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SAS Programmer Salary Statistics and Trends


Do you want to gain a better understanding of SAS salary statistics and trends? Then you won’t have to struggle any longer. SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is undergoing dramatic changes with each passing minute. Programmers all over the world are anticipating new salary shifts and the latest trends. ‎With so many opportunities provided to SAS programmers in various areas, the racing world of analytics and data management is leading the game. In this SAS Programmer Salary Statistics blog post, we’ve compiled a summary of the most important statistical SaS trends. That being said, there is simply a lot to say, so let’s begin! ‎

In the era of data analytics, technical masterminds create almost anything you can think of. This demonstrates that an excellent programmer is at the heart of every completed product. ‎ The average salary for a SAS Developer varies greatly (around $43,500 base salary and $159,000 national U.S average), implying that there are numerous opportunities for advancement along with better wages based on technical skills, location, and years of rich experience. Even so, we cannot say that this estimated figure is entirely correct since it’s influenced by many factors. That includes the firm for which you work, the industry in which the company operates, and, most importantly, SAS Programmer Salary also depends on your qualifications and experience as a SAS coder.

With that in mind, as of 2023 according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay of a computer programmer is $75,302 per year and $36.20 per hour.

According to ZipRecruiter, as of 2023, the majority of SAS developers in the U.S tend to earn between $102,809 /year and $51 /hour which is equivalent to  $1,977/week or $8,567/month. Sharpen your data handling skills with our Essential SAS Coding Skills Training.


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Average SAS Developer Salary (based on different factors):

Check out the average SAS developer salary based on various factors including experience level, industry, location, and position. These figures provide a general overview of current SaS trends. However, as a company grows, so does its use of SaS.

Position Levels:

The level of your expertise is a decisive factor that determines how much you’ll earn in a given role. SAS programmers at the entry, mid, and senior levels earn different salaries. Allow us to demonstrate how.


An entry-level SAS programmer, based on data provided by payscale, an entry-level SAS Programmer with less than one year of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $62,000/Yearly. ‎ Any beginner SAS programmer having experience of 1 year is estimated to earn less than all the experienced SAS programmers any company has.

Mid Level:

As compared to an entry-level, a mid-level SAS programmer earns an average total compensation of $85,999. An average coder having a mid-career with 5-9 years of experience is expected to earn better wages. That being said, an early career SaS programmer earns $65,00+ with 1-4 years of experience.

Senior Level:

A senior-level SAS programmer tends to earn more than all levels of SAS.  You are supposed to earn a sum of $128,885 based on 10-19 years of experience. Programmers having more experience generally tend to earn more as per their level of expertise, as opposed to entry, early, mid-SAS levels.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides data on how experience impacts annual pay as part of their National Compensation Survey, which is centered on knowledge and skills, multiplicity, connections, and surroundings. See graph below:

Photo courtesy: zippia

Industry: Top industries for SAS programmers

Salary levels for SAS programmers can differ from industry to industry. Indeed, studies imply that companies in financial services, biomedical, and health care pay significantly more for sas software developers. When working for finance firms, SAS programmers earn a grand total annual income of $99,080. Similarly, this estimated figure tends to fluctuate in different industry lets show you how:


SAS in finance is taking the world by storm.  SAS Financial Management is a complete enterprise planning, budgeting, reorganization, and reporting solution. It enables you to conduct fast mergers, create more accurate budgets, report and analyze results, comprehend revenue, costs, and profitability, and manage service delivery.


SAS, which is both a statistical programming platform and a programming language, is highly employed in the pharmaceutical industry to analyze clinical trial data in order to gain authorization drugs and medical devices. This industry is taking a toll on programmers to database management and statistical programming techniques. And introduce them to the field of pharmaceutical industry software development.


Statistical analysis systems (SAS) are one of those tools that has far-reaching implications for the healthcare industry, from insurers to doctors as well as, patients. SAS’s health care ai tools provide information that enables drive real worth health care. As for solutions for improved population health and more efficient health care. Healthcare analytics explicitly reflects the growing consumer market for high-quality, safe, and cost-effective care.


SAS insurance analytics software aids in the detection, prevention, and management of claims fraud. As the SAS network grows so does its use. All across the claiming process to detection and prevention from both amoral and expert fraud is what this software is compelled to do. Now, insurer deception is no more viable. Strong data analytics technology such as SAS software, has profited insurance industries all over the world.

All these above industries are highly using SAS programming thus creating more opportunities for SAS programmers.

U.S SAS Profession based salary statistics:

SAS Principal Statistician Salary:

The basic title for a SAS programmer has always been a principal statistician. They serve as support managers to find patterns as well as relationships. Throughout the project, deciding, preparing, bidding, and optimizing algorithms to maximize marketing strategies efficiency is what you’ll do. This job requires utilizing statistical methods to respond to business as well as engineering questions.

The minimum salary of the SAS principal statistician in the US is $107,953 the monthly salary is $8,996 and the weekly salary is $2,076.

SAS Director Statistical Programming Salary:

SAS Director Statistical Programming is in charge of the development and working of SAS programs. You continue to produce statistical analysis datasets. You will be required to lead a team that creates tables and graphs using SAS programs for applications such as clinical trials. Similarly, a SAS director governs, plans, and reviews statistical analyses, as well as study reports, abstracts, and manuscripts as needed.

The average salary of a SAS Director statistical programming in the US is $185,000. The monthly salary is ‎$15,417‎ and the weekly salary is ‎$3,558.

SAS Clinical Programmer Salary:

Being a SAS clinical programmer, you’ll have to quickly and efficiently organise, standardise, and manage clinical research data and metadata. SAS Clinical Data Integration lays the groundwork for classifying analysis data sets. Your job title includes supporting strategic analyses like cross-study and developed safety analysis, all while optimizing replicable clinical trial data. It includes identifying integrated trial data tasks by analyzing and investigating system performance results. You might also be interested in SAS Clinical Certification at takethiscourse.

The average salary of a SAS clinical Programmer in the US is $106,500. The monthly salary is $8,875 and the weekly salary is $2,048.

SAS Statistical Programmer Salary:

As a Statistical programmer, you’ll be in charge of all programming tasks required for clinical trial analysis and reporting. To complete day-to-day activities, this position generally involves close collaboration with other departments. That’s an exciting invitation to code while maintaining the internal standardized SAS programs.

The average salary of a SAS Statistical Programmer in the US is $107,245. Similarly, the monthly and weekly salaries are $8,937 and $2,062 respectively.

SAS Grid Manager Salary:

The SAS Grid manager serves and utilises proprietary software to provide enterprise-class capabilities. This will allow many SAS solutions to be instantly managed under a centrally controlled grid cloud platform.  And provide workload adjustment, high availability, and parallel computing for analytics jobs and mechanisms.

The average salary is around $136,500 whereas the monthly and weekly salaries of SAs Grid managers are $11,375 and $2,625 respectively.

Highest Paying Companies for SAS Programmers:

As of 2023, some of the highest paying companies according to Zippia in this sector include the following.

  • Techzio Solutions paying $121K
  • Karwell Technologiies paying $125K
  • Innovative Intelligent Solutions $123K
  • Addon Technologies paying $112K
  • Logic Planet paying $138K


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Location-Based SAS Developer Salary:

United States:

Noticeably, New York City, NY seems to have a very productive SAS programmer job market, since several firms are continuously hiring for this type of position. With starting wages higher than the national average in these ten cities, the opportunities for financial development by shifting locations as a SAS programmers occur to be immensely helpful. Average SAS programmers Salary for different roles in different cities of United States are:

Cities (United States) Annual Salary
Berkeley, CA $132,652 
Renton, WA $131,250
Santa Monica, CA $130,363
Merced, CA $130,062
Boston, MA $128,379
Daly City, CA $128,256
San Mateo, CA $127,556

As you can see from the above table, these cities are considered to be the highest paying cities in the US for SAS programmers.

SAS Programmer Salary Worldwide:

Now we are going to talk about the salaries of SAS Programmers in different countries and working situations in the world.

Country Salary
United States of America $87,859
England £41,125
Midlands $87,859
Australia A$91,793
India ₹588,119
Work from Home $86,613

 As you can see above that no country and working condition has the same salary figure. And the highest paying salary to a SAS Programmer happens to be for those working in the U.S. The figures may vary as time passes.

Skills that can help increase your salary as a SAS Programmer:

A variety of factors play part in increasing your pay as a SAS Programmer. Some of them are mentioned below.


Your earnings can increase as a SAS programmer depending on your area of specialization and skills. That is, the type of skills you hone as a programmer would decide your wages.


In case you don’t know, analytics is involved (48.50%) in your statistical job as a programmer. So, boost up your analytics learning for a better wage.


SAS Programmers work with (45.92%) SQL. There is a high requirement that you hone this skill.


Undoubtedly, (31.33%) python knowledge also enhances your career prospects.

To increase your pay as a SAS programmer follow Take this course several SAS-python skill-oriented courses click here for more.


The core part of statistics is (29.18%) involved in your work as a programmer.‎

If you want to enhance your knowledge as a SAS Programmer you can checkout these courses. 

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Final Thoughts:

This can help you understand what you need to do as a SAS Programmer. The entire feature is beneficial to all coders looking for better pay and working conditions. We hope this SAS Programmer Salary statistics article was helpful to you. Best wishes!