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Splunk vs Tableau


The ever-increasing data flow in the market has forced majority of the corporations to think and find the right business intelligence software to use. Now by the word “right” we don’t mean that it is only related to choosing the one that has higher number of features. Instead, it has to be the one that is capable enough to address all of your crucial priorities. Now a business intelligence software is known to be a type of application software that is designed to extract, analyze, and then transform the data as per need and report for a business intelligence purpose. Though there are many tools that are used but today we are going to compare two such tools, that is Splunk vs Tableau. If you want to enhance your tableau skills, then check out these tableau specialist dumps.

Both these business intelligence tools are used to give your business an additional edge over your competitors. Both are extremely useful and competitive but sure they have some differences and that is why we are here to point them out. So let’s find out what they have to offer.

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Difference between Splunk and Tableau

Below are the differences between Splunk and Tableau.

  • When we talk about Splunk then know that it is used to monitor different machine activities which include logins and actions which are taken on those machines under each user. On the other hand, when we say tableau then it means that it provides pattern-based visualizations under a huge pile of data and that too, on a real-time basis.
  • When we do a comparison of both, then splunk is usually compared with QRadar from IBM, Micro Focus ArcSight, and LogRythm. Whereas, tableau can be easily compared with Microsoft BI, Oracle OBIEE, and SAS visual analytics.
  • Moving towards the initial setup and implementation, splunk in this regard provides a relatively straightforward setup. And that is why, an experienced implementation partner can be considered for the completion of this purpose. Whereas, tableau provides a simple setup that can be organized in just a matter of hours.
  • Now comes the most important factor that has to be considered while choosing the two that is, pricing. When we talk about pricing, cost, and licensing as well Splunk can become extremely costly after 20GB/month license. And so if you are able to manage and watch your logging then this number is a long way to go. On contrary, tableau is very useful software for small-scale organizations why? Because it is relatively cheaper to buy. But yes, it can also become costly with the increase in server integration.
  • When we talk about earning tableau or splunk certification, then everyone should know that earning a tableau certification is relatively cheap as compared to Splunk. As splunk certifications are comparatively expensive therefore many people fail to certify themselves and thus are unable to utilize the tool optimally. But on the other hand, tableau is not that expensive and has a variety of certifications to offer. So majority of the people are in favor of getting a tableau certification instead of splunk. You might also be interested in quicksight vs tableau.
  • If you want to use splunk then you have to let an experienced splunk architect design the entire infrastructure configuration by collaborating completely with the senior technical team and understand the entire product viability. With that, you should also know that all the splunk configurations should be managed in GIT. Also the team members must be educated enough to use the tool efficiently. As for tableau, not more than 2M data points should be visualized at an instant. With that, the extracted data should be only used for high performance. And if you want to reap maximum benefit from this tool then you should use just 3-4 sections in the report. For anyone looking to dive into data intelligence, discover leading Splunk Certification courses for 2024 on our platform, tailored to enhance your analytical prowess.
  • The aim of splunk is to help organizations reduce MTTR as all the stakeholders and developers tend to have easy access to log events. Splunk helps a lot in reducing cost by eliminating the needs for engaging developers of multiple teams in solving issues relating to multiple platforms. With that, splunk also provides an improved security mechanism because most of the people don’t have access to servers. Moving towards tableau which is intuitive and simple in creating insights. With that, it offers drag and drop feature that makes this software extremely handy to use. Similarly, it is capable enough to handle quick calculations by providing a variety of shortcuts. Another benefit of using tableau as compared to splunk is that it provides a huge variety of data connector integration with different databases. Check out the difference between Spotfire vs Tableau.

So the above were the differences between tableau vs splunk. Now in this section we are going to talk about the most popular features of both splunk vs tableau.

Features of Splunk

Below are the features of splunk.

  • It can collect and index data efficiently.
  • With that, it can be used to correlate and analyze the data.
  • Similarly, it monitors and alerts, visualizes and reports, and offers an effective security and administration setup.
  • It offers a mobile and streaming app.
  • Other features include easy enterprise integration, DB connect, ease and access and open development platform.

Features of Tableau

Here are some of the features that tableau has to offer.

  • It offers mobile ready dashboards and monitoring.
  • Native data connectors list.
  • Tableau reader and data notifications.
  • It offers effective collaboration tools and database integration.
  • With that, it offers Gantt charts and geographic maps and interactive content trend analysis.
  • Next, it offers effective metadata management.
  • Other features include filter and highlight data, auto-updates, security updates at all level.

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Final Thoughts

These were some of the differences between splunk and tableau which we have gathered for you. So read these differences today and never stop learning.