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Top 5 Industries demand PMP Certified Professional


Project Management Professional Certification is not just an ordinary one but is the Gold standard in Project Management. The certification comes from the globally renowned Project Management Institute (PMI) and is among the top 10 certifications in the world. Not just having a gold standard and offered by a well-renowned institute, the certification comes with numerous PMP benefits. In short, earning this certification can take your career to the highest level. Moreover, this certification is not only recognized in several industries but has a huge demand in almost all of the industries.

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Whatever the industry you’re interested in, be it Information Technology, Construction, Manufacturing, and whatnot. If you are a PMP certified then you’ve got the job as well. Thus the PMP was and is still in demand in almost all of the industries around the world.

Some facts from the PMI’s report:

  • According to the PMI’s report, Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017-2027, ( it has been found out that the demand for project managers over the next 10 years is only growing drastically as compared to the workers in other occupations.
  • With that, it was also mentioned that the project management labor force is expected to grow by 33% in over 11 countries.
  • Similarly, the figures predict that almost 22 million new jobs related to project management will be created during the next decade. This means that by 2027, the employers will need approximately 88 million individuals who are working in project management-oriented roles.
  • Moreover, the analysis indicates that the project management occupation will be increased by 8.5%. Whereas, other occupations will increase by 6.5%.
  • Thus all these facts show that the demand for PMP will remain high at least 2027.

List of top 5 Industries demand PMP Certified Professional:

Now we are going to talk about the demand for PMP certified professionals in 5 best industries.

Information Technology:

The IT project managers oversee all the large-scale technology projects and ensure everything is completed on time. All the complex technical projects have to be completed on time and under the given budget and that is overseen from start to end by the project managers. The IT project management skills are high in demand and an increasing number of IT organizations prefer PMP certified. An average salary of an IT project manager is expected to be $127,500.

Management and Professional services:

The project management professionals can earn a pretty good living by entering this industry. The latest findings show that there will be job growth in the management and professional services industry. This means that in the U.S, from 2017-2027, more than 60% of 214,000 jobs annually will be coming from the management and professional services sector. In this way, the number of jobs annually in this sector will be 131,010.

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Finance and Insurance:

Among all the industries PMP certified is popular in, the finance and insurance sector is also one of them. Due to its effectiveness, this sector is also preferring those who are PMP certified over those who aren’t. In the U.S, every year till 2027, the finance and insurance sector is going to offer 22,465 jobs annually to the PMP certified. This shows that even in this sector, there is a high demand for PMP certified. Moreover, shortly, this sector will be offering more than 4.6 million new roles.


The manufacturing industry is also among the project-oriented industries there are and that is why they also have a high preference of PMP certified associates. Over the next few years, it is expected that the most PMP certified job growth across all the countries will be in manufacturing and construction. It will be offering more than 9.7 million new roles. With that, in the U.S, there are 23,015 job opportunities for PMP certified every year.


For the construction sector, PMP certified professionals turn out to be quite helpful and play a crucial part in the success of the construction industry. Planning and executing skills are the key components that ensure the projects are completed meticulously. This is the main reason why it is so valuable in the construction sector. The sector has significant dangers and resource challenges which only PMP certified professionals are trained to handle.


Thus we can say there is no sector/industry where the role of a PMP certified doesn’t fit. PMP certification dumps are helpful to you become PMP certified.So you can make a bright career for yourself by becoming a PMP certified associate.
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