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JIRA vs Trello vs ClickUp


Let us first start with a brief introduction to what JIRA, Trello, and ClickUp are? All these three software are Agile Project Management tools. So in this article, there is a detailed comparison of JIRA vs Trello vs ClickUp.

What is an Agile Project Management Tool?

To be precise and consider an Agile Project Management tool is an easier approach for their teams to be able to complete projects on time and not hinder the quality of the project. Such tools can prove to be very beneficial when working with a big group of teams. We can also see an increase in the use of such tools due to remote working.

In this article, we will look at the different features of all three JIRA vs Trello vs ClickUp softwares. So, it gets easier for you to compare them and know which one suits you better. You can also check out the Best Agile Scrum Training Courses.

  • JIRA
    • JIRA Features
      • Agile project management
      • Flexible Workflows
      • Product integrations, Marketplace, Mobility
  • Trello
    • Trello Features
      • Visual Organizational Tool
      • Task Management and Project Tracking
      • Cross-Platform, Power-Ups, Email Integration
  • ClickUp
    • ClickUp Features
      • Process, Task, and Time Management
      • Collaboration and Reporting
      • Integrations, Customization, Proprietary Features


It is a project tracking software used by many agile teams. This software is favored by a lot of people, as it lets team members plan, track, and release software. Using this software can help to make stories, plan sprints, and distribute tasks efficiently. Jira is designed in a way that promotes complete visibility, so teams can prioritize and discuss their work in full context. Once you start using JIRA, you can release software with confidence and improve performance based on real-time visual reports. Since this software is a part of Atlassian, it combines smoothly with tools that they already use.

JIRA Features:

Agile Project Management:

Jira lets you use Scrum boards. Scrum boards can help the team to stay focused on delivering features with iterative and incremental value. You can also use the Kanban boards to give the team visibility into tasks and workflow, output, and cycle times. Moreover, the tool Portfolio is really useful, as it provides agile portfolio management in the software. If you are interested in Agile you can checkout our CSM Practice Test & Free Exam Questions and PSM Certification Dumps & Practice Test.

Flexible Workflows:

Jira is pretty much known for having customizable workflows that can fit any initiative or project. You can use the pre-made template or create a custom one. On using Jira, you will see its workflow being represented on a digital board. It will display the statuses and transitions of every detail of work. You can use the Jira workflow for asset management, change management, procurement, etc. You might also be interested in best JIRA Tutorial at our platform.

Product integrations, Marketplace, Mobility, etc:

Jira makes software development simpler and easier with the use of other Atlassian tools such as bitbucket for development workflow, Bamboo for continuous integration, Zephyr, and others help a lot on software development. The feature of Jira Cloud mobile native apps for iOS and Android devices can help the team members to stay connected and engaged. Hope so after reading all the detail you can select which tool is better and make a clear comparison b/w JIRA vs Trello  For more details click here.


TrelloProject team spirit

Trello is a mixture of visual project management and collaboration tool. The basic use of Trello is for the individuals and groups to work with any team. Trello lets you organize work through a scheme of boards, lists, and cards and use the platform for work. Trello is most known for having a highly visual system. This system can help you to give your team the information at a glance, so they can easily create tasks, assign them, prioritize and track development. Through Trello is much easier to collaborate and work on the details by adding comments, attachments, and due dates, among others.

Trello Features:

Visual Organizational Tool:

Trello basically uses the online digital whiteboard in the cloud that can help the teams to see who is doing what. The visual interface features of boards such as ists and cards make it easy and non-intimidating even for first-time, non-technical users. You can simply create cards anywhere in the list. On those cards, you can add labels, search for information, use filters, and sort their card list in various ways.

Task Management and Project Tracking:

You can invite as many team members within a shared board with the help of visual project management and collaboration tool. As the members of your team complete their task, they can then move the cards to the next list that can show the next stage of work.

Cross-Platform, Power-Ups, Email Integration, and more:

Trello is able to syncs all information across devices, such as desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. This feature is helpful for you to collaborate with the rest of the team from anywhere. Moreover, Trello is a free, and public developer API is also available. For more details click here.

ClickUpClickup vs Jira

ClickUp too is a project management and collaboration software. Its features for its intuitive design and customizable workspace. ClickUp focuses on providing a way to boost the productivity of a team or an individual user. People from the field of, marketing can use them, along with the people from the field of engineering. ClickUp has multiple views so that the teams get high-level information.

ClickUp Features:

Process, Task, and Time Management:

ClickUp has features that can help you to streamline your projects and create the needed steps to be followed. The team can use the Checklist templates and Task Dependencies to manage their work. You can organize tasks and make quick changes using the features such as Multi-task Toolbar and Favorite Views. With the help of the Time management tool, the teams can schedule time, manage team capacity, organize calendars, track goals, etc.

Collaboration and Reporting:

This feature of ClickUp is used a lot by the team to improve team collaboration. You can use these features to edit comments, capture, markup, and edit screenshots. Moreover, by using the PM platform, you can what the team is doing. The progress percentage tools let the manager view how much work remains in a project or list.

Integrations, Customization, Proprietary Features, and more:

You will see ClickUp integrating with other productivity tools such as Slack, GitHub, etc. ClickUp lets you completely customize the workspace. Furthermore, you can assign single or multiple assignees, save filters, use tags, and even switch to dark mode. So this is all about Clickup so hopefully, now you can easily decide b/w ClickUp vs Jira vs Trello For more details click here.

Final Thoughts:

So, these are some of the features of JIRA vs Trello vs ClickUp. You can use them to compare each of the software individually and decide which one do you like.