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Coursera’s collaboration with Universidad


As we know that Coursera is an amazing learning platform that provides thousands of courses, specializations and MOOCS that are being provided by a number of universities. It also manages to offer degrees in multiple fields as well. Whatever you wish to study, you are definitely going to find it at Coursera. This platform has managed to collaborate with multiple universities busy in providing

  • High quality MOOCs.
  • Online courses
  • And other specialization courses.

Though this platform has been facilitating millions of students through thousands of courses but this was not enough for Coursera. They keep on finding different ways that can help students to find the right course and degree for themselves and make an impeccable future. So that is why Coursera has joined hands with the President Alejandro Gaviria of the Universidad De Los Andes to announce their first ever Spanish-language degree that is very suitable for all the Spanish students out there. Coursera totally understands that not many Spanish people can easily understand English and that is why they have collaborated with one of their Universities to introduce a Spanish degree. They have introduced Masters in software engineering. This degree will be totally in Spanish language and has been instructed by a number of highly experienced instructors. This degree aims to target all such professionals who have prior experience in software development. Enrolling in this degree have the following benefits.

  • Will help you reach different levels of professional maturity.
  • Same quality of education that one gets face-to-face will be experienced in this online degree.
  • You will be able to interact with other people and grow your connections same like in a face-to-face program through different digital channels and forums.
  • This online degree frees you from any boundary that is you don’t have to get up early in the morning to attend a class. Except you can study whenever and wherever you want to.
  • Help you learn the tools that will make you capable of leading high performance development teams.

And more can be achieved through this amazing degree. The degree can turn out to be very helpful for all such people who are fluent and Spanish so this is the perfect opportunity for all such people to enroll themselves in this degree.