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Reviews for Learn Tableau & Ace Desktop Specialist Exam Course


If you’re planning to learn Tableau from the scratch but at your ease, pace, and feasibility, then this amazing online course can be of great help to you. The aim of this course is to make you understand how you can create rich visualization in detail. Through this course, you can become capable of clearing the difficult Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification exam which many people are unable to clear even after several attempts. All you need is access to a working computer or laptop, a stable internet connection, and lastly the willingness to learn in the best possible manner. If you fulfill these three simple requirements, then you’re all set to learn from this amazing course. For learning Tableau and for Tableau certifications, we have full-length Tableau Certification specialist dumps and exams to let you have enough practice material to prepare for the Tableau Certification.

Tableau Certification Practice Tests:

Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Dumps     Tableau Certified Data Analyst     Tableau Server Certified Associate Practice Tests

What does the Learn Tableau & Ace Desktop Specialist Exam Course have to offer?

The Learn Tableau & Ace Desktop Specialist Exam Course along with the detailed lecture videos has many more features to offer.

  • Two full-length practice tests that are according to the latest format and solving them would give you a good idea of the actual exam.
  • Access to additional hands-on and theoretical quizzes that along with the practice tests can help you prepare for the exam to the fullest.
  • Not just that, you will also get access to detailed explanations of practice test solutions. Now with these solutions, you will understand how to solve each question and figure out whether you’re solving the questions correctly or not.
  • What will you learn from this Learn Tableau & Ace Desktop Specialist Exam Course?
  • As mentioned earlier, the course aims to make you understand all about creating rich visualization and acing the desktop specialist exam, so upon completing theLearn Tableau & Ace Desktop Specialist  Exam Course you will be able to learn the following.
  • All about tableau from scratch that will help you pass the desktop specialist exam.
  • Next, you will also get access to different tips and tricks that most people are unaware of to crack the certification exam.
  • You will gain a complete understanding of all the basic concepts of the tableau. It includes dimensions and measures, discrete and continuous fields, aggregation, and granularity.
  • Similarly, you will learn to create basic charts like line charts and bar charts. With that, you will also learn what scatterplot is, combined axis chart, dual-axis chart, and map using geographic data, crosstab, and highlight table.
  • The instructor will also explain to you what join, blend, and the union is in tableau.
  • How to extract data.
  • What are hierarchies, groups, and sets, and how to deal with them?
  • Furthermore, you will everything about the reference line and trend line and then what is filtering and sorting.
  • What are the table calculations and bins and histogram.
  • What are the calculated fields and parameters and their purpose.
  • A detailed explanation of what stories are and the right way to format such stores.

As you can see, there is a huge list of the concepts that tableau will make you learn, and that can only happen by enrolling in the course. Checkout tableau desktop for students here.

Learn Tableau & Ace Desktop Specialist Exam Course

Social proof:

Now comes the most important and authentic part of our whole discussion which can give you a good idea about how helpful the Learn Tableau & Ace Desktop Specialist Exam Course is. By reading comments given by the actual users, anyone can easily understand whether the course is good enough or not. So, let’s get to it.

Positive feedback:

  • I really loved how the instructor Vivek has explained everything he knew about the exam preparation. Not many instructors have the tendency to explain the right way to pass the exam. But this instructor knew it all. Concepts like data visualization and measures in tableau have been explained very well. I would recommend everyone interested in Tableau to take this course. (Kamal Singh Katre, 5 stars).
  • Only because of this course I was able to clear my certification and that too with 92%. All thanks go to the instructor for explaining everything in such a detailed manner. The practice tests given in the course were so helpful and even I got 3 to 4 same questions from the practice tests. So, yes taking this course was the best ever decision I made. (Vishal Garg, 5 stars).
  • I am so amazed to see the efforts that the instructor has put in the course. Though I’m not a beginner and have quite a good understanding of Tableau yet completing this course made me realized I’ve learned many new concepts that I never thought of. This includes Measure Name and Measure Value, latitude/longitude fields, and more. Thus the instructor has rightly focused on the exam version which is impressive. (John Tropper, 5 stars).
  • I am a beginner and have just started my journey on the tableau and that is why I have been googling a lot to find a reasonable course for myself. And that is how I found this amazing course. The Learn Tableau & Ace Desktop Specialist Exam Course is well-organized and has a step-by-step explanation regarding every concept which turned out to be great in preparing for the certification exam. The examples were great as well and overall I was able to learn a lot from this course. (Kanwar, 5 stars).
  • I have taken many tableau courses but this is the only course that equally focuses on both teaching what tableau is and how to ace the certification exam. Thus, the course also saves you a lot of money. (Nishant Shukla, 5 stars).
  • This is a perfect and easy to understand course for all those who wish to clear the certification exam. Only because of this course, I was able to pass the certification exam with 88%. (Vinni K, 5 stars).

Guide to Tableau Desktop Certification


If you take a look at what the course has to offer, what you can learn from the Learn Tableau & Ace Desktop Specialist Exam Course, and then finally the user feedback, you can easily understand how authentic and genuine the course is and that it is the best way for you to not only learn tableau but also pass the certification exam. Tableau Certification Preparation Training Videos are for those who are preparing for the Tableau Certification Exam (Desktop Certified Associate or Desktop Specialist) and need a guideline for their preparation for the real exam. Thus, if you’re looking for ways to learn tableau and pass the certification exam then now is the time to enroll in this course as it is available at a huge discount for a limited time. So, hurry up enroll in the course now, and never stop learning.