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France Universite numerique (FUN) is a French national platform i-e Fun MOOC Platform that is used to promote the Massive Open Online courses particularly. This platform was launched in 2013 and this portal is supported by two prominent platforms. One is the American edX open-source platform and the other one is Google. Similarly, the audiovisual content is hosted efficiently on the Amazon Web Services servers. This platform is not something that has been developed with fewer resources or doesn’t have enough educational services to offer. Instead, it was endowed a budget of eight million euros by the Government at its launch.

Partnership with other Universities:

Though the University itself is the biggest platform to promote MOOCs. But there is a large number of Universities that are in partnership with FUN. There are more than 150 universities to be in partnership with FUN in providing several MOOCs. Some may provide fewer courses while others may be providing more than 100 MOOCs.


The names of a few of the Prominent Universities are mentioned below:

  • HESAM University.
  • National Center for Territorial Public Service.
  • Sorbonne University Paris Cite.
  • National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts.
  • Paris Saclay University.
  • Federal University Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees.
  • Virtual University for Environment and Sustainable Development (UVED).
  • Brittany Loire University.
  • University of Bordeaux.
  • University of burgundy.

And many more like these are providing with different MOOCs on the FUN platform.

Categories/themes in which Fun MOOCs are offered:

There are a total of 49 categories available on the platform.

The names of a few are mentioned below:

  • Chemistry.
  • Communication.
  • Agronomy and agriculture.
  • Creation, arts, and design.
  • Social issues.
  • Economics and finance.
  • Education and tutoring.
  • Law and legal studies.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Sustainable development.
  • Geography.
  • History.
  • Information Technology.
  • Management.
  • Languages.
  • Philosophy.
  • Data Science.
  • Research Tools.

And many other categories like the discovery of the universe, cultures and civilizations, education and tutoring, etc. each category has different MOOCs available. For example, there are 45 law and legal MOOCs that can be enrolled in. Similarly, 69 computing, 71 environments, 89 education and training, and 52 management MOOCs are available and the list goes on for all the remaining categories as well.

Checkout MOOC Options from Top Universities/Organizations in various domains

Programming Courses
100+ Courses

Cybersecurity courses
30+ Courses

Business Courses
70+ Courses

Blockchain Courses
20+ Courses

Data Science Courses
150+ Courses

Mobile App Development Courses
50+ Courses

Languages in which MOOCs are available:

As the number of MOOCs provided by Fun Mooc platform is very high.  MOOCs available not only in French but two more languages, English and Spanish. The number of MOOCs available in French is 545. Whereas 50 MOOCs in English and 1 MOOC in the Spanish language are available for learners to take.

Information regarding a MOOC:

As mentioned earlier, there is a huge list of MOOCs available on the Fun Mooc platform. But we don’t know the pattern of the course, its duration, starting point, how many hours to put in per week and other factors. So let us take a look at the common information that each MOOC has.

There are 5 things to look for while taking a MOOC:

  • What is the last date to register in a specific course?
  • When is the course going to start?
  • The number of hours that a student has to put in per week.
  • Language of the course a student wants to enroll in.
  • When is it going to end?

When a student decides which MOOC he needs, he can get all the information he needs including these 5 above-mentioned points.

Free Online Courses with Certificates

Some General Details about Fun MOOC Platform:

The following are some important details about the MOOCs available at FUN:

  • The number of already started courses is 117.
  • The number of soon to be started courses is 70.
  • The number of courses open for enrollment is 177.
  • And the number of Archived MOOCs is 405.

FUN acts for the Future of MOOCs:

18 e-education players (educational institutions) has signed a manifesto entitled “Acting for the future of MOOCs and open education” and France Universite Numerique is a part of this manifesto. By co-signing this manifesto named Acting for the future of MOOCs, France Universite Numerique aims to reassure the value of MOOCs that they have in their current form. FUN puts in all of its resources and efforts and joins forces with all the others (educational institutions that support MOOCs) to contribute to the betterment and benefit like:

  • All the higher education establishments.
  • All the teachers around the world who work day and night to improve the standard of education.
  • All the course designers who are providing with such MOOCs.
  • All the students and learners who want to gain an education and make a great future for themselves.
  • All the companies that are involved in it.

This all will be done by these 18 players through their experience, reputation, evolution, and diversification of the model. This venture is very important in shaping the future of MOOCs.

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By taking a look at the above-mentioned details, we at takethiscourse.net are quite satisfied with the efforts FUN is making to promote the MOOCs. Not only has it a variety of MOOCs to offer by a variety of universities and in a variety of themes. But can be enrolled in for totally free.

Be it a management or finance category, Geography or History, Data science or research tools, languages or philosophy, there is a MOOC against every category. So don’t waste your time anymore, visit the website now and find the right MOOC yourself and never stop learning.