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Free Tableau Desktop for Students

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When it comes to Tableau desktop, Tableau doesn’t provide it for free. Neither there is any other way nor a free online course that can provide you with one. So we can say that the Tableau Desktop can be really expensive for you to get. Still, if you want to use it without paying for it, then you can go for a trial version where you can use it for 14 days for free. But once the 14 days are over, you are eventually going to have to buy the product which is quite expensive.

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Though to become Tableau Desktop specialist is quite expensive, yet this situation changes entirely if you are a student. Yes, we have very good news for all the students out there who know what tableau is and how to use it. If you are a full-time student you can get a free license for a year.

With this generous offer for students by Tableau, more than 100,000 students benefit from it. Using the free Tableau Desktop, you can get help in an internship, research projects, and most importantly it can help you build job skills for the future.

How to get access to free Tableau Desktop if you are a student?

To be able to use the Tableau Desktop for free, you need to show that you are a full-time student. This can be done by showing your connection with your current educational institution you’re in. By visiting the official site of the tableau, you will see this option “GET TABLEAU FOR FREE”. Click on this button and then follow the instructions and Voila!!! You have free access to Tableau Desktop for a whole year. 

 Benefits of free Tableau Desktop for students:

If you have this free Tableau Desktop in access, your life can become much easier and useful and no matter you are at home or school you can use it for educational purposes.

So the following are some benefits you can gain from the Tableau Desktop:

  • By analyzing data through Tableau, you can perform better in class, can make assignments more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, with the help of Tableau’s intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, you can analyze and then present your data with more ease. 
  • It can help you create beautiful visualizations to present topics you’re passionate about.
  • By getting access to Tableau even at your home, you can gain a variety of valuable data skills at your own ease and pace. 

3 best ways to make the most out of free Tableau Desktop:

You can learn tableau in the most fun and convenient manner:

Start with Tableau video first and learn completely how to use it. Though the duration of the video is of 25 minutes but trust us, these 25 minutes will give you an overview of Tableau Desktop from scratch. After that, you can dive deeper into other concepts as you see fit.

Learn the skills and start practicing:

After managing to learn the functionalities of the Tableau, you can actually start practicing. Viz Gallery on Tableau public can give you access to data you want to analyze. You can find various topics there.

Help others by publishing your work:

After being capable of creating your own vizzes, you also get this option to publish them. This will not only be a proof of your success but can also help others learn Tableau Desktop just like you did. So you also need to play your part by contributing your work. 

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So hurry up and visit the official website of Tableau now. Fill in the necessary requirements to prove that you are a full-time student and get access to free Tableau Desktop for a full year now.