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NYU vs Stanford University


Are you torn between attending NYU or Stanford? That being said, let us highlight some facts to help you decide. Students applying to both of the aforementioned universities and then being accepted to both of them face a tumultuous decision of choosing the “one”!.In this article, our team did a detailed comparison of NYU vs Stanford University.

Undoubtedly, both Stanford and New York University (NYU) are one of the leading names in the world of ‎Higher Education. They provide you with a complete, accredit, highly engaging ‎leadership package of unmatched quality of education, comprising of an ‎unbeatable faculty.

Stanford being the center of attraction in San Fransisco while New York University being a hive of luxurious practices, there seems to be no doubt that both universities are incredibly competitive, as evidenced by their inclusion in the most recent QS World University Rankings and TIMES higher education. Amongst these hundreds of state universities, two institutions live up to the standard of every student: New York University and Stanford University.

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If both New York University and Stanford University are the top choices for any learner, it can sometimes be stressful to choose either NYU or Stanford. So a defined comparison of NYU and Stanford before coming up with the best option for some of yourself is what you need. Without further ado, let’s dish out the secrets.

NYU vs Stanford Comparison Based on Rankings 2021

New York University


According to the QS World University Rankings 2021, NYU was ranked 39th in the world for the year 2020. Surprisingly, this year NYU claim the 36th spot.  The university gets rated #16 in TIMES higher education 2021. Similarly, NYU takes 27th spot for US College rankings 2021. NYU is listed with five QS stars, receiving a perfect score in the sections of research, innovation, facilities, and specialist criteria. Lastly, it gained the #30th spot for National universities and #2 spot for international students to study abroad as per USNews.com

Stanford University

Stanford University

Moving on, Stanford University is ranked #2nd  in the world according to the QS World University Rankings 2021. That said, it’s not difficult to predict that Stanford gets named the best college in the world this year. ‎Moreover, Stanford claims the #2nd spot in TIMES higher education rankings as well. Stanford is not coming slowly as the institute is also ranked #3rd being the Best Global University for 2021. Ultimately, it gets stationed the best school this year globally.


New York University

In terms of location, NYU is located in 6 different places in Manhattan. Also, it launches a satellite campus in Abu Dhabi. Its central campus is in Greenwich Village, lower Manhattan. NYU is in and of the city-, which means along with, a central campus, you’ll get 6 ‎different available campuses as well. So, here, you’ll say NYU won!

Stanford University

Established in 1885, Stanford situated in the Bay Area of California, approximately 30 miles south of San Francisco gets probably the most attention for its location in the US.

Tuition Fee and Scholarships


For many people, the most important factor to consider when deciding which institute to attend is the tuition fee. As of 2019-2020, the fee structure for the undergraduate program is USD 53,308 per year.

Another exciting relief for NYU students is that they can apply for scholarships and financial aid. You can list your name for federal aid or institutional aid( upto $630 million as of 2017) and learn for free. This doesn’t include other mandatory/non-mandatory expenses. So you should also keep in mind other expenses.


When it comes to Stanford University, in 2021 fee structure showed a figure of $70,476 per year for Undergraduate programs whereas it is $69,972 for the Postgraduate program. This figure does not include any other compulsory or non-mandatory expenditures. For most students, this is the tiebreaker because many cannot afford the high tuition fee of Stanford which is why many choose NYU.So this the tuition fee and scholarship comparison of NYU vs Stanford University So it is upon you to decide which is a better option.

Subject Strength and Prestige

New York University

When we look at the subjects that NYU offers, we can see that it is ranked 5th in the world of Finance. Likewise, NYU is now ranked #135 throughout the world for ‎its top performers on Social Mobility. Moving forward, it is ranked #7 for Law by Times Higher Education 2021 and #5 as the top business school.

According to Times Higher Education Rankings by Subject 2021, it has been found out that NYU is ranked 15th for Psychology and 15th for International Business.
Stanford University

Shifting on to Stanford University, which is ranked #1 in the world for Computer Science. The institute also takes the third spot in Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology this year. For Arts and Humanities as a result of its highly capable teaching staff, it is #10 in the world. Comparably, in the social sciences and Public Health, it is ranked third.

Furthermore, according to the USNews.com University Rankings by Subject 2021, we were able to find the following: Stanford is ranked 4rth for economics and business.

Hostel Dues

New York University

Concerning Hostel expenses, you’ll have to pay a total of $37,328 per year. That being said, we must say NYU is a better option in terms of paper funds but not for living spaces. Even if you chose to live on-campus, you’ll have to pay $17,664. In terms of Hostel dues and meal prep, you’ll be paying more than you’re expected.

Stanford University

When it comes to Stanford University, the 2021 fee structure showed a figure of $15,112(on-campus) per year. Many students find it hard to cope with the accommodating expenses. Stanford takes ‎the 1st spot as compared to NYU in this matter. ‎

Application Standards


As compared to Stanford, NYU be wanting your Resume, Portfolio, Essay, and 2 LORs. Here again, your Portfolio is necessary only for some programs.


If you want to apply to Stanford then definitely you’ll need to keep some things in mind. For your application requirements, you’ll have to come up with a Supplemental Form (for a few programs)/LORs & SOPs/Essays. Most importantly, you’re Portfolio will be required for a few programs like for Arts and humanities.

Student Community and faculty

New York University

  • As of Fall 2019, NYU has 58,461 students enrolled.
  • Its Student: Faculty ratio remains 1:1.
  • Among this number, 26,981 were undergraduate students.
  • 25,904 were graduate and professional students.
  • 5,576 were on non-credit programs.
  • Lastly, the percentage of international students was 24 of the total.

Stanford University

  • Moving towards Stanford, as of 2019-20, it has Approx. 20,102 students (matriculated plus Nonmatriculated).
  • 6,994 were undergraduate among this number.
  • 7,971 were graduate students.
  • Its Student: Faculty ratio remains 8:1.
  • Similarly, 2,492 were Post Doctoral Scholars, and 3,718 were on special programs.

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Final Thoughts

We truly think that this entire comparison of NYU vs Stanford University that we have made for you will be helpful to explain what either NYU and Stanford University seem to offer or which one is better for you. So, start by looking at this NYU vs Stanford University comparison today and continue dreaming.