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Overview of NYU Data Science Center


The Center for Data Science (CDS) is the point of convergence for New York University’s college wide endeavors in Data Science. The NYU Data Science Center was set up in 2013 to propel NYU’s objective of making a world-driving Data Science. Today, CDS checks 17 together designated interdisciplinary personnel housed on two stories of their brilliant 60 fifth Avenue building. It is also one of New York City’s memorable properties.

It is home to the highest-level MS in Data Science program, one of the main Ph.D. programs in Data Science, and another under grade program in NYU Data Science, just as an enthusiastic Fellow and Postdoctoral program. It has more than 60 partners and member staff from 25 divisions in 9 schools and units. With cross-disciplinary examination and creative instructive projects, CDS is forming the new field of Data Science. You might also be interested in 20 Best + Free Online NYU Classes and Courses 2021.


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Information Visualization: Applied Perception

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The Center’s Faculty Members and Scientists

They are specialists in the field of NYU Data Science. Methodologically, they have interests in AI, enhancement and enormous scope calculation, characteristic language preparing. Moreover, they also look into the fields of computational measurements, quantitative strategies, dependable information use, and framework plan for huge scope information. They address a huge number of utilization zones from neuroscience, brain research, physical science, man-made reasoning, governmental issues, medication and medical care, music innovation, semantics, business investigation, and science. The CDS people group is interdisciplinary and effectively engaged with exploration and instructing with associates from scholarly divisions around the college. You can also checkout 150+ Best Online Data Science & Big Data Courses.

How would you describe CDS?

The CGS’s facility with its personnel, colleagues, postdocs, and Ph.D. understudies, is a hotbed of interdisciplinary connection and development. CDS is a position of enthusiastic scholarly trade and offers generally went to courses and workshops on Math and Data, Text as Data, and Math and Democracy. Enhance your mathematics skills through innovative software by enrolling in Learn Math with Free Geogebra Courses.

What kind of Programs do CDS offer?

The Nyu Data Science Center Ph.D., Master’s, Undergraduate, and lofty Faculty Fellows programs offer astounding communitarian openings in Data Science instruction. Students graduate with a basic comprehension of both material and moral standards and are sought after among bosses. Their fellows proceed to hold administrative roles at top college programs and in industry. The Nyu data science center proceeds to develop and draws in new abilities, moreover, it is seen that CDS is pleased to be an innovator in Data Science at NYU.


In the academics section, Nyu Data Science Center offers a lot. You can choose between or look into these options:

  • Ph.D. Program
  • Master’s Program
  • Undergraduate Program
  • Non-Degree program
  • Online Course Materials
  • Course Offerings
  • Student Groups
  • Student Fellowships and Awards
  • CDS Academic Integrity Statements and Policy
  • Open House Webinars
  • Admission Podcast

Let us look into

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Ph.D. Program

Ph.D. Program at CDS is an NRT-sponsored program in Data Science. As we all know that the world is advancing. The advancement in the field of computational speed and data availability has given birth to the field of Data Science.

This new field requires another kind of specialist and entertainer. The thoroughly prepared, cross-disciplinary, and morally dependable information scientist. The leading CDS Ph.D. Data Science program tries to deliver such analysts who are familiar with the arising field of information science. It accentuates to build up a local climate for their schooling and preparation. The CDS Ph.D. Data Science program has quickly gotten broad acknowledgment and is considered among the top and most particular information science doctoral projects on the planet.

Master’s Program

The Master of Science in Data Science is an exceptionally specific program for students with a solid foundation in arithmetic, software engineering, and applied measurements. The degree centers around the improvement of new strategies for information science.

Undergraduate Program

The Center for Data Science offers a set-up of college classes and projects intended to prepare and enable the students. Everything being equal, and with any degree of earlier programming and insights experience to become professionals of thorough, smart, and moral information science. Data science abilities are likewise progressively a prerequisite for students. It is important for those who are entering the labor force, government, or exploration after graduation.

Non-Degree Program

The Non-degree program is intended to help experts who are hoping to build up their information science aptitudes. So that they can expand their expert capacities, or encourage a lifelong change. This program offers people the chance to enlist and get credit as a non-degree learner without focusing on a full degree program.

Online Course Materials

In the online course material, you will find yourself looking at Yann LeCun’s Deep Learning Course at CDS. This course concerns the most recent strategies in profound learning and portrayal learning. Moreover, it focuses on supervised and unsupervised deep learning. In addition to this, you can also learn about embedding methods, metric learning, convolutional and recurrent nets.

By the end of this course, you will be familiar with applications to computer vision, and natural language understanding.


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