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PMP Practice Exam Questions – Project Risk Management (Part 8)


Planning to appear for PMP Certification Exam? Get the latest updates about PMP Exam changes here. This is part-8 in series of PMP Practice Exam Questions related to Project Risk Management for PMP Certification. In the previous part, we have discussed PMP Exam questions related to Project Communication Management.

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PMP Practice Exam Questions List – Project Risk Management:

Here is the list of PMP Practice Exam Questions related to Project Risk Management.

Question 1:

During the Plan Risk Management process, assigning ————— will help you and the project team identify all important risks and work more effectively during the identification process.

  • A) Risk factor
  • B) Blame
  • C) Risk mitigation plans
  • D) Risk categories

Correct Answer: D

Check out the solution:

Risk categories provide a structure that ensures a comprehensive process of systemically identifying risks and that contributes to the effectiveness and quality of the process.

Question 2:

In general, Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis is?

  • A) Not often completed
  • B) Complete and 100 percent accurate
  • C) In-depth and thorough
  • D) focused on high-priority risks

Correct Answer: D

Check out the solution:

Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis is quicker than Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis as it focuses on high-priority risks.

Question 3:

Negative risks can either be transferred or mitigated countermeasure as a?

  • A) Enhanced
  • B) Avoided
  • C) Exploited
  • D) Ignored

Correct Answer: B

Check out the solution:

You can avoid risk by revising the project plan to eliminate the risk entirely.

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Question 4:

Smith is the project manager of a project, and he is planning responses to a set of risks. As a direct result of implementing these risk responses, he anticipates certain other risks to arise. These are?

  • A) Secondary risks
  • B) Primary risks
  • C) Planned risks
  • D) Workaround

Correct Answer: A

Check out the solution:

Secondary risks are those that arise as a direct result of implementing a risk response.

Question 5:

An organization wishes to ensure that the opportunity arising from risk with a positive impact is realized. This organization should?

  • A) Exploit the risk
  • B) Mitigate the risk
  • C) Accept the risk
  • D) Avoid the risk

Correct Answer: A

Check out the solution:

Five strategies to deal with risks with potentially positive impacts on project objectives are to escalate, exploit, share, enhance, or accept the risk. An exploit strategy ensures that the opportunity is realized.

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