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ASP.NET Core MVC and Angular 5 Project- Creating a CMS


As we all know that developing an application that is effective, fast and reliable demands a lot of time and effort and a lot of experience as well. Similarly developing a real world application with the help of ASP.NET core MVC is a technical task and requires a lot of hard work and efforts. There are many people out there who are trying to develop a web application using ASP.NET core MVC but get stuck in the middle. They become clueless as to what should be done next in order to complete the task. So here we are going to discuss a course that has all the solutions to problems like these. This ASP.NET core MVC and Angular 5 Project creating a CMS will help learners to create restful API’s with this very useful ASP.NET MVC framework. The course will help learners to develop a firm understanding as to how they can build real world applications not just with the help of ASP.NET MVC but also with the help of Angular 5. Yes the aim of this course is to focus on both ASP.NET MVC plus Angular 5 in order to develop real world websites that are very efficient, effective, fast and reliable. As the course is totally project-based, this means that learners will be able to develop websites with the help of real projects in this way they can learn in a better way. The course contains to the point notes and lectures that will help learners to build a RESTful API with the help of ASP.NET MVC framework.

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Who should take this course?

This course is suitable for all those people who have interest in developing real world applications. Whether you are a beginner in this field or an experienced professional, both can take this course and learn so much from it. As the course focuses on teaching two concepts, that is, ASP.NRT core MVC and Angular 5 so this means that those who wish to learn about ASP.NET MVC can also learn about Angular 5 just by one course and vice versa. This means that the course is an excellent option for all those who have interest in this field. All that is required of you is to have a little knowledge of these concepts as in this course, the instructor will not take you through the basics first. So it would be really helpful if the user has prior knowledge of the concepts. Otherwise this course is a perfect option for all those who wish to build real world applications that are not only effective but fast as well.

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Social proof:

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5 star rating:

The course has a good intro to a real project that uses a data driven asp.net core web api project with an angular web ui.

I found this course to be very informative. It has a great introduction regarding how we can make real web applications using ap.net. At first I was not sure whether the course would help me in a way it should. But after completing the whole course, I was very much satisfied by it.

I really like the instructor, his way of teaching is very professional.

The instructor makes the course really engaging and talks to the point. He has been really concise, clear and to the point. He was fun to watch and professional at the same time. Neither, he sounded too boring nor too unserious. Instead the whole course was really balanced.

This course is exactly what I was looking for. I really enjoyed every second of this course.

I recently developed some interest in web development and I was looking for a course that could help me with it. So I found this course and I think this course is exactly what I needed. Everything available in the course has been explained really professionally and I was able to develop a good understanding of asp.net and also Angular 5.

Great course for those who have some experience in this field.

I am a professional web developer and I have some experience in this field. Yet I decided to take this course as I had some ambiguities that needed to be solved. So I took this course with the intention of solving my issues and refresh my concepts and this course turned out to be a best decision of mine. I was not only able to clear away all my ambiguities but also I was able to learn so much new things in the way.

This is a perfect course to become capable of making a website in a short span of time.

If you are looking for ways to learn how to develop a website on your own in a short span of time then this course might be it for you. The course has valuable information in it that will help you learn everything there is to know about web development through ASP.NET and also Angular 5.

The content of this course is really great, this is the exact demonstration that I was looking for.

I found the material available in the course to be very useful, precise and informative. I had been looking for a course that could improve my skills of web development and found this course. I really loved this course as it not only helped me to develop web applications using ASP.NET which I was already aware of but also taught me about Angular 5 which I had no knowledge of. This means that this course turned out to be really worth buying for me.

The course provides real life solutions in order to help learners understand the concepts.

The course contains so many real world problems and also its solution that can be totally applied in solving a real world problem if occurs. Clearly the course is very informational.

I have a lot of experience with Angular 5 and by taking the course I was able to learn so much new things from it.

I have a huge interest in web development and I have developed a few websites using Angular 5. But after taking this course, I think I was able to learn a number of new things about angular 5 which I was unaware of before.

4 star rating:

The whole structure of the course is very well organized.

The course is very well structured. It contains different modules and each module is independent of one another which means that you can start from any lecture and learn from it.

The pacing of the videos is very well balanced.

The pacing of all of the videos was well balanced. It was not like one video is of a very long duration and the other one very short. Instead, each video was of equal duration almost. And also the examples given in the lectures can be totally applied in the real world.

The course is very challenging and engages a learner in it real quick.

I found this course to be very challenging. It has so many challenging quizzes and assignments in it that forces a learner to do brainstorming and find answers to questions on their own.

3 star rating:

The instructor has only shared only basics of angular and ASP.NET and has skipped so much important things.

When it comes to Angular and ASP.NET, there are so many concepts that need to be discussed and cleared, but this course just had introduction of both these things according to me. But I wouldn’t say that the course was a total failure, it did teach me some things that I appreciate.

2 and 1 star rating:

The information provided in the course is really basic and nothing new has been explained in the course.

The course was good but I think it only had basic information in it that I think anyone can provide.


Let us now discuss some of the alternatives that can be taken against this course. These alternatives can help a student to choose according to his need. We are going to give a brief introduction about the alternatives that can give learners an idea about what the courses are.

The complete ASP.NET MVC Core 2.0 Course:

This course is a latest release of Microsoft’s web application development platform. The course will enable learners to develop all the skills that are required for making a complete real world application. As we know that there are many developers out there who always face some problems regarding developing a perfect web application using ASP.NET MVC framework. This is probably because they don’t have a strong grip over the basic fundamentals. By taking this course, learners will be able to develop a strong base over all the concepts required to develop a fast, effective, reliable and efficient web application using ASP.NET MVC. There will be a lot of new things that a learner will be able to learn by taking the course. The lectures are really engaging and easily understandable. The quizzes and assignments given at the end of each section are also very helpful. The rating of this course is 4.3 and thousands of students have been enrolled in this course and have found this course to be really helpful. Also the course is available at a price that is really affordable so if you think that this course might be the right choice for you then click on the below mentioned link to take this course today.


Build a real-world app with ASP.NET Core and Angular 2 (4+)

This is also a very interesting course that will help learners to build real world applications with the help of ASP.NET Core and Angular 2. The course is a perfect fit for all those who have interest in both angular and ASP.NET. By taking this one course, a learner will be able to learn two concepts. The course is highly elaborated and the instructor is really engaging. The lectures in the course are very interesting and their pacing is excellent. There are a number things that a learner is going to learn from this course like how to implement a clean and decoupled architecture, properly implement the repository and unit of work patterns, how to troubleshoot common runtime errors, how to use auto mappers and much more. The rating of this course is really appealing and more than twenty thousand students have been enrolled in this course. So if you think this course can help you chase your dreams, then start your career with this highly informational course.



We can conclude our topic by saying that the above mentioned course is a perfect pick for all those people who wish to learn about how they can develop an excellent real world application in no time. The course has so many useful material in it that can help learners to develop a strong base of ASP.NET core MVC and also Angular 5. The course contains a number of quizzes and assignments that can add more help for a learner to learn the concepts. The rating of the course has found out to be very appealing and many students who took this course were able to start a career in this field. Also if we take a look at the material that is available in the course and the price at which the course is available to buy, we would totally agree that the price of the course is highly affordable. Hence we can say that this course is totally worth buying. So if you think that this course is the right choice for you then don’t waste your time anymore and click on the take this course button now and get a lifetime access to all the contents of the course.

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