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Challenges faced by a Scrum Master and how to overcome them


Nobody said the job of a Scrum Master would be any easier for you. You are the team leader here and everyone is relying on you for the job that they have to do. So did you ever think you would be able to pull this job without having to face any challenges by a Scrum Master? If you have had such a mindset before then let us tell you the challenges that you have to face as a Scrum Master. But hey, don’t worry, these challenges are a part of your daily struggle and are not the type of challenges that are impossible to overcome.

So let us take a look at the most common challenges that you face as a Scrum master and the solution to overcome them.

Challenges faced by a Scrum Master and the Solution:

Introducing your team to a change:

This has to be the most difficult challenge that you face as a Scrum Master. Nobody likes to be disturbed from their comfort zone and that is why when you introduce a change in the way things are done, your team starts to resist it. This resistance to not accept the change can cause problems for both you and your team’s progress. Check out the use of Scrum principles in different domains.

How to overcome it?

This problem can be overcome but it will take time. What you need to do is gradually prepare your team for a change. Talk about the problems that you’re finding in their work and alert them before the time that there will be some changes regarding how things are done. In other words, you need to prepare them before the time for any type of change so that they are less likely to resist it when it actually happens.

Not being able to keep things time-boxed:

As a scrum master, you are the manager here and have to control everything. Though in many cases, you are able to control most of the things, yet one thing that is always out of your control is keeping everything time-boxed. That is, the time table that you have set for certain things never go the way they are planned. A perfect example of this scenario here is the daily scrum event that has to be no longer than 15 minutes. But what happens in real life is that the team starts a discussion and everybody tries to prove their point and in doing so the time limit crosses. What are the responsibilities of the Development Team in Scrum?

A solution to overcome this challenge:

There are a few options here that can help like making your team stand the whole time during the meeting. In this way, they’ll start to feel agitated and would want the meeting to get over soon.

Another solution could be to make a list of the people who are allowed to speak up on daily sprints. In this way, every team member can get a chance to participate in the daily Scrum according to their day and it won’t take long as not everyone is allowed to speak.

Handling urgent requests:

Change requests are always handled at the start or end of the sprint. But in the real-world, there come many times when these requests are made by the stakeholders/customers in between. This type of challenge can put you in a difficult position as everything is going as planned and suddenly you need to make changes.

How to cope with it?

Either make it a strict policy right from the start that no requests will be answered in between the sprint. Even if a stakeholder insists on an urgent change and there is no way other than to accept it, then you need to ask for more time than the usual one. In this way, there won’t be any pressure on your team to work faster.

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These and many more challenges are faced by a Scrum Master daily which you need to take care of. So you have to vigilant enough to handle all of this effectively. CSM mock test and PSM Certification Dumps will helps you to pass CSM and PSM exam. Stay home and keep learning.