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3 Best SAS Clinical Certification Training Courses 2023 [Updated]


SAS refers to Statistical Analysis System. It plays a huge role in clinical trial data analysis in pharmaceutical, Bio-Technology, and clinical research organizations. Through Clinical SAS, researchers have achieved great speed and efficiency while conducting clinical trials. To become a clinical SAS Analyst, you need to have certain training ad certification. So, in this article, we will be looking at the 3 Best SAS Clinical Certification Training Courses.

SAS Clinical Certification Training Courses


Hack into SAS Clinical Trials Programming Certification

      • John Zhong | JSTARTS.COM via Udemy
      • 54+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★ (16 Ratings)

Hack into SAS Clinical Trails Programming Certification

This course is an easier and shorter version to prepare for the clinical programming certification exam. This course has a lot to learn from. You can cover a lot of key points for the exam preparation, e.g., SAS techniques, Clinical Trial, CDISC, references, etc. The basic aim of this course is to help the learners to get fam clear with the roadmap for SAS programmers to Clinical Programming.

By utilizing a mock practice exam, you can prepare for the most classic questions with detailed explanations. Anyone can enroll in this SAS Clinical Certification course if you want to quickly pass the certification exam. Any SAS enthusiast can prepare through this course. This course is perfect if you are looking forward to start a career as a clinical programmer specialist. you might lso be interested in Free SAS Programming Training Courses.

A comprehensive course, however precise to the point. It covers everything to arrange for the exam, together with coding exercises, mock exams, and tight explanations for every observe question. I’d suggest this course to everybody who needs to prepare for the certification exam (Shuang Li, ★★★★★).

I would highly suggest this course “Hack into SAS Clinical Trials Programming Certification” from teacher John Zhong. It is very well planned and explained because John is very oriented at teaching technical things. At the same time, he has real business insight, so he leverages both clinical and technical knowledge to add value to the course. In short, it’s been an enjoyment to learn from this course and sure I will be supporting teacher John Zhong for any other course he could roll out in the future (Roman Madrid, ★★★★★).


The Simplest Guide™ to Clinical Data Analysis with SAS

      • Aslam Khan via Udemy
      • 1,063+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★ (294 Ratings)

The simplest guide to clinical data analysis with SASThis course has all of the important knowledge related to the Pharmaceutical/ Life Science industry in a simple and visual style that is easy to understand. You will learn how SAS is used as a tool to work with the vast amount of clinical data within this industry. You will look into the details of the clinical study sample data, and generate various Clinical Study Reports.

Moreover, you will learn about the fundamental concepts of Clinical Drug Development / Clinical Trials processes. Along with this, you will get familiar with the various Phases of Clinical Trials in the context of SAS programming. By the end of this SAS course, you will have complete knowledge of SAS programming is an integral part of putting a drug into the market.

I have no expertise in SAS at all. however, when observation this course. I have learned a lot from this. Thank you so much! Even I have enrol in SAS for beginners course again. to realize much depth knowledge (Miss Richa Gonsai, ★★★★★).

Nice course. I’d be grateful to you if you’ll be able to build a lecture series on-site and adam standards as well. Thanks in advance (Rubal, ★★★★★).


SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer Using SAS 9 Acc

      • Otis Harris via Udemy
      • 81+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (15 Ratings)

SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer Using SAS 9 AccGet ready to prepare for the SAS course certification. This course includes every little detail related to SAS. Through this course, you will be developing essential programming skills for clinical trial data. Having good SAS skills is necessary to perform better in the SAS exam and as well as in practical life.

You will go through the clinical trials process. Moreover, you will be learning to access, manage and transform clinical trial data. All of this information will help you in the statistical procedures and macro programming. By the end of this SAS Clinical Certification and course, you will be able to report clinical trial results and validating clinical trial data reporting. You might also be interested in SAS Programmer salary statistics at takethiscourse platform.

I observed that the last attempt did not really show anything incorrect, but the still result says 2 incorrect (Kavita Dargan, ★★★★★).
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Final Thoughts

Thus, we know the uses of SAS and to become a SAS analyst isn’t an easy job. For that, you will need to train hard. All of these SAS Clinical Certification and courses are the best ad they can help you prepare for the SAS program. Stay safe and keep learning.