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Open University is a charity based online organization which offers free online courses. It offers around 900 courses. Open University also offers a specially designed badged open courses which let you cover all the topics in a particular subject and by completing all the courses, you will be assessed for your knowledge. After passing these course, you will be awarded the “Statement of Participation”.

All the courses are divided into 3 levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced. There are detailed learning outcomes at the start of each course. The free courses provided by Open University touches almost all educational boundaries.

Open University website contains all the information about the various ways of studying online courses from open university. It will guide you, if you are a distance learner or don’t live in the UK and have no idea about where and how to begin.

Courses offered at Open University

OP offers free courses in the following domains. If you want to own a Magento Development Company, then these courses will help you decide effectively.

  1. Money and Business

This subject further contains six featured courses and 120 free courses. So, there is a diverse section of free courses to help you learn in the particular subject.

  1. Health Psychology and Sports

These courses offer 7 featured and 120 free courses, 5 among them are badged courses.

  1. History and the Arts

This course has 10 featured contents and 124 free courses with badged courses. This section offers one badged course too.

  1. Education and Development

This course offers 7 featured topics and 144 free courses. 24 among them are badged courses. It has one badged course named, “English skills for learning”.

  1. Languages

Open University offers 54 free courses under this category. Its featured content has 7 topics.

  1. Science Maths and Technology

This section also has 7 topics in the featured content. It offers a great number of free courses i.e.245 and 7 badged courses.

  1. Society Politics and Law

This course has 11 items in the featured content 112 free courses and 6 badged courses.

  1. Nature and Environment

This course is divided into 7 topics in the featured contents and 87 free courses.

Skill based free courses

Open University Free CoursesThe university provides 2 types of skill based courses i.e., skills for work and skills for study.

  1. Skills for work

Skills for work courses are necessary for becoming increasingly valued by employees. It contains a wide range of options for those who cannot commit a full-time study but who may need to enhance their work skills. You can also find out Leiden University Courses at takethiscourse.

This category involves courses in the following fields:

  • Money and finance
  • Career
  • Digital
  • Communication
  • Project planning
  • Leadership and management

Each of these above mentioned courses are further divided into a number of sub-sections.

  1. Skills for study

If you are studying for the first time or continuing your studies after a long time, these free courses will refresh your study skills and prepare you for success.

This category involves courses in the following fields:

  • Skills for study covers the following;
  • Maths and Data
  • Reading and Finding information
  • Digital and Online
  • Writing and English
  • Critical and Analytical
  • Organization Skills

Each of these courses has further courses which cover an extensive area for each of them. Through entering a particular course details, the website will provide you with course description, learning outcomes, course length and weekly schedule as well.

TV and Radio Learning Programs

Open university works in collaboration with BBC, radio, television, online channels and with a wide range of international broadcasters. This section on website contains free courses in the form of documentaries and is a free treat for those who have an appetite for video learning. You might also be interested in Columbia Online University Courses at takethiscourse platform.

Badged courses

Open University offers total 29 badge courses in different subjects. You will be awarded a badge, if you have completed a particular course. These badges will show your interest in a particular subject.

Why should you choose Open University for free courses?

These courses are accessible immediately and they are not time bound. You can start and complete the courses at your own comforting timings. You can check your progress report online and these courses will help you in both academic and skilfulness levels. The statement of participation awarded by Open University is downloadable. You can also print or email it to anyone and also use it on social media sites like LinkedIn. These courses are also available in pdf formats and you can save them offline. In this way, Open University gives you the freedom to study anywhere anytime.

Create an Open University account and get yourself enrolled. Creating an account will record your progress and exhibits all your completed courses. It will also showcase your statement of participation and badges. Creating account is not necessary for a free course but it will report your progress during online courses.

If you don’t know much about the free courses on Open University and have some queries,  hire Magento developers or simply click on the FAQ section. It will more or less answer all of your questions.

In short, the Open University free courses can be very beneficial for those, who want to learn some new skills and polish the already existed one. Additionally, free courses will create a good impression on your CV. All you need to do is to create an account and log in!