

Q6: When will I get the certificate?

Ans: Certificates will be issued on the basis of an in-person proctored online examination that will be conducted after the completion of the course.

Q7: What happens if I sign up but don’t watch the lectures and attempt the assignments?

Ans: Your registration will only be confirmed if you watch the lectures and solve the assignments in the first two weeks. If you do not login to the portal and solve the assignments and submit them in the first week, it is highly likely that your registration will be cancelled.

Q8: Is there a specified time to access the lectures?

Ans: No, there is not fixed timings to take the lectures, instead one can watch the lecture videos whenever you want to at all times of the day.

Q9: What is the fee for the certification exam?

Ans: The fee is around Rs 2000, but soon it will be posted on the portal prominently.

Q10: Can I take a course more than once?

Ans: Yes of course, you can sign up every time the course is offered. You’ll begin each new session with a blank record.

Some statistics regarding the open online courses since March 2014 till April 2019:

Completed courses 1,300
Enrollments across courses 6,335,382
Number of exam registrations 627,866
Number of courses in Aerospace engineering 37
Number of courses in Atmospheric science 4
Number of courses in basic courses (Sem 1&2) 38
Number of courses in Biotechnology 24
Number of courses in Chemical Engineering 71
Number of courses Chemistry and Biochemistry 34
Number of courses in Civil Engineering 100
Number of courses in Computer science and Engineering 81
Number of courses in Electrical Engineering 68

Hope you understand well about NPTEL Registration stay tuned with takethiscourse.net for more updates about free online courses from best universities and organizations around the world.

NPTEL Online Courses

 Online Courses by NPTEL for Computer Science:

In computer science, NPTEL has more than 190 online courses but we have listed here the best 5 NPTEL computer science courses for our readers. Users can view the best Online Courses by NPTEL for Computer Science here.

# Course Name SME Name Institute Duration
1. Introduction to Machine Learning Prof. Sudeshna Sarkar IITKGP 8 weeks
2. Python for Data Science Prof. Raghunathan Rengasamy IIT Madras 4 Weeks
3. Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases Prof. Sandip Chakraborty & Prof. Praveen Jayachandran IITKGP 12 Weeks
4. Cloud Computing Prof. Soumya Kanti Ghosh IITKGP 8 weeks
5. Practical Machine Learning with Tensorflow Prof. Ashish Tendulkar
Prof. B. Ravindran
IITM & Google 8 weeks
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NPTEL Online Courses for Aerospace Engineering:

# Course Name SME Name Institute Duration
1. Introduction to Aerospace Engineering-Flight Prof. Rajkumar Pant IITB 12 weeks
2. Design of fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Prof. Saderla Subrahmanyam IITK 8 Weeks
3. Introduction to Ancient Indian Technology Prof. D.P.Mishra IITK  8 Weeks
4. Introduction to Rocket Propulsion Prof. D.P.Mishra IITK 12 weeks
5. Vibration and Structural Dynamics Prof. Mira Mitra IITKGP 8 weeks
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NPTEL Online Courses for Architecture:

# Course Name SME Name Institute Duration
1. Architectural Acoustics Prof. Sumana Gupta and Prof. Sankha Pratim Bhattacharya IITKGP 8 weeks
2. Disaster Recovery And Build Back Better Prof. Ram Sateesh Pasupuleti & Prof. Subhojyothi Samaddar IITR 8 Weeks
3. Culturally Responsive Built Environments Prof. Ram Sateesh Pasupuleti IITR 8 Weeks
4. Contemporary Architecture and Design Prof. Saptarshi Kolay IITR 8 weeks
5. Role of Craft and Technology in Interior – Architecture Prof. Smriti Saraswat IITR 8 weeks
View All Best NPTEL Online Architecture Courses

NPTEL Online Courses for Civil Engineering:

In the field of civil engineering, NPTEL has total of 179 online courses as of today. Follow here for all  online courses by Nptel for civil engineering.

# Course Name SME Name Institute Duration
1. Strength of Materials Prof. Sriman Kumar Bhattacharyya IITKGP 12 weeks
2. Foundation Engineering Prof. Kousik Deb IITKGP 12 Weeks
3. Concrete Technology Prof. B Bhattacharjee IITD 12 Weeks
4. Design of Masonry Structures Prof. Arun Menon IITM 12 weeks
5. Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures Prof. Nirjhar Dhang IITKGP 12 weeks
View All NPTEL Online Civil Engineering Courses

ADAutodesk Certified Professional: Civil 3D for Infrastructure Design Exam Prep

      • Autodesk via Coursera
      • 30 hours of effort required
      • 3,837 already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (30 Reviews)

NPTEL Online Courses for Design Engineering:

# Course Name SME Name Institute Duration
1. Ergonomics In Automotive Design Prof. Sougata Karmakar IITG 4 weeks
2. Ergonomics Workplace Analysis Prof. Urmi R. Salve IITG 4 Weeks
3. System Design for Sustainability Prof. Sharmistha Banerjee IITG 12 Weeks
4. Control systems Prof. C.S.Shankar Ram IITM 12 weeks
5. Innovation by Design Prof. B.K. Chakravarthy IITB 4 weeks
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ADAutodesk Fusion 360 Integrated CAD/CAM/CAE

ADIntroduction to CAD, CAM, and Practical CNC Machining

ADAutodesk Certified Professional: AutoCAD for Design and Drafting Exam Prep

      • Autodesk via Coursera
      • 16 hours of effort required
      • 11,940 already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (81 Reviews)

NPTEL Online Courses Mechanical Engineering:

There are a total of 266 Online Courses by Nptel for mechanical engineering students.

# Course Name SME Name Institute Duration
1. Industrial Safety Engineering Prof. Jhareswar Maiti IITKGP 12 weeks
2. Engineering Mechanics Prof. K.Ramesh IITM 12 Weeks
3. Engineering Fracture Mechanics Prof. K.Ramesh IITM 12 Weeks
4. Solid Mechanics Prof. Ajeet Kumar IITD 12 weeks
5. Fundamentals of manufacturing processes Prof. D. K Dwivedi IITR 12 weeks
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ADIntroduction to Mechanical Engineering Design and Manufacturing with Fusion 360

NPTEL Online Courses for Electrical Engineering:

For electrical engineers, there are 170  Online Courses by Nptel for electrical engineering students.

# Course Name SME Name Institute Duration
1. Mapping Signal Processing Algorithms to Architectures Prof. Nitin Chandrachoodan IITM 12 weeks
2. Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Prof. Debapriya Das IITKGP 12 Weeks
3. Basic Electric Circuits Prof. Ankush Sharma IITK 12 Weeks
4. Power Electronics Prof. G.Bhuvaneshwari IITD 12 weeks
5. Analog Electronic Circuit Prof. Shouribrata Chatterjee IITD 12 weeks
View All NPTEL Online Electrical Engineering Courses

NPTEL Online Courses for Chemical Engineering:

# Course Name SME Name Institute Duration
1. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Prof. Jayant K. Singh IITK 12 weeks
2. Chemical Process Intensification Prof. Subrata Kumar Majumder IITG 12 Weeks
3. Chemical Process Safety Prof. Shishir Sinha IITR 12 Weeks
4. Chemical Reaction Engineering-I Prof. Bishnupada Mandal IITG 12 weeks
5. Flow-through porous media Prof. Somenath Ganguly IITKGP 12 weeks
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INFoUniversity of Illinois is providing fully accredited Online iMBA Program. For our readers, we have given detailed independent reviews of the students along with frequently asked questions about UIUC iMBA. The program is fully online, highly interactive and deeply engaging via Coursera platform.

NPTEL Online Courses for Management:

# Course Name SME Name Institute Duration
1. Project Management Prof. Raghu Nandan Sengupta IITK 8 weeks
2. Project management for managers Prof. Mukesh Kumar Barua IITR 12 Weeks
3. Training Of Trainers Prof. Santosh Rangnekar IITR 12 Weeks
4. Knowledge Management Prof. K B L Srivastava IITKGP 8 weeks
5. Leadership Prof. Kalyan Chakravarti and Prof. Tuheena Mukherjee IITKGP 4 weeks
View All NPTEL Online Courses for Management

NPTEL Online Courses for Mathematics:

# Course Name SME Name Institute Duration
1. Calculus of One Real Variable Prof. Joydeep Dutta IITK 8 weeks
2. Calculus of Several Real Variables Prof. Joydeep Dutta IITK 8 Weeks
3. Integral Transforms And Their Applications Prof. Sarthok Sircar IITD 12 Weeks
4. Numerical methods Prof. Ameeya Kumar Nayak and Prof. Sanjeev Kumar IITR 8 weeks
5. Higher Engineering Mathematics Prof. P. N. Agarwal IITR 12 weeks
View All Best NPTEL Online Courses for Mathematics

NPTEL Online Courses for Biotechnology:

# Course Name SME Name Institute Duration
1. Introduction to Biomedical Imaging Systems Dr. Arun K.Thittai IITM 8 weeks
2. Environmental Biotechnology Prof. Pinaki Sar IITK 8 Weeks
3. Bioreactor Design and Analysis Dr. Smita Srivastava IITM 8 Weeks
4. Experimental Biotechnology Prof. Vishal Trivedi IITG 12 weeks
5. Introduction to Proteogenomics Dr. Sanjeeva Srivastava IITB 12 weeks
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