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TELUQ is a public French-Language distance learning University which is also a part of the Universite du Quebec system.

TELUQ University:

This distance learning University was founded in the year 1972 as the Tele-universite, Universite du Quebec commission in order to develop a number of distance education courses. But now it is a University that offers a number of undergraduate and graduate programs in multiple domains. It has almost 90 highly qualified and professional professors and more than 20,000 students.

TELUQ as a Distance Learning Platform:

The University has a total of 400 courses and 125 programs to offer to the students through distance learning. Each and every Teluq Courses and the programs offered by the University are designed by professors who are highly professionals and experts in their field. All these teluq courses are made under high supervision and in collaboration with education technology and media production specialists. These teluq courses are taught under great pedagogical methods and tools and provides a number of other services like personalized support, digital and printed materials for study purpose and help and ease in accessibility and much more. We at TakeThisCourse.net really appreciates the remarkable efforts that the University make in order to benefit the students. And that is why we urge students to take a look at what the distance learning University has to offer.

Free Online Courses with Certificates

Free TELUQ  Courses Online and MOOCsĆ:

Introduction à l’histoire politique du Québec

      • via Independent
      • 6 Weeks Duration
      • 2 Hours Weekly Study

U libreInterested in the political history of Quebec? Among All Teluq university courses Enroll in this course to  gain a complete understanding of Quebec’s political history. From the founding of Quebec in the year 1608 to the Quiet Revolution of 1960, you will get a complete introduction about it all. With that, you will also get to know all about the Conquest of 1970 and the rebellions of 1837. Topics like what is American land, society Western, modern democracy, and much more will be discussed in detail. Similarly, you will also get to know about Quebec which is the product of a very particular historical adventure. Thanks to the insights of eminent historians, you will learn all about it thoroughly. The instructors will also be talking about its pivotal dates and the main milestone.

As you go further, you will be studying other modules that have different topics like New France, The Change of Empire, The province of Canada, Survival, and more. This teluq course has a variety of quizzes and exercises which you can solve to evaluate yourself. Anyone interested in this topic is welcome to join as the target audience of this course is the general public. So enroll now and indulge in the most interesting political history of Quebec.

Liberté D’expression: Normes, Fondements, Enjeux

      • via Independent
      • 4 Weeks Duration
      • 3-4 Hours Weekly Study

Teluq NormsThere are many sides to freedom expression which is important for you to understand to be able to survive in this society. So to understand entirely what freedom of expression is and at your ease and pace and for free as well, enroll in this teluq course online by Normand Landry and study whenever you want to. When you start the course, you will first study the theoretical bases that will define freedom of expression quite thoroughly. After that, you will get to know all about its foundations. Similarly, completing this section, you will move to the part where you will study the current challenges of freedom of expression. These include censorship, judicial repression, and technical controls of social and political repressions.


Thus completing all these topics will help you focus more effectively on the major controversies that are linked to different spheres of social activity. These include arts, religion, morality, social issues, sexuality, and then issues on political and national security. Though the teluq online course is free and you can enroll whenever you want. But if you want to get a certificate of completion then the fee to that would be a $50. So enroll now to understand one of the most interesting topics of our society. 

Conciliation travail-famille : défis et solutions

      • via Independent
      • 5 Weeks Duration
      • 2 Hours Weekly Study

Conciliation travail-famille : défis et solutionsIt has always been difficult to task to maintain a work-family balance. If you put in more time towards your family then your work life is affected and vice versa. Precisely, many challenges are faced while trying to balance the two and that is why this is a hot topic in many countries. But thanks to Professor Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, you can now learn to tackle the problems that you face while balancing the two. Among teluq courses In this course, you will understand the problem of the work-family relationship in our contemporary societies and the factors that influence it. 


The Teluq online course has different modules and with each module comes something different to learn. You will first understand what work-family balance is in detail. Then, you will understand the consequences and challenges that we all face while trying to balance them. Similarly, in the next topic, you will understand the international models of work-family relationships in quite a detail. Other topics like what conciliation measures are and the roles of professional standards and more make up the course. So enrolling in this online course will be quite suitable for you to learn some techniques to tackle it to some extent. 

Features of TELUQ Distance Learning:

The TELUQ distance learning comes with the following four main features.

  • Personalized mentoring.
  • Courses adapted to distance learning model.
  • All courses are under professors (PhD) responsibility.
  • Registration at any time
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Thus TELUQ is a highly reputed distance learning University that has a number of courses and degree programs to be taken by all those interested in learning. So visit the TELUQ website today and enjoy various advantages like registering at any time, a flexible distance education schedule that is according to the requirement of the student and much more.

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