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Overview of eLearning SPU


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SriPatum University:

eLearning SPU is offered by SriPatum University which is considered among one of the oldest universities that are in Bangkok, Thailand. This is a private university which was founded in the year 1970. At first, its name was Thai Suriya College but the status of the college was promoted to University in the year 1987 by the Ministry of University Affairs.

Since then, it has only been recognized as SriPatum University. The University offers 10 schools and 6 colleges and there are approximately 20,000 enrollments every year. Also, this university is known to be one of the first five private universities in Thailand.

eLearning SPU:

With the help of SPU-OER initiative, the SPU provides academic services quality eLearning content to the public. Since June 2010, there have been more than 25,200 accesses to the contents at the eLearning SPU. Each student or teacher has to enter an Id and password in order to log in and then they are all set to go. This eLearning platform is very reliable and lets both teachers and learners teach and study effectively. Teachers are able to add multiple resources against a course at any time. Similarly, students can get access to these learning resources whenever they want.

eLearning SPU Online Course:

Sripatum University via ThaiMOOC
Taught By: Sira Satayapaisan & Ajarn Thawin Naruenat & Ajarn Soraphon Buranakun & Uthumphon Yusuk & Professor Dr. Thinee Manesri
5 Weeks Duration
2 Hours Weekly Study

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Thus the eLearning SPU is a carefully curated project of the SriPatum University that enables it to provide their students with the best learning experience possible. Another reliable eLearning platform is uum online learning it is a Malaysian online education platform where you also can learn a lot.

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