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7 Best University of Zurich Online Courses


With each new day, takthiscourse.net tries to bring something new to our learners which can help them learn something. And that is why today, we also have something new to share to you that is, a list of 7 best online courses from the University of Zurich. These courses have been sorted from a variety of courses and we deem these courses to be very engaging and interactive. So let us take a look at what these courses have to offer and then you can decide which course is best for you.

Our experts have enlisted Best University of Zurich Online Courses for you to learn from:

  1. Teaching Science at University
  2. Myocardial Infarction
  3. Love Money – Everyday Finance
  4. An Intuitive Introduction to Probability
  5. Asian Environmental Humanities: Landscapes in Transition
  6. Language technology in digital humanities
  7. Water in Switzerland

List of Best University of Zurich Online Courses:

saveTeaching Science at University

      • University of Zurich via Coursera
      • 17 hours of effort required
      • 4,949+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (95 Reviews)

This course has everything you need to know about teaching science in higher education. You will experience the value of teaching and analogies in a very understanding and interesting way. The course aims to give you all the necessary guidelines that will help you train your student’s competences. You will learn how to implement evidence-based strategies into your own teaching. Furthermore, you will also be taught to prepare analogies and models to help you teach in your field. Other concepts like understanding to implement problem-based teaching and the nature of science and more will be taught.

saveMyocardial Infarction

      • University of Zurich via Coursera
      • 16 hours of effort required
      • 10,718+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (128 Reviews)

Cardiovascular diseases have found out to be the number one cause of death globally. Among these cardiovascular diseases, a heart attack is the most prominent. And that is why to understand how most of the cardiovascular diseases can be prevented, you need to take this course. Upon completing the course, you will understand the behavioral risk factors. With that, you will also gain a complete understanding of all these risk factors, their mechanisms, and their impact on cardiovascular system. Moreover, you will also understand how to approach the complex field of myocardial infarction in two respects. Thus you will be able to understand what myocardial infarction is and other cardiovascular diseases.

saveLove Money – Everyday Finance

      • University of Zurich via Coursera
      • 19 hours of effort required
      • 6,974+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (64 Reviews)

To all those people out there who have a huge interest in finance, this course is exactly what you need to strengthen your everyday finance. You will gain all the basic knowledge for conscious and correct financial decisions in your everyday life. Finance demands to have a complete understanding of concrete tools that can help you get insight into various latest research findings. And you can gain this understanding thoroughly with the help of this course. Similarly, you will learn the time value of money as a central concept for decision making. Moreover, other topics like understanding financial products such as derivatives and structured products, bitcoin and blockchain and more will be learned.

saveAn Intuitive Introduction to Probability

      • University of Zurich via Coursera
      • 16 hours of effort required
      • 29,375+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (843 Reviews)

A very productive course that aims to provide you with all the fundamentals of probability. You will be given a completely intuitive and practical introduction to probability theory. Next, you will learn how to apply probability theory in different scenarios. Furthermore, you will learn many other topics that will serve as a basis for further developing your knowledge about probability. The skills that you will develop after completing the course will be about Bayes’ theorem, normal distribution, and conditional probability. You will also learn about what conditional probability is and all its applications. With all this that the course has to offer, you will also get to solve full length 5 exercise sessions. This will help you recall everything that you have learned so far from the course.


saveAsian Environmental Humanities: Landscapes in Transition

      • University of Zurich via Coursera
      • 13 hours of effort required
      • 3,720+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★  (49 Reviews)

Landscapes are known to be one of the most vibrant cultural trends that attract the majority of the people. And this course is all about addressing landscape appreciation, degradation, rehabilitation, and protection. You are going to learn about the concepts of landscape in Asian religions, history, social sciences, philosophy, and arts. With that, you will also know about their reverberation in selected environmental projects in different countries. These include China, India, and Japan. Furthermore, there will be a discussion regarding how they are critically reflected upon in the context of environmental humanities. Similarly, you will encounter many reasons why environmental humanities study projects that strive to change people’s prevalent attitudes, values, and other behavioral patterns.

saveLanguage technology in digital humanities

      • University of Zurich via Coursera
      • 16 hours of effort required
      • 2,550+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (22 Reviews)

Do you want to know what digitization of text entails and how texts in a corpus can be made searchable? If yes, then taking this course will help you understand all about it thoroughly. You will get a complete overview of the most important concepts and problems in the digitization and annotation of texts.

The course aims to help you understand all the tools and technologies that are relevant to this field. Moreover, different topics like corpus linguists, humanities scholars, and more will be learned. Similarly, you will take a big step into the world of digitizing texts and learn all about technologies behind them through this course. Furthermore, the course has different modules and with the end of each module, there will be a quiz for you to solve. In this way, solving quizzes at the end of each module will help you remove all the ambiguities that you may have.

saveWater in Switzerland

      • University of Zurich via Coursera
      • 16 hours of effort required
      • ★★★★★ (11 Reviews)

Learn all about the hydrological conditions in Switzerland and how the element of water shapes everyday life in Switzerland through this course. The course answers may questions that are related to the water in Switzerland. You will learn about the various hydrological basics and learn more about other important hydrological concepts. These include precipitation, runoff, hydropower, and more are discussed. Furthermore, you will also understand water quality, flooding, the importance of water, and many more topics. The course has 7 modules and each module has been divided in a way that covers different topics that will give insight into the water for culture and art.

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Above is the variety of courses offered by the University of Zurich and you can get access to these courses through takethiscourse.net. All these 7 courses are very engaging and instructed by highly experienced professors from Zurich University. So hurry up and decide which course is suitable for you. Enroll now, stay home, and stay safe and never stop learning.