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OE Global Conference 2019


The Open Education Global Conference is all about gathering a number of personnel that can come together on a single platform and discuss, collaborate, innovate, expand and celebrate openness in education. This OE global conference is held every year in different countries to help promote the importance of open education and spread awareness among the people. This year the open education conference will be held in the beautiful, creative and vibrant city of Milan, Italy from dates 26th till 28th November, 2019.

Who are invited?

Milan is truly pleased to host this conference and invites

  • Different visionaries
  • Number of researchers
  • Practitioners
  • Students
  • World class professors
  • Policy makers

From more than 35 countries to come at this conference and spread awareness regarding education and also explore how an open education system has helped removed obstacles that learners have to face from all around the world. With this conference, there will be a message delivered to the whole world that open education system is the best mean to empower and increase accessibility and that it provides high quality education to all.

What is Organizer’s aim?

The aim of this conference is to invite people from all over the world and show them that open education system has played its part in ensuring that wherever the person is or whoever the person is, there will be no obstacle in their journey of education and that open education system fully supports and provides all types of educational opportunities to people from all over the world.

Who are Sponsors?

The conference has been sponsored by the below renowned organizations.

  • Moodle

These above mentioned organizations have only one goal that is, to help educators in making a career for themselves by giving them a learning platform.

What do we feel about opportunities?

This is a known fact that there are hundreds of people out there who are determined and have the right mind to do something but they don’t have enough opportunities or developed skills that are now-a-days demanded by the new job market scenarios. With this conference, we like to spread out the word that open education finds this fact to be very true both locally and globally and this is why we work day and night to create and expand different opportunities for all types of individuals around the world who are eager to make a great career for themselves. We would like to give opportunities to all such people who wish to develop a skill set that only our open educational resources can provide.

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That is why we want everyone to understand what we are offering and attend this global conference. The conference will bring together a number of important personalities that can play their part in providing opportunities to individuals from all over the world. So whoever you are and whatever you do, if you are inspired by this then do join this conference that will be for three full days and present your ideas, projects and educational contents and we will support you.