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PMP Practice Exam Questions – Project Stakeholder Management (Part 10)


Are you planning to appear for PMP Certification Exam? Get the latest updates about PMP Exam changes here. This is part-10 in series of PMP Practice Exam Questions related to Project Stakeholder Management for PMP Certification. In the previous part, we have discussed PMP Exam questions related to Project Procurement Management.

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PMP Practice Exam Questions List – Project Stakeholder Management:

Here is the list of PMP Practice Exam Questions related to Project Stakeholder Management.

Question 1:

Henry is the project manager for a process improvement project. Henry is a recently hired Six Sigma expert. David is the process owner of the process Henry must optimize. During the project kick-start meeting with the project sponsor, David said he supports all continuous improvement efforts. However, David is unaware of the Six Sigma technique and feels threatened by the newly hired expert, and as a result, is blocking Henry’s ideas. What is David’s current engagement level with the project?

  • A) Unaware
  • B) Supportive
  • C) Resistant
  • D) Neutral

Correct Answer: C

Check out the solution:

Although David claims that he is supportive of all improvement initiatives, his behavior is not coherent with his claim. Since David is blocking Henry’s idea, he is in effect, resistant of the project.

Question 2:

Project stakeholder management is an integral part of project management. The effectiveness of stakeholder analysis carried out early in a project can decide its fate. Which of the following is the least important consideration during stakeholder analysis, especially when analyzing stakeholders who are also decision-makers?

  • A) Prior experience
  • B) Expectations
  • C) Interests
  • D) Influence

Correct Answer: A

Check out the solution:

Stakeholder expectations, interests and influence are the key factors that are considered during stakeholder analysis. Stakeholder prior experience might be a consideration but that is not as important as the rest of the choices given for this question.

Question 3:

Smith’s project has successfully been initiated, and all the major roadblocks are removed. The senior stakeholders have now switched from a leading role to a supportive role. What is Smith’s next step once the first version of the project stakeholder register is developed?

  • A) Execute the stakeholder engagement strategy as laid out in the stake register
  • B) Start the stakeholder identification process
  • C) Finalize the project management plan before developing the stake engagement strategy
  • D) Start the development of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Correct Answer: D

Check out the solution:

The project management plan cannot be finalized until all the other subsidiary plans, including the stakeholder engagement plan, are finalized. Since the first version of stakeholder register has been developed, this implies that the first run of the Identify Stakeholders process has been completed and the project manager is now all set to kick start the Plan Stakeholder Engagement process.

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Question 4:

Smith’s project is a high-priority project for his organization. Project stakeholder engagement is crucial for the project’s success. Smith needs to discuss the project stakeholder engagement levels with his project team on a regular basis. Which of the following is the best platform where Smith can review this with his team?

  • A) Phase gates
  • B) Project status review meetings
  • C) Kill points
  • D) Information management system

Correct Answer: B

Check out the solution:

The phase gates and the kill points are the project reviews that are done at the closure of each phase of the project. Managing stakeholder engagement levels should be a continuous process that does not wait for a project phase to complete. Information management systems can be used for the exchange of project information, but project status review meetings are interactive communication sessions among the project team members. A project status review meeting provides the best platform to discuss the current engagement levels of the project stakeholders.

Question 5:

Which of the following actions decreases the risk of the project failing to meet its goals and objectives?

  • A) Discouraging changes to the initial project scope
  • B) Acquiring more than required resources
  • C) Active management of stakeholders
  • D) Fast-tacking the project schedule to finish the project before deadline

Correct Answer: C

Check out the solution:

Changes are inevitable. Acquiring more than required resources will put a strain on the budget and hence might compromise the project’s financial goals. Fast-tracking always induces risk to the project. However, active management of stakeholders almost guarantees a decrease in project risk.

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