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iMSA Courses – Online Masters of Accounting

Online Masters of Accounting Highlights
  • University of Illinois via Coursera
  • FREE Specialization Courses available
  • 1.5 to 3 years of effort required
  • 8 sixteen week courses
  • Completely Online MS Program
  • $20,564 – $27,200 USD

Accounting is a really broad degree, a dynamic academic degree consisting of exciting elements whether it’s analytical math or behavioral science, programming in Python and R or data mining, you can become a man-of-all-work. For your assistance, the iMSA courses are comprised of alternative sections, which are core accounting, analytics coursework, and elective coursework for you to directly choose your aiming direction. iMSA Courses program offers:

  • Multiple specializations such as Financial Reporting, U.S. Federal Tax, and Data Analytics.
  • Each of the specific masters, you can easily learn at home complete in as few as 4 semesters (18 months) or as many as 8 semesters (36 months).

Masters in Accounting is all about monitoring, organizing, planning, analyzing, presenting, and recording business activities with specialization in marketing, finance, HR, CEOs, CFOs, healthcare, take your CPA exam, technology, entrepreneurship, social services, protective services, non-profit agencies, transportation or any of your desired field because the list goes on and on where you become the face of any organization. Accounting is “that” field where developing an efficient managing set of skills helps you in running any business or start-ups- you become a resource-person.

  • FREE Specialization Courses available to try
    • U.S. Federal Taxation Specialization (5 Courses)
      • Federal Taxation I: Individuals, Employees, and Sole Proprietors
      • Federal Taxation II: Property Transactions of Business Owners and Shareholders
      • Taxation of Business Entities I: Corporations
      • Taxation of Business Entities II: Pass-Through Entities
      • U.S. Federal Taxation Capstone
    • Financial Reporting Specialization (5 Courses)
      • Accounting Analysis I: The Role of Accounting as an Information System
      • Accounting Analysis I: Measurement and Disclosure of Assets
      • Accounting Analysis II: Measurement and Disclosure of Liabilities
      • Accounting Analysis II: Accounting for Liabilities and Equity
      • Financial Reporting Capstone
  • iMSA Curriculum
    • iMSA Core
      • 1.ACCY 501 Accounting Analysis I
      • 2.ACCY 502 Accounting Analysis II
      • 3.ACCY 503 Managerial Accounting
      • 4.ACCY 504 Auditing
      • 5.ACCY 505 Federal Taxation
    • iMSA Accounting Electives
      • 1.ACCY 506 Advanced Financial Reporting
      • 2.ACCY 507 Taxation of Business Entities
      • 3.ACCY 516 Professional Responsibility and Ethics for Accountants
      • 4.ACCY 569 Data-Driven Decisions for Accounting
      • 5.ACCY 570 Data Analytics in Accounting
      • 6.ACCY 593 Infonomics
      • 7.ACCY 593 Accounting Analytics Applications
    • iMSA Non-Accounting Electives
    • iMSA Projects
      • Financial Reporting
      • Managerial Accounting and Control
      • Corporate Tax Strategy
      • Business Analytics
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iMSA Specialization Courses available to try before applying

Federal Taxation and Financial reporting are the 2 specialized fields which you can encounter your way as the core programs for better understanding and quality iMSA courses to help you familiarize with the objective Accounting course and therefore, do take a look below before you apply:

U.S. Federal Taxation Specialization

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign via Coursera
  • 6,317+ already enrolled!
  • Approx. 9 months to complete
  • 100% online
  • 5 iMSA Courses available
  • ★★★★★ (699 Ratings)

Federal Taxation I: Individuals, Employees, and Sole Proprietors

The learners of this iMSA course develop highly desirable negotiable skills. Those productive attributes that are specifically designed for individuals, employees and sole proprietors with proficient business insight are broadly discussed in this course. Potential employers seek qualities such as whether you are in conjunction with the fast-moving world of Accounting or not. As an employee of a multinational brand or even an individual learner, you might want to enhance your skills with this (I) level of Federal taxation.

Federal Taxation II: Property Transactions of Business Owners and Shareholders

If you are already working under Business management, you will be able to carve the direction of your career, preferring a specialization in any business that interests you. Begin to understand the rules of production or investments with this course. Optimize your business as a shareholder or as a lone wolf in the realm of profit & loss with this course.

Taxation of Business Entities I: Corporations

This is designed for authentic business corporations to provide you, helpful overview of the actualities of business if you have little or no prior experience. This iMSA course is where you are going to master some great key management skills that will amend you to be a precious asset for any establishment or even your organization.

Taxation of Business Entities II: Pass-Through Entities

Here, you will learn to build a set of skills to respond to current developments and overcoming every obstacle coming down your way. Preparing you beforehand for the unknown competitive challenges which will position you for tremendous impact and steady growth, this iMSA course prepares you for all pass-through entities.

U.S. Federal Taxation Capstone

The indicated capstone is going to help you overcome communication hurdles and lack of self-esteem in an active business environment. Tax is the ultimate field where you come across ideal accounting and finance techniques. So, learn problem-solving techniques and boost your confidence, believe in yourself, and become a trained expert with this capstone course.  

Financial Reporting Specialization

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign via Coursera
  • 9,562+ already enrolled!
  • Approx. 9 months to complete
  • 100% online
  • 5 iMSA Courses available
  • ★★★★★ (604 Ratings)

Accounting Analysis I: The Role of Accounting as an Information System

An outstanding advantage of this course is by selecting this path of education you learn to read certain behaviors. This way your field also becomes an information system for you.

This worthy-to-pay-for course is acquired by you only by studying the role of Accounting as an active infonomic system. This iMSA Courses program is integrated into your actual study of the indicated subject as well.

Accounting Analysis I: Measurement and Disclosure of Assets

This course is the broadest field where you grow socially as well as potentially. When you study business management, you learn how to measure the worth of assets in correspondence to the disclosure of the target body’s financial grounds. Improve your capability to manage and alter your personnel into a professional and expert body with this peculiar course.

Accounting Analysis II: Measurement and Disclosure of Liabilities

Another thread of the above program is accounting analysis III. The reason behind why you should do this course is that by choosing this iMSA course you’ll build strong relationships, measure limitations of liability, and increase your productivity innovatively in any place you work. If you work in the measurement of finance or liability disclosing section, you’ll need to vouch for this course.

Accounting Analysis II: Accounting for Liabilities and Equity

In any sort of business, it highly likely that you’ll encounter such situations where you’ll need to make strong administrative decisions and these skills aren’t only economically appreciative but you furthermore may also develop ethical and social associations and that’s why you need this course.

Financial Reporting Capstone

Financial Reporting is the field’s forte. Optimize your skills and see yourself as a leader at any kind of organization. This designed course is all about authentic business management to provide you, helpful overview of the actualities of business if you have little or no prior experience.

iMSA Courses Curriculum

iMSA Core Curriculum (5 iMSA Courses)

1. ACCY 501 Accounting Analysis I

The indicated program teaches you about various procedures, concepts, principles, theories, and communication of accounting information that is the primary focus while working on external reporting works. Taking into consideration economic entities to interested parties like your managers, you can develop all kinds of accounting skills.

2. ACCY 502 Accounting Analysis II

You’ll be earning a paramount leading supervising position wherever you go. With this line course, you learn to develop skills that are highly productive in new accounting models such as leases including both lessees and lessors. You will come across current liabilities and contingencies that’ll help you make decisions related to long-term debt and bonds.

3. ACCY 503 Managerial Accounting

In managerial accounting, measure your beliefs as correspondence and enhance your capability to manage whilst working as an accountant for any firm, transform into a certified professional. This iMSA course is a complete guide to a manager’s decision-facilitating role and decision-influencing role. You can learn operational skills that can help you make highly productive and strategic decisions. You can hold an intellectual conversation all over the world by progressing with this course.  This field is indeed the broadest field where you grow socially and as a learner of this program, you exhibit top-notch managerial skills.

4. ACCY 504 Auditing

One of the most popular fields of active work through which thousands of people are making millions every day is Auditing. Providing you an extensive course based on the conceptual subject matter and applied introduction that is directly involved with auditing is the main initiative of this program. Carve out your niche as a qualified and experienced financial-statement auditor with Illinois’s indicated course.

5. ACCY 505 Federal Taxation

The U.S. federal tax system is relatively a vast field. Be it for individuals, employees, or sole proprietors, you can register yourself in this course and learn to survive in a tax environment, sources of tax law, inclusions, and exclusions. From income engrossment, deductions, calculating the tax liability, employee to self-employed business expenses, and retirement plans, you can excel in each domain of business management and accounting.

Accounting Electives (7 iMSA Courses)

Accounting Electives is where you will be taking 12-semester credits in elective courses to study your interest at a shallow pace. But it is also mandatory that 4-semester elective credits must be in non-accounting courses.

1. ACCY 506 Advanced Financial Reporting

The iMSA course of advanced reporting is related to trending authoritative accounting standards, their involvement, and application in accounting fields. This course follows a selective pattern that is based on the relation with that of underlying business transaction or complexity of your given topic, to understand the consistency of applicable standard with underlying reporting concepts is what is considered the sections of primary importance in this specific course.

2. ACCY 507 Taxation of Business Entities

In this course, you come across provisions of Subchapter C of the Internal Revenue Code which you may already know the importance of, considering the fact you chose this field of business. You get familiar with Treasury Regulations and judicial opinions as well as governing corporate formation, operations, distributions, and liquidation process, learning massively important and new things at your fingertips.

3. ACCY 516 Professional Responsibility and Ethics for Accountants

The one-sentence admiration for this iMSA course is that you gain an obvious advantage of studying ethics for accountants and create an instant and lasting edge over the competition. You earn a Competitive advantage by studying this professionally acclaimed degree as it occurs when an organization requires an attribute or combination of attributes to develop models that are innovative and excellent.

The pursuit of this study will leave you with having fantastic career opportunities after you graduate, you’ll even possess the core components to establish your own business if you want to – all you need to do now is to not waste any more time and jump into this field.

4. ACCY 569 Data-Driven Decisions for Accounting

The iMSA course is designed peculiarly for management works requiring Excel and Tableau to examine data, identify patterns and relationships in the data. Accounting in data-driven works authorizes communication in the findings. For classified workspace benefits, you come across learning techniques such as regression and clustering related to quantifying patterns or relationships that are vividly observed in data. The successful completion of this course means that you possess excessive knowledge of programming via macros and the Visual Basic editor in Excel. So, carry out your analyzing-oriented projects with great skills.

5. ACCY 570 Data Analytics in Accounting

Future is data analytics and in these times of AI, many organizations are working with their specific focus on business applications. Here, you’ll get familiar with concepts like acquiring data, cleaning process, archiving data, processing data, and gain skills such as applying numeric’s, images, texts, and graph data sets. You will not only learn but also get to perform and evaluate the results of machine learning algorithms on these data-driven accounting fields with the help of Illinois’s this advanced course.

6. ACCY 593 Infonomics

The name itself suggests that in this iMSA Courses program, you’ll be able to analyze concepts, principles, techniques, and models which are itself infonomic details that are going to help you value your workspace, handle your work with ease and deploy information as an actual enterprise asset.

Your role in your firm can promote if you understand the benefit of this course and its unique economic properties.

7. ACCY 593 Accounting Analytics Applications

Learn to use analytics-based tools in a performance-evaluation system context with the help of this amazing course. You can actively investigate and assess the strengths and weaknesses of any establishment’s implementation strategy and build anytime a new performance evaluation system for constant upheaval.

iMSA Non-Accounting Electives

Non-accounting electives are eight-week, four-credit hour courses. They can be taken all year round (fall, spring, and summer semesters) depending on your availability.

iMSA Projects

Financial Reporting:

To assess validity and completeness of a publicly-traded corporation’s financial statements is what you can manage to administer with this project which is specially offered for Masters in Accounting by Illinois.

Managerial Accounting and Control:

To familiarize you with your role-play as a manager, this project is exactly what you need. Learn to identify relevant information, analyze costs and profits, use information management tools, and develop an exclusive strategy.

Corporate Tax Strategy:

Take action in a publicly-traded, global corporation with this specific project. You can easily assess any or all organizational structure’s effectiveness in minimizing domestic and global tax obligations.

Business Analytics:

Whether it’s a multi-faceted analytics approach or you need to assess a company’s strategic and operational risk, this project is your need to identify measure, quantify and reduce the impact of instances of manager fraud.

Concluding the subject matter, the commercial decrease for traditional formats is declining nationwide that’s why this shifting focus highly necessary to save you from the abrupt breakdown of a traditional system and to never abandon your opportunity to learn.

At takethiscourse.com we would agree if you chose to study, Accounting at home, at the excellent institute of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, it is a much better choice for your future and your life. If you aspire to build a career with viable earning and interesting learning options, this degree offers you the exact right utilization of your time and hard work.

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