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eLearning FHWS is a platform introduced by the University of Applied Science Wurzburg-Schweinfurt that is a renowned Technical University that is located in Germany. The University was originally founded in the year 1807 which was quite a long ago but in the year 1971, a decision was made for the restructuring of the whole University. This University is not one of the ordinary or a mediocre standard Universities but is among the best Applied Sciences Universities that are in Germany.

With that, the University has 150 partner Universities worldwide which is quite exhilarating. The University is located in Bavaria and with campuses in Wurzburg and Schweinfurt. The University has a huge academic staff of 625 individuals and the number of students as of 2018 were found to be 9274.

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eLearning FHWS Overview:

The University offers an e-learning tool for their students and professors that enables them to come together at one place and share their viewpoint with one another. Any student who is studying at this University has the access to this e-learning tool. All a student needs to do is enter your username. Note that your username is your K-number. And as for the staff members, the username is your standard FHWS account name.

There are a few things that students and teachers must know regarding using the eLearning FHWS.

  • If you wish to make the most out of the e-learning tool, you must use an up-to-date internet browser. If not, then you might experience some display problems and functional restrictions.
  • The FHWS library pretty much supports all the lecturers in making reserved reading shelves for themselves which is then made electronically available for students. This means that lecturers can put in required essays or even small parts of books available on that reserved reading shelf which is then digitized by the library and uploaded to the respective e-learning course.

The eLearning FHWS tool has the following features:

Course Developers:

For lecturers, if they are interested in developing a course, they can contact the relative person in their faculty for this purpose.
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The revised LMS by the University is now even more effective and can be accessed easily by mobile and other devices such as tablets etc. This facility makes it easier for both professors and students to teach and study at their own feasibility.

ZENTRUM DIGITALE LEHRE (Centre Digital Teaching):

This is a platform where viewers are going to find relative topics regarding the digitization of teaching. We can say that, this platform is basically for the lecturers to get help regarding how they can improve their teaching methods and teach in a more interactive and sustainable manner with the use of digital media.
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Thus we can say that the e-learning platform by the University of Applied Sciences is a very feasible and effective way for both students and teachers to make the most out of this learning platform.

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