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Tableau Certification Questions – Field and Chart Types (Part 4)

Tableau Chart Types

In this series of Tableau Certification Questions for Tableau Desktop Certification exams, we will discuss Field and Tableau Chart Types. The purpose of this Tableau Exam Questions part-4 is to explore Tableau Chart Types and Field targeting the Tableau Desktop Specialist or Certified/Qualified Associate exams. We have provided a complete step by step solution for each exam question at the end with the correct answer. Check out our guide to Tableau Desktop Certification.

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Tableau Certification Questions List:

Let’s dive into Tableau Certification Questions related to Tableau Chart types and field in Tableau.

Question 1:

Use the Tableau ‘Sample? Superstore’ excel sheet to solve this.

Create a scatter plot with Sales and Profit for the year 2013. Identify which category and region is facing losses. Select the correct option.

Choose the correct option:

  • A) South , Office Supplies
  • B) West , Furniture
  • C) Central, Furniture
  • D) West, Office Supplies

Correct Answer: B

Checkout Solution:

1. Put Order Date on Filter and select 2013.

2. Put Product Category and Region on Details in Marks Card.

3. Following view will be shown:

It’s clear from the graph that Product Category ‘Furniture’ in Region ‘West’  is facing losses.

Question 2:

Use the Tableau ‘Sample? Superstore’ excel sheet to solve this.

Create a Target Profit Margin field which should be 30 percent of sales and create a Bullet chart of Profit and newly created field ‘Target Profit Margin’ and Identify for which of the Product subcategories Profit have crossed the Target Profit Margin for East Region?

Select 2 Product Sub Categories.

Sample Data: Super Store Data

Choose the correct option:

  • A) Envelops
  • B) Tables
  • C) Binders and Binder Accessories
  • D) Computer Peripherals

Correct Answer: C

Check out the Solution:

1. Put Product Sub Category on Rows and sum of Profit on Columns.

2. Create calculated field with following formula to get 30 percent of sales.

3. Put Region of Filters and select East.

4. Put newly created calculated field ‘Target Profit Margin’ field on Detail in the Marks card.

5. The view looks like this now.

6. Put right click on axis and select the Add reference line option.

7. Select the following option.

8. From the view it is clear that ‘Binders and Binder Accessories’ and ‘Envelopes’ have crossed the target profit margin.

Question 3:

Default Aggregation level of Tableau Work Book is

Choose the correct option:

  • A) Average
  • B) Default for Sheets is sum whereas for workbook it is average
  • C) Multiplication
  • D) Sum

Correct Answer: D

Default aggregation for tableau worksheet and workbook is sum.

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