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Ensenanza Virtual US is a part of the MicroMasters program, which is “e-Learning: Create activities and content for virtual education”. The course has turned out to be very informative and ideal for all those people who wish to develop more skills in this field. By the end of the course, learners will have a great deal of information regarding the potential of technology in both formal and informal virtual teaching environments. The course has such information in it and such teaching methodologies that could give learners an opportunity to have the necessary elements to move from an idea to its implementation. Thus Ensenanza virtual training is an amazing opportunity for learners to build knowledge regarding Virtual Learning.

What does this Course has to offer?

As mentioned earlier, the teaching methodology of the course is very thorough and the content has been developed in different lessons. This enables a learner to develop skills and build knowledge in a dynamic and constructive way. Plus you can also get access to a special lesson where you can build a virtual learning object (OVA) that follows the phases of an instructional model.

It starts from the identification and analysis of a need for learning until the development and implementation of the OVA, an LMS (MoodleCloud). Of course, this special access can only be given if a learner acquires his verified certificate. With this special benefit, a learner will also get access to a special download area where a learner can find all the templates of the main tools that are presented in the course. Other things like best practice guides, instructional design templates and a tutoring session known to be a MasterClass are also available. But this must be kept in mind that the MasterClass can only be attended once a week.

Course Instructors:

This course is a joint force that has been designed, instructed and completed by a number of world-class professors without whom the course would have never been a success.

Following are the names of the Professors:
  • Rocael Hernández PhD
  • Antonio Moreira Teixeira PhD
  • Carlos Alario PhD
  • Hortensia Jiménez Díaz PhD
  • Roberto Barchino Plata PhD
  • Miguel Morales PhD
  • And Mónica De La Roca MSc
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Course Details:

Now let us, deep-dive, into the details of the course. How many lessons are there in the course, what does each lesson of the course cover, what will be discussed in the course and other things?

The course has a total of 4 lessons.

Lesson 1: How technology has transformed the teaching-learning processes?

With each passing day, there have been significant technological advancements that have changed the way we communicate with one another, share or inform knowledge with one another, how we collaborate and interact with one another as well. This is exactly what we’ll study in this first lesson, that is, how technology has revolutionized the teaching-learning processes and how new actors are emerging by bringing new perspectives.

These new perspectives include:

  • Introducing MOOCs
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Mobile Learning

Lesson 2: Design and development of content for digital teaching.

This lesson covers a very important aspect to understand which is about the instructional design. The instructors of this course claim that instructional design is more than just designing a course rather it demands to create a meaningful learning experience.

This lesson will help learners study the different concepts of instructional design like:

  • Models of ID.
  • Characteristics of ID,
  • Advantages of ID.
  • Disadvantages of ID.
  • Life cycle of a course.
  • How each stage of ADDIE model is applied?

Lesson 3: Strategies to manage Ensenanza virtual learning environments; the tutor, the student and their new roles.

This lesson teaches different strategies to manage virtual learning environments. As we know that new learning environments always bring with them new challenges that both the teacher and student has to overcome. That is why this lesson has such strategies to deal with it.

Lesson 4: Learning Management Systems/Quality and evaluation of Ensenanza virtual learning.

In this lesson, the learner will be introduced to the fundamentals of the Learning Management System (LMS). As the LMS is known to be a fundamental element for the implementation of this Ensenanza virtual courses so it is very important to know all its fundamentals, characteristic and how to select an LMS. This lesson will talk about multiple things like quality standards and how we will reflect on the quality of the virtual learning scenarios.

These 4 lessons if a student learns from carefully can very much give him all the information he needs regarding the virtual teaching environment.

Features of the Exclusive Content:

With these 4 lessons, there is an exclusive content for verified students as well which has the following features.

  • Additional lesson:
    To be building a learning object by applying a DI Model.
  • Special download area:
    It contains templates to apply instructional design following the ADDIE Model Best practice guides.
  • Academic support:
    This section contains MasterClass sessions and private forums.

Reviews from those who have taken this course:

Learning about whether a course is helpful or not is very important and if one gets to know about the quality of the course from a real user, it gets easy for other users to decide whether to take the course or not.

So let us take a look at some reviews given by real users:

  • I have only finished the first lesson of the course and so far the content and teaching methodology is really great. (Jose, 5 stars).
  • This course is a very important resource for all such people who are interested in developing education and technology skills. (Anonymous, 5 stars).
  • The course is very good and has helped me learn and develop skills regarding education and technology. (Mirian, 5 stars).
  • The course has clear and useful descriptions and all the important ideas are very well supported by videos. (Anonymous, 5 stars).
  • This course is an excellent way for a learner to truly acquire the necessary knowledge regarding teaching and virtual learning. (Patria, 5 stars).
  • The overall course is great and I did learn a lot from it but the final evaluation is the most deficient of this course. (Anonymous, 4 stars).
  • The course is a bit boring as it only focuses on providing video rather than focusing on providing a variety of resources to present the contents. (Anonymous, 2 stars).
  • The material of the course is complete and related but the evaluation form is incomplete. (Juan, 3 stars).
  • The instructor’s accent was sometimes not understandable that created confusion in understanding the concepts. (Anonymous, 2 stars).
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We at takethiscourse.net conclude our discussion by saying that Virtual teaching can turn out to be very helpful and informative for all such people who are in need to understand what teaching and virtual learning is. What concepts make up the base of teaching and virtual learning, what are the fundamentals to it and much more has been taught in this course.

Also, the reviews mentioned can give viewers an honest opinion about the course and whether to take it or not. So make up your mind and if you think this course is what you need then enrol yourself now and never stop learning.


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