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Make your career through MOOCs


As we know that MOOCs are an easy, reliable and quite affordable way to help learners to learn something. With the help of MOOCs, learners get an opportunity to learn what they are interested in so that they can become capable of achieving something. It has been found out that more than 200 universities have launched thousands of online courses for free. These courses are available online and are run by different universities and allow a learner to learn from wherever he wants to and whenever. With the help of these courses, anybody can learn whatever they want to but all you have to do is have an internet connection and a will to learn from these courses.

Even though majority of the people know that MOOCs are an amazing source to learn things but still there are thousands of people who are not sure whether MOOCs can help them to make their career.

People think that these courses can for sure help them develop a certain set of skills but can’t help them to make their career.

But they are wrong because MOOCs have been designed in such a way that help people to become better at what they do and also help those who are just starting their career in a specific field to reach their goals and set a career for themselves. So let us give such people some proofs that how MOOCs can help in making a career or helping others to become better.

Proofs that actually show that MOOCs are helpful:

  • Harvard Business officially announced in a report that MOOCs can help in making a career for yourself. In that survey, 30% have claimed that by taking MOOCs, they were able to get enough guideline and skills that helped them in improving their career.
  • Furthermore 26% also claimed that they got to learn so much from MOOCs that their working skills got better and it led them get a new job that is way much better than the previous one.
  • Not just that, 85% of the respondents claimed to experience a change how they work and that led them to experience a career benefit that is, by taking one or more MOOCs, these people experienced that their working skills have gone better and that improved their performance and changed their career.

By looking at the above facts, we can say that MOOCs do have enough guidance and learning material in them that can help learners of all types, whether they are complete beginners who have no idea how and from where to start or the ones who are professionals but feel like they are not doing well and need guidance, MOOCs can help all such people and give them what they need.

How to start with MOOCs?

  • First Look for the best MOOCs that are available and start learning from it.
  • Analyze yourself what you already know and whether what you know is helpful or not.
  • Explore new areas and set of skills that you think can help you boost your career.
  • Earn a certificate for yourself and put it on your resume to get noticed by recruiters.
  • Continuously refresh your skills and stay updated so that you can grab new opportunities.
  • Prepare yourself for a future opportunity that might take you to an advanced level.

The above mentioned steps can help a person to stay on top of their game and develop a good career for themselves.

Where can we get these MOOCs from?

TakeThisCourse.net has aggregated MOOCs in all major categories from top universities/providers and presented to it’s users with available reviews, so that, learner can take an informed decision while choosing an online course.

Some of the major providers are:

and many other platforms are there that can give you a variety of MOOCs covering almost any field.