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Top 5 Free Online Management Courses with Certificate of Completion


A group of 5+ members at takethiscourse.net has done quite a research and compiled a list that has the top 5 free online management courses with a certificate of completion. With this list, you will be able to find a course that suits you well. So take a look at what this list has to offer and pick the one that you think is best for you.

List of Online Management Courses :

The following are the details of the best 5 free online management courses for you to enroll in.

Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization:

Do you want to get your hands on all such strategies that can make you an effective organizational leader? The courses in this specialization have everything you need to develop leadership and business skills. You will be learning the fundamentals to help you understand how you can effectively lead people, teams, and manage organizations as well. With that, you will also know about the tools that will help you analyze a business situation and develop different strategies. In this specialization, the instructors have covered different areas like strategic, human resource, and organizational foundations for creating and capturing value for sustainable competitive advantage.

Similarly, you will understand how to manage a large group of people and large scale organizations. How to analyze competition and then develop strategies for both, within a business and across a portfolio of businesses. The skills that you will be gaining from the courses of this specialization are relevant to strategic management, business strategy, individual decision-making, communication in small groups, performance management, change management, and more.

Human Resource Management: HR for People Managers Specialization:

A specialization that will help you become a better manager of people. While working in a human resource department, there are many challenges that you might face. And handling people is not as easy as it may look or seem to other people. That is why through this specialization, you can learn all the skills to become an effective manager and develop efficient strategies for hiring, managing, and rewarding employees. You will be taught all the alternative approaches to manage human resources and appreciate the diversity of all such factors that can motivate workers. Similarly, get a knowhow of all the best practices for managing people, communicating with them, listening to their problems, etc.

Moreover, the instructors will also highlight the key mistakes that every manager makes in this field and much more. The skills you will gain from this specialization are interviewing, onboarding, HR, HR strategy, recruitment, performance approval, and more.

Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management:

We live in a world where there are projects everywhere. Virtually every organization is running a project either formally or informally. Even at home, we are surrounded by different projects that we have to do. Thus everything that we do is a project. In this introductory-level course, you will be understanding the different concepts of planning and executing a project. You will learn to identify the factors that can help us lead a project and finish it successfully. Similarly, you will also learn to plan, analyze, and manage different projects easily.

The aim here is to help learners understand the state-of-the-art methodologies and consider the challenges of different projects. Upon completing the course, you would have developed skills relevant to project planning, risk analysis, project management, and more.

Managing the Company of the Future:

In this managing the company of the future course, what you will be gaining is a comprehensive framework for understanding the traditional principles of management inside companies. With that, you will also understand the alternative principles that are becoming really important in today’s world. The course has such learning content in it that will make you understand both theoretical and practical perspectives on the nature of management in all of today’s organizations.

A variety of topics will be discussed in this course like understanding the difference between leadership and management, traditional and alternative approaches to coordination, and decision making will be taught. Similarly, many other topics will also be discussed, and completing each topic, you will be solving quizzes that will help you recall the content of the whole week. In this way, you will gain a good understanding of all the topics taught. The skills you will gain from this course are relevant to management theory, strategic management, leadership, management, and more. So, enroll in this free online course now and start learning today.

The Manager’s Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Managing People at Work:

A very challenging yet interactive course that has been designed with just one aim, that is, to give learners like you a practical guide to manage people at work. Completing this course, you will be well equipped with all the strategies and tips that can help you choose a suitable employee. With that, you would also be prepared enough to handle your team, motivate and appraise them when required. Similarly, what to do when there is a conflict between your team or even at your workplace and how to make an effective decision that everyone will follow will also be taught.

The skills you will gain upon completing this course will be relevant to decision-making, leadership, performance management, and others. The topics are divided into different weeks and completing each week will equip your mind with different concepts that can help you in managing people with more ease. Thus enrolling in this free online course would be worth a shot.


As you can see, all these 5 courses are from the best instructors and are available for you to take for free. Note that all these courses have great rating which means that majority of the learners are satisfied from these courses. Now all you need to do is read the description of each of the top 5 free online courses and then decide which course fits your criteria. Enroll in a course of your choice today and never stop learning.