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PMP Practice Exam Questions – Project Procurement Management (Part 9)


Are you planning to appear for PMP Certification Exam? Get the latest updates about PMP Exam changes here. This is part-9 in series of PMP Practice Exam Questions related to Project Procurement Management for PMP Certification. In the previous part, we have discussed PMP Exam questions related to Project Risk Management.

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PMP Practice Exam Questions List – Project Procurement Management:

Here is the list of PMP Practice Exam Questions related to Project Procurement Management.

Question 1:

A company manages SBG contracting bids for government tenders and all successful bids as a separate project. The structure of the company is mainly projectized for a dedicated project team to manage each project. However, to realize economies of scale, there are some central departments that serve all projects. Which of the following role is most likely to be working in a central department instead of directly working with a project team?

  • A) Quality control inspector
  • B) Construction manager
  • C) Project planner
  • D) Procurement administrator

Correct Answer: D

Check out the solution:

In order to realize economies of scope, many organizations treat contract administration as an administrative function separate from the project organization. This is usually true if the performing organization is also the seller of the project to an external customer.

Question 2:

The performance reports produced during the Control Procurements process are then provided to which project management process for further processing?

  • A) Monitor & Control Project Work in the form of work performance information
  • B) Direct & Manage Project Work in the form of work performance data
  • C) Perform Integrated Change Control in the form of a change request
  • D) Performance report is not an output of the Control Procurement process

Correct Answer: A

Check out the solution:

Although, PMBOK does not explicitly mentions performance reports as an output of the Control Procurements process, these reports are produced during this process. The performance reports are then provided to the Monitor & Control Project Work in the form of work performance information.

Question 3:

You are managing a complex submarine causeway construction project. When you started the project, the scope of work was not clear and was based on a rather high-level estimate. Now that you are in the middle of the project, more information has become available. As a result, you now need to change some of the key subcontracts on the project. Which of the following will guide you through the change process?

  • A) Change control terms of the individual subcontracts
  • B) Project management plan’s change control procedures
  • C) Organizational process assets
  • D) Supplier’s contract administrator

Correct Answer: A

Check out the solution:

Your project’s change control procedures are internal to your project, that is, the scope of work directly under your project’s control. Specific contract change control procedures can be found in the individual subcontracts that can be different for each subcontract.

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Question 4:

You have just received an invoice from your supplier that contains some uncertified items. Payments to the supplier have processed through your corporate accounts payable system only after certification of satisfactory work by the project quality control specialist. What should you do?

  • A) Process the supplier’s invoice since this is your liability
  • B) Call the supplier and obtain more information
  • C) Ask the supplier to stop all deliveries until the matter has a resolution
  • D) Seek judicial arbitration

Correct Answer: B

Check out the solution:

Secondary risks are those that arise as a direct result of implementing a risk response.

Question 5:

You are managing a construction project. Your company does not specialize in construction design so you outsourced the construction design to a third party. You are conducting regular procurement performance reviews and are dissatisfied. You want to carry out a detailed audit of the design supplier’s work processes to determine the root cause. Can you do that?

  • A) Yes, it is a good project management technique advocated by PMBOK guide.
  • B) Yes, if there is a provision in the contract allowing work process auditing
  • C) No, you are only authorized to perform quality audits on the deli products and not the supplier’s internal work processes.
  • D) No, a detailed procurement audit cannot be performed until you term the contract.

Correct Answer: B

Check out the solution:

Inspections and audits required by the buyer and supported by the supplier, if specified in the procurement contract, can be conducted during execution of the project to verify compliance in the seller’s work processes or deliverables.

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