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Online Learning Trends 2021 and Onward


Online learning Trends has been talking of the town for many years and still is. Since 2000, the e-Learning market managed to make its way to the top and is very popular globally. As online learning trends have become the new normal which means that surely there would be many platforms that make it possible for people to get their hands-on learning materials. The learning material includes online courses, MOOCs, and all other online content that can help us learn something relevant to our field. Takethiscourse.net is one of the search portals that aggregates a variety of online courses and MOOCs for anyone to take no matter where they are. We have compiled a list of Online Learning Growth Insights in the previous week for our readers as well.

TakeThisCourse.net and Online Learning Trends:

Well, if put in simple words then you can consider takethiscourse.net as a Search Engine/Search Portal and as well as an aggregator for MOOCs. It aggregates thousands of courses in different domains (11,000+ Online Courses) from more than 1,000+ top universities/organizations world-wide. Be it computer science or data science, graphic design or art and design, similarly accounting or engineering. No matter what domain you have an interest in, takethiscourse.net definitely has a MOOC for you. Our team always tries to keep an eye on the latest online learning trends that could keep our family of 220,000+ learners in the loop as well and make them understand how convenient it is for them to study at your ease and pace through online learning.

Some Eye-Catching e-Learning Trends:

Below are some of the eye-catching e-Leaning trends that takethiscourse.net was able to dig out for you. Reading them will help you understand how developed the e-Learning market has gotten and that how the e-Learning methods have benefited learners from all over the world.

  • If we rewind to 2011, we would still find that the e-Learning courses were the most popular learning technology and that, it were used by 80% of the employers. Now coming back to present that is 2020, this fact still remains 100% true.
  • It has been found out that the corporate training has become an industry worth 200 billion USD. And guess what, e-Learning is taking up more than half of this amount which is unbelievable.
  • Face-to-face classes means people leaving their houses and interacting with one another. It also means emitting a lot of CO2 and consuming energy. But producing and providing e-Learning courses consume 90% less energy and also producing 86% less CO2 per person. So which one you think is the safe option here? At this point where the whole world is challenged by a serious disease, we’d say learning online would be the safest option.
  • 42% of the companies have claimed that e-Learning has led to a vast increase in their revenues.
  • Of the Fortune 500 companies, 40% of them are using e-Learning quite regularly and extensively.
  • e-Learning can give organizations competitive advantage in their industry. This has been claimed by 72% of the global organizations.
  • Almost 70% of the organizations are now offering Mobile Learning.
  • Many US companies have managed to offer variety of learning opportunities via smartphone technology. But little did we know that these many companies make up for 60% of the total US companies.
  • The video web activity makes for more than 80% of the global online activity. And among this percentage, most of the activities include are courses and learning videos.
  • 50% of the students in the United States claimed that they have taken part in some form of e-Learning in the past year.
  • Not just that, the e-Learning students also mentioned that they were able to learn 5 times more material as compared to every hour of learning done face-to-face.
  • The self-study e-Learning tools are now known best as the asynchronous method and it accounts for more than 20% of all pieces of training being delivered.
  • 81% of the college students have come to a conclusion that the e-Learning technology has increased their grades.
  • As of this moment, half of the classes for education are now completed online.
  • The higher education institutions has decided to implement VR and AR learning tools in all of their institutions in the near future.
  • The student retention rate for e-Learning courses has increased from 35% to 60% compared with 8-10% of face-to-face training methods.
  • Going further, we’d know that Microlearning is a key recent e-Learning trend in which learners are given an option to choose small-sized learning modules to interact with educational content. This trend got quite a hype when introduced first and in the year 2018, it accounted for more than 60.7% of e-Learning. This percentage clearly shows how microlearning attracted a large chunk of students.

Best Universities helping in Online Learning Growth:

These are the most accurate Online Learning trends in e-Learning that can help you understand how advance this sector has gotten and that learning online as compared to learning face-to-face is more convenient, affordable, and to be very honest safe (given the circumstances). So enroll in a free online course now and don’t forget to stay home, stay safe, and never stop learning.

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