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Reviews for Online MBA in Finance and Responsible Investment


In today’s article, we will be reviewing the Online MBA in Finance and Responsible Investment by Keystone OnlineStudies.

Let us have a look at some more of the details about this program and if this program is good enough and worth it. Before Starting a detailed description about Mba in Finance and Responsive Investment Program As you know Trend of Online Mba Degree Program are increasing day by day and UIUC Imba ranked 30 worldwide. It has made it to the Top 30 List of Online MBAs.The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will shift investments away from its residential MBA programs to focus on its rapidly growing online iMBA, which is delivered through Coursera.org at $22,000 (compared to traditional MBAs that can cost three or four times more

Program Description

The point of the online MBA in Finance and Responsible Investment is to offer a predominately expertly situated training that tends to the corporate account and the more extensive manageability plan for dependable speculation.

Endless supply of the program, you will have the option to apply and show consciousness of the serious speculations on corporate account and supportability, independently oversee monetary ventures, build up the administrative mentality towards a low-carbon economy, and will likewise have a bunch of strong morals concerning speculation the board. Practice-situated undertakings will be guided by scholastics and experts. These undertakings are essential for SUMAS’ imaginative showing philosophy, which incorporates solicitations to video gatherings with driving speakers in associations and friends’ introductions. These exercises support information sharing as well as give important occasions to systems administration to improve your professional advancement. You might also be interested in highest paying Finance jobs.

Conveyed through SUMAS’ virtual learning climate, the course is worked in an adaptable format permitting you to pick your suitable remaining task at hand. You can choose the number of accessible modules to take each term, and you can even avoid a term on the off chance that you want. All modules must be finished prior to progressing onto the last term, and all terms must be finished within 3 years of enrolment. This program is adjusted to the bustling timetables of supervisors.

The Sustainability Management School gives restrictive instruction. The Online MBA is a difficult program requesting a blend of scholarly capacities and business experience. The program is partitioned into six terms and incorporates 9 center modules and 4 significant courses, outlines, and a last capstone.

Program Organization

The actual length of this program is 18 months, but you can also complete your program in up to 3 years. The starting months for this program are as follows:

  • January
  • April
  • July
  • October

This is a very flexible program, you can attend your classes from home, work, or wherever you are.

Requirements for the MBA Programs

The applicants are welcomed to enroll, students who have successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree can easily apply. Whenever you have applied, the organization’s confirmations group will be in contact with you for any further prerequisites.

  • Application expense of CHF 150.
  • Copy of a substantial visa or ID.
  • The official affirmed records and recognitions of Bachelor’s investigations, with confirmed interpretation, if not initially in English.
  • CV/Resume showing both complete training and any work involvement with switch sequential request.
  • Inspiration Letter showing why you need to concentrate in Switzerland at Sustainability Management School.
  • In the event that you are not a local English speaker or you have not gone through the most recent 3 years in an English-showed school or an English instructed climate.

Let us look at the cost for this program

Online Program Cost

There are two different costs for this Online Mba in Finance and Responsible Investment Program. The first one is the Non-refundable application fee, CHF 150. The second one is the Tuition fees that is the upfront payment, CHF 17,200. There are options for flexible payments, but they come with an extra cost. Moreover, the SUMAS does not offer any scholarship or financial aid for online programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQS

Q1: What is the Earliest Start Date for the Online MBA in Finance and Responsible Investment?

The Earliest Start Date for the Online MBA in Finance and Responsible Investment is Jan 2021.

Q2: What language is the program is?

The entire program is present in the English language. So, you need to be proficient in English in order to gain the most out of it.

Q3: What is the tuition fee for the Online MBA in Finance and Responsible Investment?

the tuition fees for the Online MBA in Finance and Responsible Investment is CHF 17,200.


So, this was a Review for Online MBA in Finance and Responsible Investment. Is this program worth the time, effort, and money? Yes, this is a very good program. It is managed well and it is not that expensive either. You can easily earn a degree through the comfort of your home and you will get to learn a lot. We recommend you to take this course. Stay safe and always keep learning.