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20 Best + Free Online NYU Classes and Courses 2024


Online NYU classes are offered by New York University (NYU) is a very well renowned private research university that is based in one of the biggest cities in the world that is, New York City. This university was founded in the year 1831 and NYU’s historical campus which is also the main campus is in Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan. New York University is also known to be a global university because of its degree-granting campuses in different cities like Shanghai and Abu Dhabi and academic centers in cities Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Paris, Sydney, and more.

What do NYU Classes have to Offer?

The NYU has to offer a number of NYU courses for different subjects. The language of each Nyu Classes & NYU course offered by NYU is English. Whether it is regarding Machine Learning fundamentals or information visualization, media law, or finance, the NYU Online Courses to offer in almost every subject. We at takethiscourse.net have a viewpoint that New York University is a very helpful platform for students from all around the world to gain education and those who are interested in learning must take a look at this University.

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General Information about the NYU Classes:

Following are some general information and statistics regarding the NYU:

  • The total number of students at the Best NYU Classes as of fall 2018 was 51,848. Among them, 26,777 were undergraduates and 25,115 were postgraduates.
  • The total number of personnel working (academic staff) at the university as of fall 2018 was 9,835. Among which 5,723 worked full-time and 4,112 were working part-time.
  • The number of administrative staff working at the NYU is 2,242.
  • The location of the University is in New York.

key Features:

  • Being able to distribute and collect assignments.
  • Generate a virtual class discussion where everyone will participate and share their viewpoints and even give suggestions or answers to their questions.
  • Create a full-featured, Nyu online course environment for the members of the NYU classes to share Nyu course reading and lectures.

Best Online NYU Classes:

Among many facilities NYU is offering to the students, the NYU fall classes are also among them. The Best NYU Classes online learning management system enables the NYU faculty to use the internet in order to enhance classroom instruction. The NYU online classes & courses have a lot to offer that helps a student to experience the best learning environment ever.

Computer Science NYU Classes & Courses:

Basics of Computing and Programming

Basics of Computing and Programming Nyu CourseTo know all about programming, this Nyu courses is what you need to enroll in. The course is not only interesting but also a self-paced one that will give you a complete introduction to computing and programming. You will understand what binary number systems are and how to convert to other number systems. Similarly, you are also going to learn about the hexadecimal number systems and their conversion to other number systems as well. Further, In Nyu Classes you will be taught to apply numeric and string data types to represent information properly. In addition, you will learn to apply variables in program development and more from the Nyu course. You can also check out NYU Data Science Center.

Creative Coding

Nyu Creative Coding Course ClassesLearn object-oriented programming for not only graphic design but digital media and creative applications through this course. First, you will understand the fundamentals of computational thinking that are applied through p5.js. Then you will learn the best practices for designing software within an event-driven, object-oriented, and real-time framework. Similarly, you will understand how to ideate, conceptualize, and then design original creative works in the medium of software. Moreover, you will also understand what cultural literacy of computational arts is by engaging with historic and contemporary practices. These Nyu Classes & Courses practices will help you put all your skills to act in real-life as well. So start with the Nyu course now and become a creative coder at the comfort of your home.

Introduction to Cyber Attacks

Nyu Introduction to Cyber Attacks ClassesIf you’re interested in gaining a baseline understanding of common cybersecurity threats, risks, and vulnerabilities, then this Nyu course is the right one for you. What you will gain from here is a complete overview of how basic Cyber Attacks are constructed. Then you will learn how they are applied to real systems and invade the privacy of others. Similarly, examples like simple Unix Kernel hacks, internet works, Trojan horses, and more will be included. After covering all this, your next topic will be about network attacks which include denial of service (DDOS), botnet-attacks, and more are included. So if you are that person who has a great interest in understanding and preventing Cyber Attacks, then taking these Nyu courses will be the wisest thing to do.

I can only give one word to this course that is, “Phenomenal”. As someone who has prior experience in cybersecurity and also familiar with the basic terminologies and aspects of it. I was a bit skeptical as to whether or not this Nyu course would be helpful. But to my surprise, I learned a tremendous amount of new concepts here (Christian I, ★★★★★).

Cyber Attack Countermeasures

NYU Cyber Attack Countermeasures CourseCyberattacks are real and they can invade your privacy and attain sensitive personal information at any time. So it is important to understand what these attacks are and how to prevent them. This Nyu Online Class and Course have the basics of cyber defense explained in it that will start with foundational models. These models can be a Bell-LaPadula or information flow frameworks, or maybe more. The underlying policy enforcement mechanisms will help you understand what basic functional protections are. You will start with understanding authentication methods and then go further from there. With that, the basics of cryptography are also introduced in the course. Moreover, you’ll be learning about conventional block ciphers and public-key cryptography as well. You can checkout the Overview of NYU classes at takethiscourse.

I am going to describe this course as a broad stroked introduction to not only cryptography but also how it fits into the modern world.

All the concepts covered here are technical by nature, and the way the instructor explained these concepts is very acknowledgeable (Andrew Z, ★★★★★).

Real-Time Cyber Threat Detection and Mitigation

Nyu Real-Time Cyber Threat Detection and Mitigation CourseYou can consider this Nyu courses as an informal way to understand what real-time cybersecurity techniques and methods are. These will be explained in the context of the TCP/IP protocol suites. This means that explanation of some basic TCP/IP security hacks will be used to introduce the need for network security solutions. These solutions include introducing stateless and stateful firewalls. Similarly, learners will understand the techniques that are used to design and configure firewall solutions as well. Thus never take any cyber threat lightly and be the one to learn to not only detect but remove them as well through this NYU Online course.

I have been studying Cyber Security for over two years now and doing mostly web application attacks and OSINT. But then I took these Nyu courses and it made me understand the fundamental problems in protocols that are causing serious issues. These serious issues include man-in-middle attacks, email spoofing, and IP spoofing. Thanks to this Nyu course I am now even more motivated to dig more deeply into IDS and IPS and how they work. (Akash G, ★★★★★).

Enterprise and Infrastructure Security

Nyu Enterprise and Infrastructure Security ClassesIn NYU Classes of 2021, you will be introduced to a series of advanced and current topics in cybersecurity. Among these topics, many will be relevant to modern enterprise and infrastructure settings. You will learn about the basics of enterprise compliance frameworks that are provided with an introduction to NIST and PCI. Similarly, you will also understand how you can use Hybrid cloud architectures to fix many of the security weaknesses in modern perimeter LANs. Moreover other topics like emerging security issues in blockchain and binding algorithms and also discussed. Next, you will understand what the Internet of Things (IoT) and critical infrastructure protection is. Therefore, you will be learning all about enterprise and infrastructure very thoroughly from this best NYU free online class.

This is an excellent and well-structured course. Everything that is in the course has been explained in an easy-to-understand manner. I was able to learn a lot about botnets, block-level chaining. I also learn to make an infrastructure secure by CASB and BGP (Amitesh S B, ★★★★★).

Computer Hardware and Operating Systems

Computer Hardware and Operating SystemsA self-paced course that provides you with a thorough introduction to computer hardware and operating systems. You will learn all the fundamentals of system hardware as you start the course. After that, you will be given a complete introduction to OS concepts. Next, you will learn about OS processes and threads and then memory management. Everything you learn from the NYU courses offered will be presented to you in a structured form. When you manage to complete the course, you will be able to define a computer and what an operating system is. Similarly, you will also have a complete know-how of all the components of an operating system. Moreover, you will be in a position to describe how threads and memory in an operating system works. Furthermore, In Nyu Classes you would have also understood how to present data and much more from the Nyu free online course.

Introduction to Networking

Nyu Introduction to Networking ClassesAn overview of computer networking Nyu Classes is what this course is going to offer so that you can know all the nitty-gritty of computer networking. The NYU Classes will start by describing what computer networks are. Then you will be taught to identify the key components of a network. Furthermore, you will be discussing the principles of networking applications and protocols. This includes HTTP, SMTP, FTP, and many more related. Similarly, the NYU Classes & course instructor will next be explaining the principles behind the transport layer, multiplexing, and demultiplexing, flow control, and more. Moreover, other topics include the application layer, transport layer, network layer, link layer, and more.

NYU Data Science Classes:

Information Visualization: Programming with D3.js

  • NYU Tandon School of Engineering via Coursera
  • Taught by: Enrico Bertini & Cristian Felix
  • 4,312 students enrolled!
  • ★★★★★ (100 ratings)
  • This course is part of the Information Visualization Specialization

Nyu Programming with D3.js CourseOnline NYU Classes and Courses that is a mixture of theoretical and practical lectures that will give you all the information you need to create powerful visualizations for the web using D3.js. When you manage to learn D3.js, you will then be able to create different types of visualizations. With that, you will also learn to visualize many different data types. Moreover, these Nyu Online Classes will give you the freedom you need to create something as simple as a bar chart using your own revolutionary technique. Similarly, you will be covering the basics of creating visualizations with D3. Then afterward, you will learn to deal with tabular data, geography, and networks as well.

This NYU course can be considered is the best D3 course on the web right now without any doubt. The NYU classes has explained everything there are about D3 V5. I think the skills that this Nyu online course has taught me are very important programming skills that everyone should learn. Also, the course has explained JavaScript ES6 (Mathieu L, ★★★★★).

Information Visualization: Foundations

  • NYU Tandon School of Engineering via Coursera
  • Taught by: Enrico Bertini & Cristian Felix
  • 4,366 students enrolled!
  • ★★★★★ (100 ratings)
  • This course is part of the Information Visualization Specialization

FoundationsThis NYU Course and NYU Classes has been designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to understand information visualization. You will be given such instructions and information that will help you develop all the practical skills relevant to that. Moreover, you will also become capable of designing and developing advanced applications for visual data analysis as well. If you have some or no knowledge of information visualization but are interested in this field then these Nyu Classes are exactly for people like you. You will gain the vocabulary you need to describe visualizations in the best way through this Nyu Classes.

A great NYU course offered that encloses in it all the basics about information visualization in the most effective possible manner. The only thing I want to mention here is that the Nyu online courses instructor should have provided the correct answers after doing the assignment (Eaphy M, ★★★★★).

Information Visualization: Applied Perception

  • NYU Tandon School of Engineering via Coursera
  • Taught by: Enrico Bertini & Cristian Felix
  • 1,833 students enrolled!
  • ★★★★★ (55 ratings)
  • This course is part of the Information Visualization Specialization

Nyu Information Visualization CourseThe purpose of this module is to introduce you to the fundamental concepts of visual perception applied to information visualization. You will be taught in a way to make you independent enough to ideate and evaluate visualization designs in terms of how well they leverage the capabilities of human perceptual machinery. Topics like applied perception for information visualization, the effectiveness of visual channels, color perception, and spaces, and more will be discussed.

Overall this is a very informative Nyu Classes that give you an in-depth knowledge of the technical insight into different aspects of information visualization. I really liked the pace of this course. And I think the way that instructor has explained everything is quite suitable for beginners. The module on color spaces was the best part for me (Ryan Jr, ★★★★★).

Information Visualization: Advanced Techniques

  • NYU Tandon School of Engineering via Coursera
  • Taught by: Enrico Bertini & Cristian Felix
  • 1,517 students enrolled!
  • ★★★★★ (22 ratings)
  • This course is part of the Information Visualization Specialization

Nyu Information Visualization CourseAn advanced level NYU course that will introduce you to advance visualization techniques. These techniques would be ordinary ones but beyond the basic charts that are covered in information visualization. You will learn about temporal and spatial data. Then the NYU Courses instructor will talk about what networks and trees and textual data are. Similarly, you will also learn to develop innovative techniques in D3.js. As you go further, you will learn to analyze the design space of visualization solutions for various kinds of data visualization problems. Then you will learn what type of designs are available for a given problem. Then you’ll learn their respective advantages or disadvantages as well if any.

The entire course was informational but what I liked the most about the course was the vast quantity of examples reviewed. With that, the given assignments were also very helpful and I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to dive deep into data visualization techniques (Santiago S, ★★★★★).

Fundamentals of Machine Learning in Finance

Nyu Funadementals of Machine Leaarning CourseEverybody wants to know what ML is. In real life, there may come a lot of instances where you are going to have to deal with ML-amenable problem. And that is why we introduce this Nyu online course that will help you overcome these problems. You will understand where the problems that you face land on a general landscape of available ML methods. Similarly, you will also understand the most appropriate ML approach to solve a particular problem. Moreover, you will also gain the ability to successfully implement a solution and then assess the performance throughout. Thus this and much more will be learned through step-by-step instructions from these Nyu Classes 2020-21 and Online courses.

All the lectures in the course were truly outstanding. The course has the best overview of different methods of machine learning which I never got the chance to understand before. Even the problem sets were very interesting and informational and introduced me to several useful APIs from sklearn and TensorFlow (Zoltan S, ★★★★★).

Guided Tour of Machine Learning in Finance

Nyu Guided Tour of Machine Learning CourseWhat the instructor aims to teach you in this NYU Classes is an overview of the field of ML with a focus on applications on Finance. You will be taught all the supervising machine learning methods with the help of capstone projects. This will help you understand how you can predict bank closures. Similarly, you will get a complete introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning. After that, you will learn about the mathematical foundations of machine learning. Moreover, you will also get a complete introduction to what supervised learning is. After that, the Nyu Online class instructor will talk about supervised learning in finance as well. The course and Nyu Classes are divided into different modules and with each module comes a different set of instructions. With that, there are also quizzes at the end of each week that you need to solve. Solving these quizzes will give you an overview of what you have learned so far.

This was an excellent course that cleared most of my ambiguities about both machine learning and finance. All the modules of the course were equally competitive and challenging and overall the course was worth the effort (S C, ★★★★★).

Reinforcement Learning in Finance

Nyu Reinforcement Learning in Finance CourseThis reinforcement learning in finance course encloses in it all the fundamental concepts of Reinforcement Learning (RL) that you can understand easily. After completing this NYU course and classes, you will be able to use reinforcement learning to solve classical problems of finance. These problems include portfolio optimization, optimal trading, option pricing, and risk management. Next, you will be provided with a variety of valuable examples to practice on such as famous Q-learning using financial problems. Then you will be taught to apply the acquired knowledge to a simple model for market dynamics that are obtained using RL. The skills that you will gain from the NYU courses will be regarding a simple model for market dynamics, optimal trading, option pricing and risk management, and portfolio management, and more.

The Nyu online course was very helpful for me as I already had a good understanding of finance. I think if a learner dedicates more time to the course and studies all the supporting material that comes with it then it can get easy to understand what the course has to offer (Oliver B, ★★★★★).

Overview of Advanced Methods of Reinforcement Learning in Finance

Overview of Advanced Methods of Reinforcement Learning in FinanceThis Nyu course has detailed information about advanced methods of reinforcement learning in finance. You will be talking specifically about the links between reinforcement learning. Then you will know about option pricing and physics. After that, you will study the implications of inverse reinforcement learning for modeling market impact and price dynamics. Afterward, you will study the trending and potential applications of reinforcement learning for high-frequency trading. With that, you will also learn about cryptocurrencies and peer-to-peer lending. When you complete this NYU Online Courses, you will be able to explain all the fundamental concepts of finance. These concepts include market equilibrium, no-arbitrage, predictability, market modeling, etc. Similarly, you will be able to apply the methods of reinforcement learning to high-frequency trading, credit risk peer-to-peer lending, and cryptocurrencies trading as well. With all this that the NYU courses have to offer, you will be asked to solve a bunch of exercises and quizzes that will help you clear out ambiguities if any.

If you want to refresh your concepts of stochastic calculus and learn a few more things in the way, then you need to take this nyu online course. It really helped me wrap my mind around such confusing methods in finance (Daria, ★★★★★).

NYU Online Art & Design Classes:

Media Law

Media LawWant to build your expertise in legal frameworks and ethical issues surrounding design and digital media? Taking this Nyu Onliine course and Nyu Classes will make you capable enough to do that. You will understand what legal and ethical frameworks in digital media are. Then, you will be taught the U.S law about the creation of video, film, apps, games, websites, and more. Similarly, you will also understand the difference between ownership, sharing, and borrowing. After that, the instructor in NYU Online Classes will be talking about all the relevant concepts of intellectual property because they are applied to various creative practices.

Theories of Media and Technology

Theories of Media and TechnologyNowadays everything is revolving around media and technology and they have put a great influence on the whole world for a while now. In this NYU Classes, you will learn to apply media theory, practical and conceptual frameworks to design digital media projects. You will understand the contemporary issues and trends in how media is exactly viewed and analyzed. Similarly, you will also learn different ways in which you’ll see how theoreticians and practitioners have approached media and technology. Besides, you will study the critical applications of media theory and context to past, present, and future works as well.

Integrated Digital Media Capstone

Integrated Digital Media CapstoneIn this project-based capstone course, you will develop conceptual thinking skills that will help you generate ideas and content to solve problems. Not only solving problems, but you will also be able to create opportunities as well through inquiry and iteration. With that, you will be given instructions to refine your technical skills to realize your ideas. Similarly, you will also gain knowledge of professional practices and organizations by developing your verbal, written, and visual communication. In addition, you will produce a web-based work that will show what you have learned so far. After these Nyu Classes, You will also create a document that will outline your project from concept to completion. So start today with this challenging course.

Nyu Specializations courses

NYU Healthcare Classes:

Engineering Health: Introduction to Yoga and Physiology

  • NYU Tandon School of Engineering via Coursera
  • Taught by: Alexandra Seidenstein & Eddie Stern & Tommy Lee
  • 7,360 students enrolled!
  • ★★★★★ (49 ratings)

Introduction to Yoga and PhysiologyEveryone loves yoga and if not then they must at least know what it is and how it affects our health. This course is something that will give you access to exploring the physiological systems from a health and wellness perspective. Throughout the NYU Classes, the Nyu Courses instructor will be talking about different physiological systems and then highlight yoga practices. These practices will help to influence different systems and reduce pathology. Similarly, the Nyu online course has reading material that includes an analysis of scientific studies that have utilized yoga for treatment. You will learn to use yoga as a tool for treating different illnesses like hypertension, stress, diabetes, insomnia, PTSD, chronic pain, and more.

I think this Nyu online course is very interesting and an amazing one and is suitable for all those who practice yoga. This course really expanded the reach I thought yoga had. With that, a lot of scientific research that is connected to yoga is also explained here beautifully (Manuel GJ, ★★★★★).

One thing that must be mentioned here is that the NYU classes are the same tool that is used by the NYU Classes faculty across global NYU locations. This means that wherever you are or wherever the Nyu Classes and courses are being taught, the content can be shared across your course sites. So don’t waste your time anymore, visit the website New York University Online Classes, create an account for yourself, and never stop learning.