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10 Best Free SAS Programming Training Courses 2021 [Updated]

SaS Programming training courses

To learn how to use the SAS statistical software which is used for data management and other purposes, our team at takethiscourse.net has listed down the top 10 best Free/Paid SAS Programming & Training courses, MOOCs etc. This list is quite helpful for you to find the best SAS online course or training.

  1. Getting Started with SAS Programming
  2. SAS Programming BASE certification course for SAS Beginners
  3. SAS Programming Complete; Learn SAS and Become a Data Ninja
  4. Advanced SAS Programming
  5. Using SAS Viya REST APIs with Python and R
  6. Practical SAS Programming and Certification Review
  7. SAS Visual Business Analytics Professional Certificate
  8. Statistics with SAS
  9. Complete & Practical SAS, Statistics & Data Analysis Course
  10. SAS Programming on SAS Macro Language

Free Online Courses with Certificates
List of 10 Best SAS Training Courses:

ADA Crash Course in Data Science

      • John Hopkins University via Coursera
      • 4 hours of effort required
      • 131,032+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (5,792 Ratings)

saveGetting Started with SAS Programming Course

A very engaging and easy-to-understand course for all those who want to learn to write SAS programs. What you’ll learn from this course is to access, explore, analyze, and prepare the data effectively. Furthermore, this course is an entry point for you to learn SAS programming for machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence. Checkout our list of 100+ Free Online Programming Courses here.

This course provided me with an amazing foundation in SAS as a programmer/data analyst.it covers a variety of important topics that can get you started using SAS in real world. Indeed this course has exceeded my expectations and would like to recommend it to all the interested individuals (HH, ★★★★★).

saveSAS Programming BASE Certification Course for SAS Beginners

      • Sharon Cheng via Udemy
      • 8,898+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (1,962 Ratings)

Do you want to find such an online course that is suitable for the new practical BASE programming credential? If yes, then this course is what you need. It has a complete step-by-step guide and a detailed explanation on file path/directory in SAS studio. Similarly, you can learn to create temporary and permanent SAS data sets as well. Furthermore, other concepts like combining data sets, using SAS functions to manipulate SAS date values, and much more will be learned.

The course has great explanation in it and covers majority of the topics covered for the exam. I would say just take one SAS’s mock exam before taking the real one and it should be enough for you to pass the real exam (Curtis NG, ★★★★★).

This course turned out to be a great one as it was very easy to understand and the quizzes were also very engaging yet challenging but was a great source to revise all that you have learned from the course (Nina Mitchell, ★★★★★).

saveSAS Programming Course Complete; Learn SAS and Become a Data Ninja

      • Ermin Dedic via Udemy
      • 11,622+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (1,798 Ratings)

Want to learn the SAS programming training course completely and become a data ninja? Take this online course now to discover the primary way to program in SAS. With the help of this course, you will be discovering the proc steps that can be utilized for more particular tasks. Moreover, you can learn to apply SAS SQL and can do the SAS interpretation of SQL as well. Similarly, you can learn different techniques that can help you decrease the amount of code you need to write. Thus with this course, you can learn to deal with big data easily.

I have been trying to learn SAS for a very long time now but never got hands on proper learning content. But then found this online course and it fulfilled my requirement. The course has so many examples in it that helped me get a better understanding of SAS programming (Fatima Hussain, ★★★★★).

saveAdvanced SAS Programming Course

A very feasible way for all the business analysts and SAS programmers to learn data manipulation techniques is what this course is about. You will learn to use the SAS DATA steps and procedures to access, transform, and then summarize data. Furthermore, the course will help you develop such concepts to get started with SAS programming Course. Understanding and controlling data step processing, creating an accumulating column and more will be learned. Anyone interested to develop a career in Data Science can go through our list of Free Data Science Online Courses with Certificates here.

A very good and engaging course that has been taught by one of the greatest and experienced instructor. The way of teaching was easy to understand and the instructor helped me understand what SAS programming is. Would definitely use this learning content while writing codes (VP, ★★★★★).

saveUsing SAS Viya REST APIs with Python and R

      • SAS via Coursera
      • 18 hours of effort required
      • Course Type: Self-paced
      • Course Instructors: Jordon Bakerman & Ari Zitin

Do you know what SAS Viya is and how it can be used to analyze big data easily? If not, then you need to take this course to learn all about SAS Viya. Through this course, you can learn to use the SAS Viya APIs to take control of SAS cloud analytic services using Python or R. Similarly other concepts like how to upload data in the cloud, how to analyze data and then create predictive models with SAS Viya will also be learned.

ADBig Data Modeling and Management Systems

      • University of California, San Diego via Coursera
      • 13 hours of effort required
      • 47,475+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (2,363 Ratings)

savePractical SAS Programming Course and Certification Review

This course is the best-ever opportunity for you to use your programming skills to solve real problems. The study material of this course has been designed in a way to give you a thorough review of the  Programming concepts. In other words, this course can help you prepare for your next level advancement which is to become a SAS Certified Specialist. Different topics will be covered in each module like the introduction of programming, case studies, programming assignments, and more.

A nicely structured course with ample of hands-on exercises. With that, the case study part was also very engaging and seemed important as it will give you the opportunity to apply the learned skills to some real world datasets (LB, ★★★★★).

saveSAS Visual Business Analytics Professional Certificate

      • SAS via Coursera
      • 32 hours of effort required
      • Course Type: Self-paced
      • Course Instructors: Nicole Ball & Beth Hardin

SAS visual analytics is a useful skill that can be of great help in different careers like data scientists, statisticians, and more. So to help you effectively learn this skill, this course serves the purpose. You’ll learn concepts like exploring data using SAS virtual analytics. Similarly, how to prepare data using SAS data studio and how you can create interactive reports using SAS visual analytics as well. Moreover, the instructor will also explain to you the data structure that is needed for different purposes. These purposes can be network analysis, path analysis, or text analysis.

I have never been a fan of online courses and especially from Coursera but this course somehow managed to surprise me. This is for the very first time that I am impressed by an online course and would like to give this course a 5-star rating (KK, ★★★★★).

saveStatistics with SAS

      • SAS via Coursera
      • 21 hours of effort required
      • 6,606+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (54 Ratings)

An introductory level course that aims to help you understand all about SAS software. This course is suitable for all those who perform statistical analysis using SAS/STAT software. The main focus of this course is to help you understand different concepts like T-Tests, ANOVA, and Linear Regression. Similarly, other topics like Logistic Regression, more complex linear models, Model Building for scoring, and prediction will also be learned. The instructor of this course has tried to be as elaborated as possible so that you can make the most out of this online course.

The course was good and covered many topics. The theoretical parts were good too. The introductory statistical analysis where anova, regression, and other topics were discussed was also good. Plus the technical parts were also explained well (CK, ★★★★★).

Online Specializations

saveComplete & Practical SAS, Statistics & Data Analysis Course

      • Shenggang Li via Udemy
      • 9,205+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (1,477 Ratings)

This course is more like a complete guide with case studies to help you understand all about SAS software. With this course, you can develop enough skills to help you start a career in fields like SAS, statistics, and data science. A variety of concepts like creating and modifying statistical reports, mastering the SAS graphic tools, etc will be learned. Similarly, you are also going to understand all about data management and data piping. Furthermore, other concepts like control flow in SAS, SAS features in data step programming and much more will be learned.

This course turned out to be very helpful in understanding majority of the SAS concepts. The instructor was great and it is because of him that I am now an SAS certified and working on SAS for the past 2 years now (Sumit Bhatia, ★★★★★).

saveSAS Programming on SAS Macro Language

      • Sharon Cheng via Udemy
      • 758+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (147 Ratings)

Are you the one who wants to learn what SAS Macro is along with SAS programming Course? If you’re that person then taking this course can help you in understanding both these concepts. You can develop a good understanding of a variety of technical concepts from this course. Starting with learning to create and use macro variable and macro functions. And then moving further to learn to create and use macro programs as well. Basic concepts like defining, compiling, and calling macros and much more will be learned from this course.

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We can, therefore, say that SAS being a technical software demands that it should be understood and learned properly. That is why we have compiled these courses for you because all of them are instructed by highly-experienced professors & instructors who know what they are doing. TakeThisCourse is working hard to compile the best free online data science courses with certificates of completion for our readers. So we want you to pick an online course for yourself now, stay safe, and never stop learning.