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Tableau 2019, 2018 + Tableau 10: Qualified Associate certification


This course is a perfect way to learn tableau 2018 and also tableau 10 and become a qualified associate. The course aims to provide a perfect opportunity for all those people out there who have interest in tableau and our looking for different ways to learn it. There are a number of things that will be taught to learners through this course like how to create analysis like line charts, stacked bar charts, or geographic analysis with the help of maps, how to show an overview using dashboards, how to tell a story using storyboards and much more. The course is very comprehensive, engaging, precise and informative and has exactly all the learning material that is required for a person to learn table in a most suitable manner. The course also contains different assignments and quizzes that are really helpful in grasping the concepts. This course is a bestseller at Udemy and contains 12 articles and 3 downloadable resources as well. After completing this course a learner will have all the necessary skills that are required for the tableau certification. So we can say that taking this course might solve one’s problem of learning tableau.

  • Best SELLER at Udemy.com
  • Created by Phillip Burton
  • 1,835 + students enrolled
  • 353 Review available
  • 11 Hours on-demand videos
  • 12 Articles
  • 3 Downloadable Resources
  • Access on Mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion
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Who should take this course?

This course is made in a way that can turn out to be helpful for all beginners, intermediates and experienced professional. The information that a beginner can get from the course is an excellent way of developing a sense about what tableau is and how can it be used effectively in a business environment. This course is a first step for a beginner to advance in this field hence a beginner should definitely take this course. As for professionals, the course is an excellent opportunity for them to upgrade their skills and learn something new in the way. It is a guarantee whether you are a professional or a learner who has no prior experience of Tableau, you are going to get a lot of benefit from this course. The concepts that a person is going to learn from the course will help him solving real life problems that come in a business. So we can say that the course is helpful and should be taken by everyone who is interested in this field ignoring the fact that he is a beginner or a professional.

Social proof:

Let us now discuss the reviews that all the people who have taken this course have given about the course. These comments are totally given by the users. They have shared their experience about how the course has helped them in different ways, how the course has changed their lives, their career, their way or working and much more. Reading all these reviews by other learners can give them an idea about the course and whether it is helpful or not. Starting from 5 star rating to 1 star rating, we have reviews of all types of people.

5 star rating:

This course provides the understanding needed to build a really solid foundation to become a power user of Tableau.

If you want to become an expert in tableau then taking this course might be something that you should do. The course is really amazing and easy to understand.

Very Detailed and precise explanation. Making it easy for any beginner to understand tableau.

The course has a detailed and to the point explanation in it that makes this course very engaging and easy to understand even for the beginners. I am very glad I took this course from Phillip. Amazing Guy.

I liked this course a lot. It’s robust and well organized. Phillip explains things clearly and thoroughly.

The instructor has explained everything in a very organized and understandable manner and the whole course is very well structured and organized.

Very helpful course that has a lot of practice tests to solve.

This course is a complete package for all those who have a need to master tableau skills. Every lecture in the course is helpful and the best thing about this course is the practice tests to solve. Once you complete the course and then starts the practice test, it gets so exciting to solve them and so many concepts that were not cleared during the lectures are cleared through these. Indeed best course ever.

Made my work experience even better.

I already have experience with tableau but I took this course to update my knowledge and due to this course suddenly my work experience got even better. This course taught me so many new things that I had no idea about. Now I enjoy doing my work very much. It was a good decision for me to take this course.

A very well structured course with great delivery.

The course is made in a very organized manner. Every set of lectures has different topics covered that are totally independent of one another. You will find every lecture very useful and the way that it has been delivered by the instructor is amazing and gives confidence to its learners regarding how they can apply these concepts in business intelligence in an effective way.

The data sets used in the course turned out to be very helpful in real life.

The course had data sets that were very helpful not only for learning purpose but they also turned out to be very helpful in real life problems. This made my work experience even better as I was able to solve all the real life problems easily with the help of this course. You might also be interested in Tableau Advanced Training.

The course has technical details that are very helpful.

This course has many techniques that if performed in real life are very helpful. When I started the course I took notes of all these unique techniques and then I applied it on real life problems and this turned out to be very useful for me and had made my work experience really amazing.

The case study of the course is very good and the instructor was crystal clear about everything.

The most interesting thing about the course was the case study. The case studies were very creative and I was able to clear so many concepts through it. The instructor was very clear about all the concepts and there was no statement passed by him that was out of context.

I was able to get a tangible career benefit only because of the course.

I already have a job that I love but at some point I felt to refresh my concepts so I took this course and I am so glad that I took the course because it totally change my work experience and I got a lot of benefits in my job because of it.

4 star rating:

Best for those who wishes to learn tableau 10 for business intelligence.

If a learner wishes to learn tableau very deeply and want to learn all the terms and techniques there are about tableau in business intelligence then he should definitely take this course. This course is specially made for those type of learners who have a positive urge of learning these skills.

This course is the only reason I was able to clear all of my concepts regarding tableau.

I have taken many classes regarding tableau and still I had a lot of ambiguities but then I took this course and my problem was solved. All of my concepts were cleared because of this course.

The questions and quizzes given in the end are very helpful.

When you complete this course, you are going to find a number of different questions and quizzes. I would suggest every learner to solve these quizzes and questions very carefully and honestly. In this way they will turn out to be very helpful for all the learners. Check out tableau certification questions here.

A refreshing course that will refresh all your tableau concepts.

I found this course very refreshing. It had so many concepts explained in a managed way that can refresh a professional tableau analyst’s concepts very easily. So I would recommend this course to even professionals as they also need to update their knowledge timely.

3 star rating:

The course was good but very lengthy.

The course was really good but also lengthy that made me become less interested in it.


As we know that there is an alternative to every course that can help a user to decide which course is suitable for him. So we are going to discuss a few alternatives that can also be taken if a person feels that he wants something different so let us discuss these alternatives.

The tableau 2018 comprehensive guide:

This course is almost same to our above given course but contains a comprehensive skill set in Tableau. This course will help a leaner to succeed in this business intelligence and how well he can do data visualization. The course has an amazing rating of 4.6. the course will not only enable a learner to handle huge data but will also help in writing custom codes to produce better results. The course is best for beginners as the course has every term explained in a comprehensive manner so taking this course is a good choice. So if you think that taking this course can help you reach your goal and set high bars for you then click on the below mentioned link to get a lifetime access of the learning material in the course.

Tableau desktop super easy introduction.

Now let us take a look at another amazing tableau course that is equally beneficial for any beginner who is eager to learn tableau and start a tangible career in this field. The number of things that a beginner is going to learn about tableau through this course are very much in number. A user will be introduced to different concepts of tableau in a very organized manner. The arrangement of the topics is done by considering which topic should come first and which one should be nest, in this way a beginner can understand each concept priority wise. A user will be taught how he can work with different extracts, maps and location based data, how to publish dashboards and visualizations, how interactive dashboards can be made with the help of different tools like parameters, calculations and actions, how to combine data sources with the help of tableau and many more things will be taught to the learner. The aim of this course is to help a beginner or any concerned person to learn tableau in a best possible way ever so that they can pursue this field as a career and succeed in it. The rating of this course is 4.3 and more than five thousand students have been enrolled in this course and have benefited from it. Hence the course can be a starting point for so many beginners.


Tableau desktop 2018 and 10, step by step guide for beginners [Course not available]

This course will help a learner to learn how to create data visualizations with the help of tableau in a very thorough and easiest way that will force any learner to want to start a career in this field. The course is very engaging and a beginner or any learner who takes this course will find himself very comfortable in understanding all the concepts that are taught in the course. A beginner will be taught how he can connect tableau with various data sources, how tableau can be used for data analysis, what does tableau 10 and 2018 interface look like and much more. The course is very informative and easy to grasp thereby letting a beginner to develop interest in the course easily. The rating of this course is 4.5 and many students who took this course were more than satisfied from it. Hence the course can be taken by a beginner to learn tableau efficiently.


We can conclude our topic by saying that the problem of learning tableau has been solved to a great extent because of course like this that have solution to all the problems. This course contains a unique set of instructions and can help learners to develop a good understanding of tableau. The rating of this course is 4.5 and is also available at a discounted rate. Hence we can say that the course is worth buying.

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