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Top 5 Hurdles and Challenges that a Scrum Master has to Face


Being a scrum master is not an easy task. The job comes with a number of responsibilities, challenges and hurdles that must be addressed by the scrum master. So here we are going to discuss the top 5 hurdles or challenges that a SM (Scrum Master) has to face while doing his job.

Top 5 challenges faced by a Scrum Master:

Challenge #1:

Too much is expected from a scrum master:

In many organizations, the role of a scrum master is often mixed with a project manager. Organizations start to think that a scrum master can do everything but in reality, the role of a SM is to act as a scrum facilitator for the whole team and organization. Beyond that, nothing more should be expected from him because this is not his job. So organizations must know the difference between a scrum master and a project manager and expect performance from them according to their expertise. Follow here to learn about Using Scrum Principles in domains other than Software Development.

Challenge #2:

To bring change:

Another hurdle that a scrum master faces is resistance from his co-workers while trying to implement change in the way they do things. But hey, don’t worry because it is natural to resist something that has not been done before. So it is a normal challenge that a scrum master has to face while implementing change.

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Challenge #3:

Keeping everything according to the schedule:

Making sure that everything is done within the allotted time and not exceed more than the given time is a very difficult challenge that a scrum master has to face. A scrum master has to make sure that whatever the time is allotted to complete a specific task has to be done within this time and not exceed that time. So he has to think of multiple ways like offering his teammates some kind of an incentive upon completing the task on time, or making a proper schedule in the beginning and email it to the whole team so that they also have the schedule and can act according to it, offering some kind of reward is also a good idea to keep the teammates doing the work on time.

Challenge #4:

To handle urgent requests wisely:

It is a rule to not accept any request from a client to add changes within the sprint. Whatsoever the changes are can be made either in the start or at the end but not in between. But still, in the real world, clients often request to add changes in between the sprint. So the challenge here is to not bluntly say no the client instead look for a better way to deal with this type of problem. For instance, if a client does ask for a change then the best way to deal with it is to agree to add some of the changes being asked but not all of them. In this way, the client would really realize his own mistake and then next time he would try to add changes within the sprint right in the start. Check out Possessing Technical Skills as a Scrum Master.

Challenge #5:

Distributed team check:

As a scrum master, it is very difficult for him to keep a check on the work of different teams if they are distributed geographically. Making sure that each team is doing his job properly or check on them physically can sometimes cause a lot of problem for the SM. It can not only cause delays but also communicating and regional issues as well. So a scrum master has to deal with such problems very carefully. The best solution to this problem would be to pick a representative from every team that are distributed geographically and make them your partner. Ask them to do everything that you would do if you were there. In this way, you can not only keep an eye on their work but also there will be no delays.

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The above mentioned are some of the many hurdles that a scrum master faces on a daily basis and also some solutions to overcome these hurdles. With that, there are also many more hurdles and challenges that he has to deal with on a daily basis. But this is just a part of the job and a scrum master must keep on working and overcome these challenges in order to get things done.