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Scrum Master Certification Exam Sample Questions – Scrum Events (Part 3)


Part 3 in this series of Scrum Master Certification Exam Sample Questions is focused on Scrum Events related questions. We have listed sample questions related to Scrum Event with multiple options as per the format of ScrumAlliance CSM and Scrum.org PSM certification exams and provide a complete step-by-step solution at the end with the correct answer.

You can go through the Scrum Events related concepts and improve your knowledge for Scrum Framework. Please leave a feedback at the end and help us improve the questions.

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List of Scrum Master Certification Exam Sample Questions:

Go through the list of Scrum Master Certification Exam Sample Questions with answers on Scrum Events.

Question 1:

For a month long Sprint, Sprint Review is time-boxed to ________.

Choose the correct option:

  • A) 3 hours
  • B) 4 hours
  • C) 6 hours
  • D) 8 hours

Correct Answer: B

Solution Details:

As per the scrum guide 2020, Sprint Review Meeting is time-boxed to a max. of 4 hours for a month length of Sprint. For shorter sprints, the review meeting usually takes shorter time.

Checkout more details on these Events from Scrum Guide 2020 here:

Question 2:

Which ones of the followings are main events defined by Scrum Framework?

  • A. Sprint Planning Meeting
  • B. Sprint Retrospective Meeting
  • C. Sprint Review Meeting
  • D. Mid-Sprint Status Review Meeting
  • E. Daily Scrum Meeting

Choose the correct option:

  • A) A,B,C,D,E
  • B) A,B,C,D
  • C) A,C,D,E
  • D) A,B,C,E

Correct Answer: D

Solution Details:

Followings are the event/ceremonies defined by Scrum Framework:

  • The Sprint
  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Scrum
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective

Reference: https://scrumguides.org/scrum-guide.html#scrum-events

Question 3:

———– is created during the first half of the sprint planning meeting and a ————– is created during the second half of the sprint planning meeting.

Choose the correct option:

  • A) Sprint Backlog, Collection of Tasks
  • B) Product Backlog, Collection of Tasks
  • C) Sprint Goal, Sprint Backlog
  • D) Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog

Correct Answer: C

Solution Details: 

Sprint Planning is normally done as the very first activity while starting a new sprint. It’s a time-boxed meetings where product backlog items are discussed to find out that why sprint is valuable, what and how can be delivered as part of increment for upcoming sprint?

Sprint Planning Meeting addresses the 3 main topics as per Scrum Guide 2020; first of all, the whole team collaborates that WHY this sprint is valuable, secondly covering the WHAT part (what to deliver? Sprint goal is defined and Product Backlog items chosen) and lastly covering the HOW part (how to deliver? Sprint Planning is done to finalize Sprint Backlog).

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Question 4:

During a Daily Scrum meeting, Sara mentions she has founded some open source code, she thinks, it will solve one of the problems she has been working on. She wants to implement it immediately.

What is the best next step?

  • A) The Scrum Master tells Sara to prepare an example and presentation for the Team so they can consider using the code.
  • B) After the Daily Scrum meeting is held, a separate meeting is conducted to discuss the open source solution.
  • C) Developers are told to evaluate Sara’s solution and report back to the team at the next Daily Scrum meeting.
  • D) The Product Owner notes the impediment and solves the problem after the meeting.

Correct Answer: B

Solution Details: 

The self-managing team should conduct a separate meeting after the daily scrum to discuss the open source solution. Scrum Master or Product Owner can’t dictate developers anything related to development activities. If some problem arises, Scrum Master can move forward to help out the team to resolve the issue/impediment.

Question 5:

During sprint execution, when are newsprint tasks added?

  • A) When the product owner identifies a new task
  • B) Never. The sprint tasks are fixed and decided during sprint planning
  • C) As soon as possible after they are identified unless they reflect a scope change in the sprint goals
  • D) When the scrum master identifies a new task

Correct Answer: C

Solution Details:

The new Sprint tasks are added as soon as they are identified to the Sprint backlog, unless of course the new task reflects a change in the sprint goal, in which case it is added in the upcoming Sprint after discussion with the product owner.

Question 6:

What are the topics discussed in the Sprint Planning Meeting?

Select all that apply:

  • A) Sprint Goal
  • B) What can be done in the Sprint
  • C) The Return on Investment for the delivered work
  • D) How the chosen work will be done

Correct Answer: A, B, D

Solution Details: 

A sprint planning meeting is the first event in a sprint, and there are three primary points in the agenda, namely what is the Sprint Goal and how it’s valuable to product, what are the requirements that can be “done” in the Sprint to achieve the sprint goal, and how they work on the requirements can be executed to get an increment.

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So this all about Scrum Events. Stays in touch for the next part in this series for Scrum Master Certification Sample Questions related to Scrum Artifacts.

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