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Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

This course aims to teach everyone the basics of programming computers using Python.

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  • weeks long
  • 2-4 hours per week
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  • Self-Paced
  • Taught by: Charles Severance, Associate Professor Linares
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Online Course Details:

Programming computers using python has become an important tool in the software field. Python programming language enables a learner to write programs and use different types of variables to store information and retrieve them and also enables a learner to perform different calculations on various information. Through python, programming becomes easy and there are many courses regarding this programming language. Here I am going to discuss an amazing course name “Programming for everybody” that will not only help you with your basic programming language but will also improve your computer programming skills along with python programming. The course will give you a sense of programming. Why people use programming and how it has changed so many lives. You will learn about conditional coding, different variables and expressions and how you can deal with them. How you can install python and start writing your first program. In short taking, this course can give a push to start your career in advanced programming.

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  • Describe the basics of the Python programming language
  • Install Python and write your first program
  • Use variables to store, retrieve and calculate information
  • Utilize core programming tools such as functions and loops

Who should take this course?

This course can be taken by anyone who have even a slightest knowledge of computer. The course is very well elaborated and is designed in such a way that can even make a beginner learn all the skills easily. The instructor Charles Severance has tried to explain every term in possible easiest way so that everyone can get a hold of what he is trying to teach. With those who have not even a little experience in this field can also take this course. If a person is determined to learn from this course then it doesn’t matter whether he has experience or not. What matters is how determined you are. Also the course is an excellent option for those who are professionals. As the course has so many useful information that can be applied in professional life so if a professional programmer takes this course, he can surely gain a lot of knowledge from it as well.

Social Proof:

The purpose of a social proof is to give an idea to those who wants to buy this course about the response that users have given about this course. The social proof contains honest opinions given the users. The users give comments regarding how the course has helped them increasing their knowledge or boosting their career. So let’s take a look at the views.

5 Star rating:

  • A good starting point for all the beginners.

This course is a complete package for all those who are beginners, the course has every important term in it and are explained in a very detailed manner. This course is an amazing opportunity for all those leaners who are planning to start their career in programming.

  • Helped me pass my exam quite easily.

The course is really amazing. It helped me a lot in clearing my concepts. My programming concepts have never been clearer before. But with the help of this course, now my programming skills have been polished to a great extent, also the course is the reason I was able to pass my exam.

  • I found Professor Charles’s sense of humor amazing.

Throughout the course, the positive behavior of the professor made the course very easy to learn. His sense of humor was amazing. The way he delivered all the lectures was beyond excellent and not many professors have that quality to deliver knowledge in a way that can be understood by average learners. This course truly deserves 5 stars.

  • A good introductory course to programming and Python.

This is a good course that has explained the introduction of programming and Python quite amazingly. All the fundamentals of programming and python are explained in this course very efficiently. Before taking this course, I was totally zero in programming but now I have learned a lot about it and I am very happy that I took the course.

  • The course has made me specialize this field.

This course is the reason I became a programming specialist. When I took this course, I was not much excited about it but then I started it and gradually developed interest in it and then after completing the course I decided to take other courses regarding programming and specialize in this field. So a bug thankyou to this course for making me such a successful programmer.

  • Very accessible and well-designed course.

The course is designed in a proper way and is very accessible. All the videos available in the course are in an organized form and one doesn’t feel lost instead the lectures are very clear and understandable.

  • The videos are very well paced.

The pacing of the video is very good. The pacing is not too fast that it gets difficult to understand what the professor is saying and also not too slow that one can get bored.

  • Made me learn real world practical examples easily.

The course has so many examples in it that are based on real facts and this makes it really easy to understand all the scenarios when it comes to real world problems. In my professional life, I got to face so many problems regarding programming which I was able to solve on my own because my concepts were very clear. Thanks to this course for making my job much easier and fun to do.

  • The structure and support of the entire course is beyond excellent.

The whole structure of the course is quite amazing. Every chapter has different topics that are arranged in an efficient way. The Professor new what he was doing and tried to make the course as easy and organized for the learners as possible.

  • Even suitable for those who have no coding background.

I am a student and I have interest in this field but had no coding background. But then I took this course and it changed my life. The course was so interesting and easy to understand, every step that is explained in the course by the instructor is very useful. Indeed an amazing course.

4 Star rating:

  • A very basic course that is also easily understandable.

I would say that the course is very easy to understand and all basic terms regarding programming is explained in the course. The instructor has made sure that he has delivered every piece of information in the course that is necessary for a programmer to know.

  • The course has opened the world of programming for me.

This course has opened a new line for me in programming. I had no experience in programming and all of my concepts were always unclear. There came a point in my life where I thought I should change my field but then a friend referred this course to me but I was very reluctant to take it. Anyways I took the course and suddenly things got different for me. Those terms that were once very unclear for me got cleared. My concepts were cleared to such a great extent. I am so happy that I took the course.

  • Would recommend it to both beginners and professionals.

After taking this course I can say without any doubt and hesitation that this course is not a waste of time or money. This course will turn out to be exceptional for all types of users. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you are welcome to take the course and trust me you are going to gain a lot of information from this course that you can apply in your real life.

  • Very diligently crafted course.

The course is crafted in a diligent way. I must say that the instructor sure did an amazing job.

  • The quizzes and assignments resulted in more elaborative understanding.

Apart from amazing videos, the quizzes and assignments that are present in the course are very helpful and if a user tries to solve them honestly then he can surely assess that how much he has understood about the course and how much is left. So the quizzes and the examples are the reason of better understanding of the course.

  • The course is an excellent introduction to Python.

This course has an excellent introduction about programming language python. The course broadened my views about python and I have gained a lot of information only because of this course.

  • The material of the course is very helpful and can be applied practically.

Every piece of material that is available in the course is very helpful. You can rewind the videos if you think that you need to listen to the instructor again. The concepts taught in this course are very helpful and they can be applied in practical life easily.

3 Star rating:

  • A very good course but can be little too much for slow learners.

This is a good course but the concepts that the professor was trying to make us understand were a little tricky to understand. Maybe it is not a problem for those who are fast learners but it can be a problem for slow learners like me. It took me a lot of time and rewinding to make my concepts get cleared. And spending a lot of time on this course got tiring for me. So I would suggest the professor should focus on this flaw. Otherwise the course is very good. A good effort by the professor.

2 and 1 Star rating:

  • Found the course a little slow.

I wouldn’t say that the whole course was not good. There were some parts in the course that were interesting and it led me correct some of my concepts. But the overall course was very slow. The professor was explaining everything very slowly that made the course a little boring.

  • More examples should have been provided.

I am a student who loves examples because if something is taught with the help of examples it become understandable more easily. Though the course has examples which were helpful but they were very few. If a bunch of examples have been added in the course then I would have given 5 stars to this course.


Python data structures:

This course is an excellent alternative to our main course as it is for those who have a background of software development or related fields. The course will enable a learner to learn about python data structures. It has a detailed introduction about python data structures and how it can be learned and applied in real life. The course will enable a learner to use python built-in data structures to perform increasingly complex data analysis. So this course can be taken by all who are interested in this field.

Python 3 programming:

This course is an advanced course that can be taken by all those who have prior experience of programming language in python. The course as a complete guideline regarding different variables, loops and conditions. What are their purposes and how we can use them to make computer programs? The course has been elaborated in an excellent manner and covers all the information that is necessary for a learner to know about python 3. Whether you are a professional programmer or a beginner, you should take a step to learn from this course.


We can conclude this topic by saying that the course “programming for everybody” is an amazing investment of any learner’s time and money because it is a guarantee that the return will be positive. The course will turn out to be a game changer for anyone who takes it. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the course will help you according to your need. You are going to learn things in ways that you haven’t been able to before. With this course 33% of the users were able to start a new career which is full of new challenges and positive return. Also 38% of the users were able to improve their skills and upgrade their job level. 12% of the users got an increase in their pay. Hence this is a must have course for all the programmers out there. So don’t waste your time and take this course now!!!


  • Python Syntax And Semantics
  • Basic Programming Language
  • Computer Programming
  • Python Programming

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