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Scope of doing an MBA in Project Management after becoming PMP certified


Everybody wants a successful career for themselves and they go through hoops and bounds to make sure they reach the top. Even after having a successful career, many people start to desire more. And in doing so, they try to do everything that organizations demand while hiring. So the same is the case with the project managers. After a lot of hard work and struggle, they manage to pass the PMP exam and become a PMP certified associate. But what happens next? There are two scenarios here. First case here is that many of the people who become PMP certified are very contended at their current status and continue that way. The second case depicts a whole category of people who always want more success and status in their lives and continue to struggle for more.

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And that is why today, we are going to talk about the people in the second scenario. The ones who want more even after becoming a PMP certified. So what are their options here? Well, alone the PMP certification does not provide you with a wide range of skills to manage complex projects that you know now. So what can help here is getting an MBA in project management. An MBA in Project Management will help you build the critical project management skills you need to thrive in this industry. And also the career outlook after getting an MBA in project management is even more promising. This is because 90% of the high-performing businesses claim that they place value on project management. And if you are a PMP certified who also has an MBA in project management then think about how much value you will be to the right? You might also be interested in Trello Tutorial.

So yes, getting an MBA in Project Management after becoming a PMP certified has to be the best thing to put your career to the highest level. Still, if you don’t think getting an MBA after PMP certification is not worth the effort, then you need to read these below reasons to get convinced.

Reasons to get an MBA in project management:

You will be making even more money than you can as a PMP certified:

Though having a PMP certification will help you make a lot of money, yet you will be earning even more if you have an MBA in project management. Organizations do have a huge demand for PMP certified and they are willing to pay them more than any other employees. But having an MBA in project management means you have reached another level in project management. And that you have successfully learned to manage diverse groups more effectively. You will be able to make adjustments as a project evolves and incorporate best practices and recognized principles into your work.

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Showing such commitment automatically increases your value in the organization and they tend to pay you even more which can be a raise of 10% or more generally.

You will be more prepared for a senior project management role:

According to a recent report from burning glass labor insight, it has been found out that 34% of PM Job postings require to have a graduate degree in addition to having a PMP certification. This shows how much of its demand is increasing. And having a masters in this field will help you prepare for the senior project management role as well. It is because you will be learning all the PM skills in the real-world which will then help you handle things as a senior project manager as well.

You will be learning such skills whose impact will be beyond project management:

Even if one day, your career path decides to take you in a different direction, the skills that you will learn by getting an MBA will help you in whatever the new role you will be given. This means that you are not bound to anyone or anything and have the skills to even move in a different direction.


So if you are a PMP certified who wants to further advance his career then doing an MBA in project management has to be the best option here. So make up your mind and get in the race of becoming the best by getting an MBA.Take PMP certification dumps to pass real PMP exam and become PMP certified.