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Some Advice That Can Boost Your Morale To Pass The PMP Exams


It is without any doubt a known reality that the failure rate of the PMP exams is very high. It has been found out that almost 40-50% of the students who take the test for the first time tend to fail. This means that it is highly likely to fail the PMP exams in the first attempt. But what happens is that those who fail the exam in the first attempt get so disappointed that they quit and move on to something else. So today we are going to give out some pieces of advice that can help a learner boost his morale and not quit.

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Some advice that can boost a learner’s morale to pass PMP Exams:

Don’t quit but move forward quickly:

To be very honest, if you fail at something in which you have put in a lot of hard work really breaks your heart. When you have given a lot of time at preparing it, going above and beyond just to make sure that you don’t fail but still become a failure, this naturally breaks your heart and forces you to quit. But keep that in mind that quitting is not an option. This only confirms that you indeed are a failure and that you don’t have what it takes to achieve something. So the most helpful advice that we can give is to believe in yourself that you can do it. So what if you failed the exam once or twice? This doesn’t prove that you are weak or a failure but it will only show that you are learning something. But yes, you will be called a failure if you quit. So don’t quit and keep trying until you succeed.

Don’t ever think that you are a loser, instead, you are a hero:

If you consider yourself a loser after failing the exam and quit then it would mean that this exam is not made for you. You have to get this feeling out your mind that you are a failure. Because you are not and failing the exam in the first attempt is very very normal. So instead of mourning and bickering about why you failed the exam, just keep faith in yourself that you can do this and start preparing for the exam from scratch because you know you can do this.

Highlight your weak areas in PMP Exams and focus on that:

The next advice that can be given is to focus on your weak areas. The PMP exam is very difficult and it has different segments in it and each segment is different from one another so a learner has to be fully prepared for each segment in order to pass. After failing, instead of losing hope what you should do is highlight your weak areas. Try to figure out what might be the reason for you failing the exam. Point out the area in which you are weak and work hard on it. So that you don’t fail the next time you take the exam.

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These above-mentioned bits of advice can really help a learner boost his morale and prepare to take the exam again instead of quitting. So those who are in this phase must not lose hope and just focus on what they are capable of.