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Future of Learning Conference 2020


“FOL2020” that is “The future of learning” is known to be the third edition of the annual conference. This conference has been happening for the past two years (2018, 2019) and now it will also happen in the upcoming year 2020. From the past two years, the purpose of this conference is to shed light on the importance of learning. We live in a world where technology is continuously changing and is affecting our society, our norms, ways of working, how we communicate and collaborate with one another, our skills and much more. There has to be a way to cope with this rapid growth in technology and make ourselves capable of making the most out of this technology change. So this is why this conference has its purpose of raising awareness among different students, staff, professors and other personnel regarding the challenges that one has to face and the opportunities that one can get due to rapid technology change. There are three paradigms of the future learning that are to be discussed in the conference which are

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  • Learning to learn.
  • Unlearn.
  • Relearn.

As we all know that the aim of any conference is to bring together people from all around the world who can come and sit together and have a discussion on a certain topic. And this is exactly the aim of this conference.

Other universities providing online courses world-wide are:

What do we expect from them?

We expect all these people to come together and provoke a discussion that can shed some light on showcasing innovations and also share their thoughts and knowledge regarding the above mentioned three paradigms.

Who are sponsoring us?

Like any other conferences who are a success because of the sponsors that put in the resources, we also have our sponsors without whom this conference would have never been existed in the first place. So here are the names of our sponsors.

  • Our corporate partners are AWS and Fidelity investments.
  • Our institutional partner is Swayam.
  • And lastly our media partner Class Central.

Who are the organizers of this conference?

The future of learning conference 2020 will be organized by

  • IIMB
  • IITB

Where is it going to happen?

It is going to happen at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Bannerghatta Road Bengaluru India-560076.

When is it going to happen?

It will be a two day conference starting from January 4, 2020.

What will be discussed in the conference?

  • The conference is going to include the above mentioned points.
  • Discussion regarding learning technologies.
  • What are future tools and how they would be helpful?
  • What are different innovative learning approaches?
  • Different resources and information that can improve or shape a person’s thinking.
  • Will provide with huge networking opportunities.
  • Different interactive and immersive workshops.

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How to register for the conference?

In order to attend the conference, one needs to register himself/herself. For registering, you need to fill out a registration form and make sure that you enter all the right information on the boxes. If any person enters wrong information, his registration will be cancelled.

The conference is open to anyone who is interested. Whether you are a student who is in a learning process or a well-esteemed professor, a policy maker or technologists, everyone interested are welcome to attend this course. All you need to do is visit the website and register yourself. So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and get yourself registered now!