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Top 10 Free Online Management Courses with Certificate of Completion


Boost up your management capabilities with the help of our Top Free Online Management Courses. This list is best for aspiring leaders who wish to gain a competitive edge and certification.

Key Takeaways

  • You get access to Top Free Online Management Courses.
  • An opportunity to enhance leadership and organizational skills.
  • Earn a certificate of completion to bolster your resume.

What are the top free online management courses with a certificate of completion?

This list of Top 10 Free Online Management Courses offers valuable insights into not only leadership but also strategy and organizational behavior. With the help of certificates of completion, you get to recognize your achievements and enhance your professional profile.

Online Management Courses Evaluation & Selection Criteria

The selection process of the Online Management Courses involves a rigorous evaluation process done by industry experts and academic professionals. Each course is assessed based on certain factors. These include content quality, learner feedback, instructor expertise, and real-world applicability. Following this approach makes sure that our recommendations are authoritative and valuable.

List of Online Management Courses :

The following are the details of the best 10 free online management courses for you to enroll in.

Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization

      • University of Illinois via Coursera
      • 32 Weeks (3 Hours Weekly) of effort required
      • 69,758 students enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (4,891 Ratings)

Strategic leadership and managementDo you want to get your hands on all such strategies that can make you an effective organizational leader? The courses in this specialization have everything you need to develop leadership and business skills. You will be learning the fundamentals to help you understand how you can effectively lead people, teams, and manage organizations as well. With that, you will also know about the tools that will help you analyze a business situation and develop different strategies. In this specialization, the instructors have covered different areas like strategic, human resource, and organizational foundations for creating and capturing value for sustainable competitive advantage. you might also be interested in Best Free Online Leadership Courses.

Similarly, you will understand how to manage a large group of people and large scale organizations. How to analyze competition and then develop strategies for both, within a business and across a portfolio of businesses. The skills that you will be gaining from the courses of this specialization are relevant to strategic management, business strategy, individual decision-making, communication in small groups, performance management, change management, and more.

Human Resource Management: HR for People Managers Specialization

      • University of Minnesota via Coursera
      • 24 Weeks (4 Hours Weekly) of effort required
      • 93,242 students enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (7,612 Ratings)

Human resources managementA specialization that will help you become a better manager of people. While working in a human resource department, there are many challenges that you might face. And handling people is not as easy as it may look or seem to other people. That is why through this specialization, you can learn all the skills to become an effective manager and develop efficient strategies for hiring, managing, and rewarding employees. You will be taught all the alternative approaches to manage human resources and appreciate the diversity of all such factors that can motivate workers. Similarly, get a knowhow of all the best practices for managing people, communicating with them, listening to their problems, etc.

Moreover, the instructors will also highlight the key mistakes that every manager makes in this field and much more. The skills you will gain from this specialization are interviewing, onboarding, HR, HR strategy, recruitment, performance approval, and more. Develop your change leadership skills with our Top Online Change Management Training programs.

Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management

      • University of Virginia via Coursera
      • 8 Hours of effort required
      • 197,319 students enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (5,476 Ratings)

Fundamentals of project planning and managementWe live in a world where there are projects everywhere. Virtually every organization is running a project either formally or informally. Even at home, we are surrounded by different projects that we have to do. Thus everything that we do is a project. In this introductory-level course, you will be understanding the different concepts of planning and executing a project. You will learn to identify the factors that can help us lead a project and finish it successfully. Similarly, you will also learn to plan, analyze, and manage different projects easily. For more courses of management you have to follow Best NPTEL Online Courses for Management.

The aim here is to help learners understand the state-of-the-art methodologies and consider the challenges of different projects. Upon completing the course, you would have developed skills relevant to project planning, risk analysis, project management, and more.

Managing the Company of the Future

      • University of London via Coursera
      • 12 Hours of effort required
      • 84,486 students enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (2,754 Ratings)

managing the company in the futureIn this managing the company of the future course, what you will be gaining is a comprehensive framework for understanding the traditional principles of management inside companies. With that, you will also understand the alternative principles that are becoming really important in today’s world. The course has such learning content in it that will make you understand both theoretical and practical perspectives on the nature of management in all of today’s organizations. You might also be interrested in Team Building Training Courses.

A variety of topics will be discussed in this course like understanding the difference between leadership and management, traditional and alternative approaches to coordination, and decision making will be taught. Similarly, many other topics will also be discussed, and completing each topic, you will be solving quizzes that will help you recall the content of the whole week. In this way, you will gain a good understanding of all the topics taught. The skills you will gain from this course are relevant to management theory, strategic management, leadership, management, and more. So, enroll in this free online course now and start learning today.

The Manager’s Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Managing People at Work

      • University of London via Coursera
      • 29 Hours of effort required
      • 70,057 students enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (1,918 Ratings)

the managers toolkitA very challenging yet interactive course that has been designed with just one aim, that is, to give learners like you a practical guide to manage people at work. Completing this course, you will be well equipped with all the strategies and tips that can help you choose a suitable employee. With that, you would also be prepared enough to handle your team, motivate and appraise them when required. Similarly, what to do when there is a conflict between your team or even at your workplace and how to make an effective decision that everyone will follow will also be taught.

The skills you will gain upon completing this course will be relevant to decision-making, leadership, performance management, and others. The topics are divided into different weeks and completing each week will equip your mind with different concepts that can help you in managing people with more ease. Thus enrolling in this free online course would be worth a shot.

Wharton’s Strategic Management Professional Certificate

      • Wharton School via edX
      • 20 Weeks (4 Hours Weekly) of effort required
      • Level: Introductory
      • Self Paced

Professional certificates in strategic managementThis course is a fast and more strategic way to develop and deploy winning business tactics for your organization with a Professional Certificate in Strategic Management from Wharton. This course works in a way to enhance the learners’ leadership abilities by identifying and defining their business’s competitive advantage.

As soon as you enroll in this course, you will start obtaining the management skills you need to turn the challenges posed by today’s marketplace. You will be able to turn those challenges into opportunities for your business. You will be given insights to refines your strategy to optimize customer interactions, and driving profits. In today’s market, it is important that a leader knows how to provide high-quality offerings at competitive prices is no longer enough to survive.

As you proceed further into this course, you will learn to leverage the four connected strategies to create continuous relationships with customers. Similarly, you will be given a complete skill set to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s business environment. You will slowly gain enough knowledge and skills to create a portfolio of connected strategies to respond to different customer segments. By the end of this course, you will have your own ways to deploy in your own organization to achieve real-world results.

Operations Management

      • IIM Bangalore via edX
      • 7 Weeks (4 Hours Weekly) of effort required
      • 138,089 students enrolled!
      • Level: Introductory
      • Self Paced

Operations managementAre you keen on knowing what exactly is the right way to improve productivity, configure your supply chain or address the demand on hand? If yes, this the perfect course for you. This free course by edX will help your business improve, reduce costs and delivery times, productivity and quality, and embrace flexibility and innovation. Every learner will be taught the important strategies that are part of a company’s Operations Management (OM) activities.

You will learn about the roles of an Operation Manager and how he helps an organization to thrive properly. The instructor will help you to develop abilities to structure and solve operations-related problems. By enrolling in this course, you will empower your skills to approach important aspects of business operations including volume, productivity, quality, and supply chain.

As you proceed into the teaching of this course, you will be able to understand how operations in an organization are configured and factors that can potentially drive the complexity of managing such operations. Only then you will be able to relate the concept of Lean Management to one’s own business situation. Furthermore, you will get equipped with the right tools, skills, and techniques to estimate, analyze, compute and configure key elements of operations management.

Marketing Management

      • University of Maryland via edX
      • 7 Weeks (10 Hours Weekly) of effort required
      • 48,477 students enrolled!
      • Level: Advanced
      • Language: English

Marketing ManagementWhat really is marketing? Mark Cuban, the owner of Dallas Mavericks simply says, ‘No sales means, no company’. To generate a company’s sale is called marketing. In this course, you will be learning the strategies and ways through which you can improve a company’s marketing strategies and help them boost their sales. For an organization to thrive in a market it is important that they know sufficient marketing to match its products, services, and experiences to customers and maintain and grow its income.

The instructor for this course will teach the learners the keys to successful marketing, from using traditional and digital media channels to build brand awareness. You will also be learning to use consumer and behavioral research in order to better match your product to your customers’ wants and needs. The skills that you will gain will aid you in identifying target customers and analyzing and understanding their needs and desires. Looking to boost your brand’s impact? Dive into our collection of free brand management training materials to gain valuable insights and techniques.

You will have enough knowledge to define your offering’s value proposition and positioning. Similarly, you will know how to identify the right target customer segment, integrate marketing campaigns and create a go-to-market strategy. By the end of this course, you will know how to assess the competitive playing field and understand your competitor’s brand position.

Project Management

      • RIT via edX
      • 32 Weeks (12 Hours Weekly) of effort required
      • Language: English

micromaster program in project managementThis course is a MicroMasters program in Project Management from RIT. This course is a high-level graduate-level series of courses. This course is designed in a way to give you the in-depth knowledge and skills needed to be a successful project manager in any industry. This online course has a semester’s worth of work from RIT’s Master’s degree. Moreover, the course itself has three courses and a final capstone exam.

By learning through this course, you will be able to gain the leadership skills needed to effectively manage a team. The team that you will manage, will have the potential to meet the expectations of your customers and business goals. You will be gaining a lot of knowledge related to the tools and techniques to manage the comprehensive project management life cycle for a project. You will be given comprehensive details related to project management, from initiation through closing. Moreover, you will know how to balance the critical tradeoffs of time, cost, and scope to meet customer expectations. The instructors for this course will help you to apply best practices across a variety of industries and businesses. By the end of this course, you will know how to capitalize on the leadership and behavioral facets to do so.

Customer Relationship Management

      • IIM Bangalore via edX
      • 6 Weeks (5 Hours Weekly) of effort required
      • 56,723+ students enrolled!
      • Level: Intermediate
      • Language: English
      • Self paced

Customer relationship managementThe abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management is CRM. CRM is a way that helps businesses successfully implement strategies, practices, and technologies. All of these strategies and technologies are designed to winning and retaining customers profitably. The main purpose of the CRM course is to help the learned to get equipped with a sound foundation of CRM concepts and best practices. The CRM knowledge and skills will help you to implement CRM practices successfully for long-term profitability.

The main that an organization has is to win and keep customers. Whereas, the competitors of an organization are also found of doing the same. Despite being a successful firm, along with having excellent marketing programs for attracting customers, there is always some trouble with customer retention.

This course will guide you to shift from a short-term customer transaction-based mode of operation to a long-term relationship mode. You will be getting to know the benefits of having strong customer relations. You will be taught bow to bond and build up with your potential customers. To do so, you will learn the importance of bonding and building loyalty with customers. Moreover, you will know the true meaning of Customer retention, their centricity, their lifetime value, and the customer value management.

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As you can see, all these 5 courses are from the best instructors and are available for you to take for free. Note that all these courses have great rating which means that majority of the learners are satisfied from these courses. Now all you need to do is read the description of each of the top 5 free online courses and then decide which course fits your criteria. Enroll in a course of your choice today and never stop learning.