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Best 70-465 Exam Dumps and Practice Tests


The 70-465 exam is intended for all the database professionals out there who have to design and build database solutions in the organization. They have the responsibility of creating plans and designs for database structure, storage, server, and objects. The exam is a little difficult which means that you need to prepare well for this exam. And that is why we present to you the 2 best 70-465 exam dumps and practice tests. These two best 70-465 exam dumps and practice tests have been handpicked by our team and we assure you that taking either of these two courses would help you prepare and pass the 70-465 exam. So, let us take a look at the details of both the courses.


Microsoft 70-465: Designing database solutions for Micros:

      • Stone River eLearning via Udemy
      • 324+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (28 Ratings)

Microsoft 70-465 Designing Database solution for microsThis course has been specially designed for all the database professionals who have to design and build database solutions. This course aims to help you prepare for the Microsoft 70-465 designing database solutions for the Microsoft SQL server 2012 exam. Passing this exam means that you have validated your ability to do a variety of things. This includes creating and altering tables, designing, implementing, troubleshoot security, collecting performance, and system information.

The course starts with an introduction to SQL server 2012. Then the instructor will talk about data types and tables. Then you will get to know all the data compression strategies. After that, the instructor will talk about database models. Similarly, other topics like maintenance strategy for database servers, management automation strategies, upgrade strategies, high-availability solutions, and more are included in this course. Going further, the instructor will talk about the database backups, types of views, partitioned views, etc. Therefore, enrolling in this course is going to help you prepare and pass the 70-465 exam from the comfort of your home.You might also be interested in 70 463 Exam Dumps and Practice Tests.

This was a very easy-to-understand course as the physicality of the SQL databases has been broken down into digestible chunks. I believe this course helped me understand a majority of the difficult concepts that were unclear to me (RG William, ★★★★★).


Designing a SQL Server Database & Storage Solution (70-465):

      • LearnSmart LLC via Udemy
      • 624+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (24 Ratings)

70-465 Exam DumpsA course that will make you understand how to design and optimize database solutions while preparing for the Microsoft SQL server 70-465 exam. You will understand how to design infrastructure and then the instructor will discuss all the options you have to plan and implement along with what you need to consider while planning your database server infrastructure. You will be taught how to utilize important tools that can help you map the progress of requirements from the business and technical teams to physical storage. Similarly, the 70-465 Exam Dumps and the course instructor will help you create a logical model of the database. Then you will learn to generalize the database design in a step-by-step guide. After that, the instructor will make you understand how you can secure your servers. Then meet the statutory obligations and protect the organization’s assets.

Moreover, you will be taught to use SQL servers to set up rules and configuration settings in one server. Then you will learn to use Windows PowerShell and how it can be used to manage SQL Server. In addition, the course offers integrated quizzes and a final exam which will help you evaluate yourself and make you ready for Microsoft’s Developing Microsoft SQL Server Database (70-465) certification exam.

I have found this 70-465 Exam Dumps and course to be quite helpful as many topics regarding how to prepare for the 70-465 exam were discussed in detail (Anonymized user, ★★★★☆).

The course was good and I was able to understand many concepts relevant to the 70-465 exam but the sound of the lecture videos was too low which was a little distracting (Miguel Oliveira, ★★★★★).

If you are a junior administrator who is looking to explore the full potentials of the SQL server 2014, then I can recommend this course to that person. This course aims to give you a moderate insight into SQL and all its features (Anonymized user, ★★★★☆).

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