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Reviews for Economic Theories Free Online Course with Certificates


Did you ever wonder why economic assumptions of human behavior are only focused on what can be measured? Or pondering why there are no sensible economic alternatives to free markets? If you have these and other similar economic issues then you have landed on to the right course. In this course, you will be given a complete introduction to economic theories. Precisely, you will be taught economics from a pluralist perspective in this course. The objective of this course can be considered twofold. When you start the course, you will understand the different economic viewpoints.


These points will be linked to important traditions in economic thought. Next, you will become capable of doing some basic economic calculations. These calculations include inflation rate, estimating the rough gains from trade, and more.

What will you learn from this free online course?

By the end of this course, you would have learned a lot about economics which includes the following:

  • A complete understanding of what pluralist economics is.
  • Secondly, an introduction to microeconomics and its subheadings which include individuals, households, and consumers.
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  • Similarly, you will understand how economics work in firms and markets.
  • Moreover, you are also going to learn all about the real and monetary economy.
  • Next, you will learn everything there is about macroeconomics.

This and much more are a part of this course to help you understand even the minute detail about economics.

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Who can take benefit from this course?

As the course is related to economics so different categories can take benefit from this course:

  • All those beginners who want to start a career as being an economist or entering a field similar to it.
  • With that, those professionals who need to revise or update their skills regarding economics are also welcome to join this course.
  • Similarly, economics professors can also gain quite benefit from this course.

Social proof:

Social proof is in fact the most valuable price of information that can actually help you decide whether the course is worth taking or not. By taking a look at different comments people have given about this course, it can become easy to decide what you want.

Positive feedback:

  • A course that has been wonderfully and meticulously compiled. Before taking this course, I had a little interest in this field. But after completing this course, I am really happy that I did it. (Amit V, 5 stars).
  • I have a few things to mention about this course which I think everyone should know. Firstly, the course has been designed exquisitely. The topics covered are amazing and just according to the current economic situation. Secondly, the lecture videos are quite convenient to download and the option to watch them over and over is too good. Next, the self-paced learning environment was very supportive as it made me complete the course at my ease and flexibility. Thus I would give 5 stars to this course with all my heart. (Sahibzada A, 5 stars).
  • This course enabled me to understand how theories have policy implications and the need for triangulation to solve societal problems. All of the economic theories have been explained very thoroughly. Thus I would recommend this course to all those who need to develop a complete understanding of economic theories and ways to make these theories useful in real life. (Shantanu A H, 5 stars).
  • A complete introduction about economic theories is what this course is about. You can gain a thorough understanding of the economy from a pluralist viewpoint. Similarly, the course will change your vision of modern macroeconomics and all business-models in general. In short, I have gained a lot from this course. (Alexey K, 5 stars).

Negative feedback:

  • The course is though interesting, yet some minute errors forced me to not give it 5 stars. There were some typing errors, mistakes in the tests, etc.

Conclusion of Introduction about Economic Theories:

Thus, by reading this topic, you can get an overall idea about what this free online courses with certificates has to offer. You will not only get an introduction about economic theories but also learn different concepts to apply it in real life. So take this course now, stay home, stay safe, and never stop learning.

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