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Best Tableau Server Certification Questions and Answers


In this article of Tableau Server Certification Questions and Answers, we will discuss Tableau Server Certification. We have provided a complete step by step solution for the Tableau Server exam questions at the end with the correct answer.

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Tableau Server Certification Questions List:

Question 1:

Which of the following best describes the minimum memory requirement for Single Node Tableau Server installation?

  • A) 32 GB memory
  • B) 16 GB memory
  • C) 64 GB memory
  • D) 50 GB memory

Correct Answer: A

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 Question 2:

While Installing Tableau Server if port 8850 and Port 80 are not available what will happen to TSM and Tableau Server?

  • A) Installer will not start until these ports are available
  • B) If those ports are not available, Installation will error out since these ports must be available for Tableau
  • C) If those ports are not available, Installation will complete with a clear warning and will show the new ports that has been dynamically taken up
  • D) If those ports are not available, the TSM and gateway ports may be dynamically remapped to different port numbers

Correct Answer: D

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Question 3:

Users have been granted the ‘Web Editing’ option at the time of publishing the workbook. We want to make sure that users should not be able to edit the data model. What option should be set by Tableau Server Administrator to make sure that users with web authoring options should not be able to edit the data model?

  • A) Restrict Mode for Data Model Option should be enabled at Site Level
  • B) Data Source should be published as a read-only option
  • C) No action is needed since users cannot edit the data model by default in the web edit option
  • D) None of the above

Correct Answer: C

Check out the solution:

Data model editing is not supported in web edit mode.

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Question 4:

When installing or upgrading Tableau Server, at the end of the installation, if the browser tries to open the TSM initialize screen but actually nothing displays. You may need to do the followings (Select which might be applicable to fix this issue)

  • A) Reset and release the ports used by TSM
  • B) Clear the browser cache or use a different browser
  • C) Add the hostname to the trusted sites list
  • D) Give tsm tableau restart command

Correct Answer: B,C

Check out the solution:

Tableau Server Certification Questions

Question 5:

After upgrade, which of the following page can be used to see the status of Server processes whether they are running successfully or not?

  • A) Installation Status Page
  • B) Server Status Page
  • C) Tableau Upgrade Page
  • D) None of the above

Correct Answer: B

Check out the solution:


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