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Running Product Design Sprints

Running Product Design Sprints

About This University Online Course:

Typically, clients and managers don’t want to pay for design (or strategy) — they want ‘results’! Too often, this leads to solutions that just don’t make sense and aren’t valuable to anyone. Design sprints allow you to meet client’s desire for quick, specific outcomes while making time to do things right.
In this course, you’ll learn how to plan and run situation-appropriate sprints to avoid waste and deliver value sooner. We’ll show you how to: – Plan, sell, and conduct design sprints that deliver valuable, actionable insights – Go out and learn who your customer really is and what’s important to them – Test your value propositions before you invest in building solutions – Test your user interface design to make sure it’s really usable – Focus and drive to actionable conclusions on questions of approach and architecture

As a Project Management Institute (PMI®) Registered Education Provider, the University of Virginia Darden School of Business has been approved by PMI to issue 25 professional development units (PDUs) for this course, which focuses on core competencies recognized by PMI. (Provider #2122) This course is supported by the Batten Institute at UVA’s Darden School of Business.

Created by:  University of Virginia

Taught by:  Alex Cowan, Faculty & Batten Fellow
                    Darden School of Business

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Online Course Syllabus:

The course is Five modules long and is designed to be completed in five weeks.

Your Next Design Sprint
The role of the design sprint is to make (just enough) room to discover what will be valuable to your user before you start spending a lot of money to build a product. Given the failure rate of new products, this is a critical process–and surprisingly hard to sell to clients and managers. In this module, you’ll learn how to plan and run effective design sprints that allow you the space to discover and still keep your team on track. By staying focused on outcomes in a defined time frame, you’ll prove the value of design sprints to clients and managers.
Testing Problem Scenarios in Design Sprints
Testing Motivation in Design Sprints
None of us want to waste our time creating something no one wants, and yet just asking people what they want doesn’t yield accurate results. Instead, you need to systematically assess user motivation so you can zero in on software implementations worth building. In this module, you’ll learn to test user motivation with Lean Startup in a design sprint. You’ll define key assumptions/hypotheses and brainstorm test vehicles for your peer-reviewed assignment. Plan to spend time reviewing your peers’ assignments as well–it’s a great way to learn and helps everyone get feedback quickly.
Testing Usability in Design Sprints
Testing Approach and Architecture in Design Sprints
In software design, you have a lot of choices about what tools to use. Making the right choice is important because, in practice, there often aren’t that many really great alternatives. In this module, you’ll learn how to manage toward smart decisions and good choices. You’ll also complete a peer-reviewed assignment to help you think through how to run each sprint and to determine which sprint to run next. Remember to review your peers’ assignments promptly so they can earn their course certificate!

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