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Best Career Opportunities In JavaScript for 2024



Do you want to make a career in JavaScript? But don’t know what opportunities there are in javascript. So this article helps you to find out the best career option in JavaScript. JavaScript is a scripting language that helps to make your web page highly responsive. It is used with the addition of HTML and CSS. Basically, HTML and CSS are used for structuring or designing your website but JavaScript makes your website responsive.

Nowadays every organization makes a website for its business. So there is a huge demand for JavaScript developers. Many organizations are constantly looking for a skilled programmer who knows JavaScript and is best suited for JavaScript developer jobs. There are plenty of jobs like frontend developer, UI engineer and javascript developer that are open for those people who have relevant skills. 

Hence, In this article, you will get complete information about how to plan your career in JavaScript and what skills you need to get high-paying jobs in this industry.

What is the Scope Of JavaScript in the Future?

JavaScript is invariably a primary language in web development and it’s always used in a server-side application. JavaScript is dominant in front-end development, has a huge presence in back-ends (NodeJS), desktops (Electron), and mobiles (React Native and NativeScript). 

JavaScript is only a language that interacts with clients. Initially, Javascript only writes for the client-side but after evolving these languages, Javascript also assists in a server-side programming language.

Therefore, everyone wants to learn JavaScript in order to build a bright future.

JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript framework is the pre-written code that programmers use for their convenience. There are a lot of JavaScript frameworks that help to reduce the complexity of code for every developer.

Here are some Frameworks in JavaScript:

  • Angular Framework – It is the open-source Javascript framework that is widely used in various organizations. It is completely written in TypeScript. It primarily aims to develop Single page applications.
  • React JS – This framework helps to build fast and interactive interfaces for web and mobile applications.
  • Vue.js – Vue.js is also an open-source javascript framework that is widely used by big organizations like Alibaba, Mi, etc.

Use Case Of JavaScript Programming Language

There are various kinds of use cases of the JavaScript programming language in daily life or in business as well. I would like to give some highlights of the JavaScript use case.

  • Interactive Behaviors of Web Pages
  • It helps to make Web app or mobile application
  • Widely used in Game Development
  • Building Frontend of any website

Popular Jobs In JavaScript For Freshers & Experienced

Companies like Google, Amazon, Flipkart, and other tech giants are looking for javascript developers for implementing, designing, and developing high-quality programs. Now let’s explore some exciting job opportunities in JavaScript for freshers and experienced as well. 

1. Job for Front End Web Developer

Companies are hiring Front end Developers for building a dynamic, user-friendly, visual part of a website. This job is basically focused on HTML, CSS, JS, and light backend. As well as you also need to know about some concepts beyond the core technologies like regression testing or performance.

Read some following responsibilities that the company expect from this Front-end Developer job

  • Ability to develop a new software application
  • Creating libraries and regular code for the forthcoming usage.
  • Enough knowledge of UI/UX design
  • Creative mindset
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Work together with the other team members

2. Web Application Developer Job

Various companies are hiring freshers and experienced web application developers for creating different web-based applications such as shopping carts, spreadsheet programs, visual online forms, video and photo editors, scanning applications, file conversions, word processing, and email software. 

What do Companies expect from a web application developer? Read the following point

  • Enough knowledge of UI and UX design
  • Able to develop interactive, and user-friendly web pages
  • Should have Knowledge of planning and delivering software platforms used across different products and organizational units.
  • This Javascript job also focused on working with different languages (like ASP, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc).
  • Communication skills and creative mindset


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3. JavaScript Developer Job

Companies hire experienced JavaScript developers that are responsible for back-end and front-end web design. As well an individual is accountable for all server-side application logic and specializes in the markup of applications. 

For JavaScript developer job, companies are expecting from these:

  • Can develop an interesting or dynamic front-end platform website.
  • Easily develop user-friendly features
  • Familiar with different types of languages like HTML, CSS, Python, etc.
  • Can design or develop new front end applications for various platforms
  • Creative mindset 

4. UX Designer

A UX designer helps to create a website according to the user. Find problems that are faced by the users. Do study and research how people use a site and give suggestions to the company. 

The responsibilities of a UX Designer include:

  • Understanding of different human psychology
  • Design a user’s persona based on research and data.
  • Finding the solution to the user’s problem
  • Have a creative mindset and good communication skills
  • Collaborating with other team members or designers to execute designs
  • Define a correct interaction model


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5. Web Designer

Companies need a web designer to design an attractive and interesting web page. Individuals are able to develop different types of websites (like eCommerce, WordPress, dynamic, news, blog, etc).

Responsibility of a web designer:

  • Able to fulfill all the requirements of the company’s web page
  • Must have knowledge about HTML, CSS, and light JavaScript
  • Ability to solve technical issues
  • Have a Creative mindset and good communication skills

6. UI Designer

UI basically means User Interface. The company wants those job seekers who are able to design a website’s interface according to its users. 

There are some following responsibilities that a company expect from UI Designer

  • Have a UI designing knowledge along with JavaScript
  • Have enough knowledge of user’s psychology
  • Able to collaborate with other team members
  • Have Creative and good communication skills

7. Full Stack Developer

In this position, companies want those people who are comfortable with both front-end and back-end applications. Individuals are able to create different types of applications for a company.

The responsibility of a Full-stack Web Developer are as follows:

  • Designing user-interface 
  • Managing backend server and database
  • Also working with a graphic designer for designing of website
  • Designing and developing API’s

The expected salary of a Full Stack developer is between ₹ 2.4 Lakhs to ₹ 19.0 Lakhs.


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8. Software Development Engineer II

Organization looking candidates for the roles of this job. They develop and design top-notch software. The candidate must be a bachelor’s degree in computer science and have relevant experience in programming languages like JavaScript, Python, etc.

Roles and responsibilities of the Software development Engineer II are:

  • Writing efficient programs in JavaScript
  • Building user-friendly mobile and web applications
  • Participating in technical design

So, we learned some job opportunities in JavaScript. We know that JavaScript is a vast industry to explore. You have to develop your skills and you can easily get success in this industry. Now, we have introduced some free courses in JavaScript that can help you in enhancing your coding skills. Let’s explore!

Best Courses for Learning JavaScript Programing Language

Learning is the key to success. If you are constantly learning then you will definitely get great success in your life. That’s why I want to give you some exciting free JavaScript courses that will enhance your programming skills.

These are some free courses on javascript for beginners.

  • Learn JavaScript – Full Course for Beginners from freecodecamp, youtube channel
  • Full Stack JavaScript  from The Odin Project
  • JavaScript course from SoloLearn
  • JavaScript Crash Course For Beginners from Traversy Media
  • JavaScript Essential from Udemy
  • Interactivity with JavaScript offered by Coursera
  • JavaScript Basis by Udemy


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JavaScript is widely used in frontend development in web development. Not only from the client-side but JavaScript can also help in server-side applications. If you have command in the JavaScript programming language, you open great opportunities in your programming life. 

Thanks for giving your valuable time and getting a lot of stuff. You will learn in depth about JavaScript and its frameworks. Now you have learned a lot of career opportunities in the JavaScript programming language. Don’t be confused with Java, both languages are different and have different purposes.