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The overall ideas on Academia Research


The most important things for a scholar is a thesis or dissertation paper. Nevertheless, the paper should be passed on some criteria set by the academic research organization. When the review committee gives a proper review, then it can be published in any journal or research site. Academia-Research is a must for the people who have devoted their lives to researching a different sector. However, to get an allowance for publishing the paper on reputed journal sites it would need some referees. The referees are called peer reviewers, and they should come from the same field to judge the research quality entirely. This entire process is called pre-reviewing, and it needs to produce a quality article. www.sdippress.com ensures peer-reviewing before publishing the paper on any journal website.

What does an Academia Research Paper do?

If you are already going through the first few lines of the article, then one thing can come into your mind, and that is what is an academic research paper. Academia research paper is not a comment or review or any recommendation. It is a thesis paper where the writer wants to share his or her thoughts through writings based on evidence and data.

Academic writing should have enough data to present any evidence before the reader. To write a perfect academia paper, you start with questions. First, you need to find out what you know about the subject that you picked. Then you will find out the result called research findings. Then you have to make a thesis statement and survey to find definite evidence and data of the subject. And finally, you have to ask you always to find out the exact answer.

Research is not too easy that we conjecture. You cannot simply copy-paste the findings in the paper. You have to analyze all the data and come to a conclusion before putting the information on the paper. You might be a wonder to know many of the research, especially marketing research, consist only survey and academic question. So a valid survey is a must for proper academic research.

How are Academic Papers evaluated?

There are few questions asked when an academic paper submitted for review.

  • The first question comes about the paper subject and abstract. Reviewer wants to know whether the abstract reflects the research solely or not. Other things they want to know whether the paper finds out problems and if it is a solution entirely or not?
  • Third, they prefer a perfect methodology, research question and tools.
  • Another essential thing should reflect on a research paper which is whether a relevant theory is properly cited or not.
  • Most important factors of a research paper whether the research paper covers new insights or knowledge or does it point out some existing problem or not.
  • They also find out about writing quality and grammatical errors. Moreover, they cover any ethical issue and fulfil any guidelines.
  • When you submit a paper, you need to set the exact theme and try to maintain proper guidelines before presenting it in any conference.
  • Now let us discuss some important features that should be on an academic research paper.


An abstract is a brief overview which contains a summary of the total research paper. It will describe the whole idea of the paper and include the objective, keywords, contents of the article, conclusion and total findings. An ideal abstract should be between 300-500 words.

Full Paper

A full paper is the main body where the word limit should be 5000-10000 words and should have the following things:

  • Introduction: It will briefly describe academic research and overall things. The main things of an introduction are it should focus on the vital point and give an overall idea of the research paper. The introduction will emphasize the key ideas and give a detailed description of the ideas. It will highlight the problem and find out the solution. The introduction should be informative and descriptive, which will discuss on few points like:
    • Methodology: Research methodology is the main thing which will explain the overall process. IT will give a clear idea about the research process, and the problem the researcher will face. The methodology should highlight the method of research only. An excellent methodology can give a good impression on the overall research paper.
    • Ethical Issues: Ethical issue should address the ethical points of the research. It will clarify who can be affected by the research and who will be the target area or people. It is an essential part of any research paper.
  • Discussion: The discussion is an overall assessment of the results key findings and comparison of the results. It will restate the thesis statement and compare the results and thesis statement accurately.It summarizes whole survey findings and tries to compare with the research question.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion is the thesis restatement on different words, that means you will restate the thesis again but in a different word. It also summarizes the key point of the body and explains the question adequately.
    The conclusion part is an essential part which will conclude the overall idea, and it should create an argument and highlight or justify the thesis statement adequately. Proper data and findings justify the idea adequately.
  • Reference: Reference is the last point where you have to cite previous article, book and research paper link to justify your claim. You have to prove that you hold enough knowledge of your subject and can give enough reference to your statement.

These are the main things which can make an academia research paper perfect. You have to know that a good paper should have a proper citation and peer review. If peer review fails to prove the paper good, then you should not hold any expectation to post it any good journal. Sdippress can give you an overall idea about research paper formation and citation. You can learn better from their website.