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TCDSB eLearning is offered by the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) is known to be an English-language public-separate school board for Toronto, Canada and Ontario. This school board is headquartered in New York and until 1998, it was known as the Metropolitan Separate School Board (MSSB) but in 1998, it changed to the TCDSB. The TCDSB is considered to be one of the largest school boards in Canada and is also the largest publicly funded Catholic school board in the world. At present, 164 elementary schools, 28 secondary schools, 3 combined schools and 2 alternative schools come under this board.

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The TCDSB eLearning:

E-learning, as we all know, is a very feasible and suitable way of learning online which enables both the teachers and students to teach and study at their own ease and pace respectively. With the help of the TCDSB eLearning platform, students are able to learn and not only communicate with other classmates but the teacher as well right from their homes. It doesn’t matter where they are and whatever the time is, they can have access to the e-learning platform all the time.

Before taking any e-course a student must have a clear head about what this e-course actually is and what is and isn’t required by a student. These e-courses may sound like an independent study but actually it is not. It is also true that a student never gets to actually meet his classmates but you will not be working alone, thus the e-courses are not independent study courses.

The best thing about these e-courses is that the classes are asynchronous which means that there will be no scheduled timings to be online. Anyone can attend the class whenever he feels like attending one. Though these courses because of being online make it almost impossible for one student or a teacher to meet another one physically, still the level of interaction in these online classes has found out to be higher than in a regular classroom. Each student will be in constant contact with other students and also the teacher throughout. One thing that has to be kept in mind, though the student can enter a class whenever he wants but daily participation is mandatory.

What does an e-Course have?

Following are the features of an e-Course.

  • Classes will be asynchronous.
  • Students will be working with one another most of the time.
  • Each e-course will have a number of reading, assignments to solve, papers, brainstorming quizzes and much more that can be solved by students.
  • The e-courses also demand to have group projects which require that a student has to work with other students but in a virtual environment.
  • There will be multiple communication tools available for students like threaded discussions, email, announcement centres and other tools.
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Advantages of the TCDSB eLearning:

Everything has its perks and so does the eLearning. So let us discuss some of the advantages gained through this eLearning platform by the TCDSB:

  • Students are able to receive their assignments online where all the instructions regarding what to do and when to submit and other details are mentioned. This means that a student doesn’t have to specially go to the class to get the assignment. This saves a lot of time and other expenses.
  • Even though learning online means that you are not in a classroom face-to-face with one another, but that doesn’t mean that one can’t communicate with their classmates. This eLearning platform enables students to communicate with other students and share their viewpoint and enter a discussion group where everyone can share their ideas with one another and solve a problem. This facility pretty much gives the experience of a traditional classroom.
  • When we talk about online learning, one may get worried about what happens if a student is stuck in a problem and needs to communicate with his teacher? Well, not to worry about this problem as well because the eLearning platform enables students and teachers to instantly communicate with one another as well. In this way, if a student has to discuss something with the relative teacher, he can do that without having to leave his house.
  • Taking any e-course will give students the opportunity to attend the classes anytime and from anywhere. All that is required of a student is to have a stable internet connection and the rest doesn’t matter where you are, what time it is, what day it is etc. This means that a student is his own teacher and he gets to decide when he can go to a class.

Requirements to Enroll:

Following are the requirements that need to be fulfilled while taking an e-course.

  • A multi-media computer that supports both sound and video is a must on a daily basis.
  • A strong and stable internet connection is also very important, otherwise one won’t be able to attend the class.
  • The computer and internet access can be from home, school or a public library.
  • An e-mail address is also must. If you don’t have an e-mail address, just make one.
  • A computer is also required for extended periods of time throughout the course. So it’s best, if a person has his personal computer for use.

Other Skills:

These were some technical requirements, with that some other skills are also required which are mentioned below.

  • Basic computer operating skills are required. Get access to a free online computer courses list here.
  • Must know how to use an e-mail.
  • Must have web browser skills.
  • Must know how to use a word processor.
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Concluding our discussion by saying that the e-courses by the TCDSB are very convenient and suitable for any learner to take and develop a certain skill set. There are a number of e-courses available at the platform that learners can take and start learning instantly.Another reliable eLearning platform is uum online learning it is a Malaysian online education platform where you also can learn a lot. So make up your mind and take an e-course now and never stop learning like we at takethiscourse.net always say and believe in.