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Possessing Technical Skills as a Scrum Master


As a Scrum master, there is a load of responsibilities on your shoulders and everything that you do puts direct influence on your team. So whatever you do, has to be accurate and by the book. We have talked about the role of a Scrum master many times and the majority of the people know what a Scrum master does. But with all the work that you as a Scrum master do, did you ever find it important to possess some technical knowledge and skills?. Take This Course is a platform where you can find the PSM Certification Dumps, CSM Practice Test and CSM Mock Test that is very close to real exam.

Do you need to gain technical skills to become a better scrum master?

Well, this question has been as old as Scrum itself. And there have been many debates regarding this matter. One of the surveys from the Scrum Alliance revealed that Scrum masters mainly deal with teams wherein 44% were working in software development. And with that, 33% are dealing in the IT department. This might force others to think a scrum master must possess technical expertise as well. After all, a Scrum Master has to stay in contact with every department. Be it a research and development department or sales and marketing. Finance/accounting or human resources, the Scrum master has to communicate properly with everyone. Check out the use of Scrum principles in different domains.

So keeping in view this thought, some people might say that a scrum master must have technical skills while others would say they should not.

According to what we think, it is important because it is mandatory for you to communicate with the technical team as well. And if you don’t have any technical skills then you won’t be able to communicate with them efficiently. So that is why you can think of having technical skills to be an important part of who you are.

Now that we have just said that you need to have technical skills so as to communicate with the technical team. Many people would start to panic about how they are going to develop such skills. Well, not to worry because these types of skills are something that doesn’t require any special training or an online course. Instead, these skills are something that is built over work experience and time. Thus it is an obvious possibility that you can develop technical skills as a Scrum master.

Benefits of having a Scrum Master with technical skills:

The following are some of the advantages that can be gained as a technical Scrum master.

  • A scrum master with technical skills is easily able to empathize with an engineer’s point of view in addition to working with a product owner.
  • With that, you can triage first-level issues before they are assigned to the engineers.
  • Moreover, you are also in the shape of asking questions regarding story pointing and estimation.
  • Similarly, you can help sequence roll-outs based on technical priorities or complexities.
  • Additionally, you can facilitate meetings between technical teams to arrive at solutions for technical problems.

These were only a few advantages that can be enjoyed by both the Scrum master and the team. We bet there would be a lot more than that as you work in real life.

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So these were some of the advantages that can be gained by a scrum master if he has technical skills. Not only is he able to benefit from the situation, but the team as well because the scrum master who has technical skills is able to even communicate properly with the technical team and guide them according to their need. Thus overall, it is not mandatory to have technical skills as a Scrum master but having them can turn out to be very helpful for both the parties. So if you are a Scrum master and feel like you need to gain some technical skills, then you’re making a wise decision here. So start becoming better today and never stop learning. How to Master Agile Scrum Project Management.