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Job Opportunities in Cryptocurrency and the Skills You Need to Know



Cryptocurrency or virtual assets has become a hot topic nowadays. Every youngster shows great interest to know and explore this industry. But what is the true meaning of cryptocurrency? So cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can help to exchange medium. Unlike traditional currency, it is backed by our government and authorized by banks but cryptocurrency is decentralized. There is no authority to regulate cryptocurrency.

Before we delve deeper into cryptocurrency, we need to learn the concept of blockchain. It is the new age technology that provides high-level security to our data. In Blockchain technology, your data or information is stored in a manner that anyone can’t access or edit your information. If you are planning to start your career in this blockchain or cryptocurrency then this guide helps you a lot.

In this article, we will discuss the most required skills for jobs, various opportunities in blockchain jobs. So, let’s get started

Who has Created Jobs in Blockchain?  

Let’s find who are the significant players or employers available in the crypto job market that can generate employment.

1. Blockchain-based Startups:

Those types of business, platform, products, and marketplace that were created since the invention of blockchain.

2. Big Companies:

Big companies like accountancy, banks, firms, oil & gas, insurance, retailers, low officers that want to keep up to date with the technology. 

3. Tech Firm:

Those companies who want to shift their business to a decentralized system, need all the expertise they can gather. 

4. Government:

Because of the various benefits of blockchain several governments are hiring crypto experts to advise them. So, blockchain professionals are in demand. 

Skills You Need For Getting a Job in Cryptocurrency  

Getting future-ready skills is the most important aspect of blockchain because this technology is new for everyone and it’s emerging day by day. Some fundamental skills must be required to get high-paying blockchain jobs. So, lots of various tech companies are hiring candidates. 

Therefore, here we will mention the top 10 most popular cryptocurrency jobs at the moment, along with the required skills and estimated salary. 

Business Development Representative  

Many businesses are shifting their business to blockchain technology. And they hire blockchain business development representatives for their company. These representatives generate leads, develop relationships with companies, and align with their organizations. 

This person also has an in-depth understanding of cryptocurrency applications and their goals. Individuals should have experience or degrees in business, finance, or marketing.

Recommended Skill For this Position:

  • Sales experience
  • Knowledge of the cryptocurrency market
  • communication skill

According to the U.S market, the average annual salary for Business development representatives is $110,500 – $125,000.

Data Scientist  

As we know Data is the most valuable thing for every business. Here, Blockchain provides access to a huge amount of data because of its transparent architecture. 

Also, blockchain is a new technology which means Data Scientist is a high-demand skill for developing and marketing tools or services. 

The skills you need for this position 

  • Experience and Degree in Data Analytics
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Coding
  • Understanding of Blockchain

The average annual salary for a Data Scientist Role in the U.S. is $111,800.


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Financial Analyst 

Companies looking for a person who is an expert in managing financial statements. For this position, individuals develop investment strategies (like buying or selling), evaluate risks, recommend investments, save taxes, and maintain investment portfolios. 

Skills you need for the Financial Analyst position  

  • Should have experience or degree in this field
  • strong analytical and critical-thinking skills
  • great interpersonal communication skills
  • Knowledge about cryptocurrencies and their market
  • Understanding of Financial tools
  • Microsoft Excel

In the United States (US), the average annual salary for this position is around $70,00 – $80,000.


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UX Designer  

Blockchain technology is a new concept and various businesses are entering this technology. So here, UX design plays a very important role in providing a great user experience. Neither user can shift your platform to another platform.

Here, companies will hire a UX designer for developing a great platform for their User.

Recommend Skills you need to apply for this Job  

  • Any Experience or Degree in UX Design
  • Communication Skill
  • Coding

Machine Learning Engineer 

With the growing technology, scams are also growing. Cryptocurrency exists in a digital world, so companies hire those people who can create secure, user-friendly experiences for customers through digital applications. So, customers can use the currency securely. 

What you would need for this position  

  • Should be experienced in natural language processing algorithms
  • Data Analysis
  • Familiar with statistical analysis languages
  • Communication Skill
  • In-depth knowledge of Blockchain

With this skill, you can make $1,00,000 – 110,000 per year. 


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Marketing Manager 

Before investing in cryptocurrency, investors must have good knowledge about this industry. The marketing manager helps to find potential users, trends, and develop strategies to market their product. So, companies can generate more revenue and reach more audiences.

What skills you will need for this Job 

  • Sales Experience
  • Creative and analytical mindset
  • Experience in marketing, advertisement, and promotions 
  • Great Communication Skill (Mandatory)

In the U.S. marketers can make $110,560 -$130,000 per year.

Chief Artificial Intelligence Engineer 

The role of the Chief AI engineer is very critical. The area of responsibility is to develop programs and algorithms for artificial intelligence. And cybersecurity plays a major role in cryptocurrency. An AI engineer also develops an algorithm that helps investors to make better decisions for their investments. They also find and fix all bugs and maintain the decentralized ecosystem.

Required skills to get a job as Chief Artificial Intelligence Engineer :

  • The candidate has relevant experience in programming languages and frameworks like Python or some deep learning concepts.
  • Fast learning ability
  • Have their bachelor’s degree in computer science from a recognized university.
  • Fundamentally strong in Mathematics, Statistics.

If I talked about the average CTC for this role is around $9,246

Account Executive 

The account executive’s role is almost identical to that of business development. They form partnerships with customers for the sale of cryptocurrencies. They are mainly used to bring business opportunities from social media or any industrial event. They play a major role in driving more sales for any company. So the requirements of this post are relatively high.

Companies need these skills to offer this job role :

  • Experienced in sales and marketing
  • Better communication skills
  • Courage to face rejections

The average salary of any Account executive is around $65,000 per year.

Research Analyst 

Cryptocurrency or blockchain is a new generation technology and people find it difficult to understand blockchain and how it works. That’s why research analysts are researching the development of this industry. And they help educated people to get a better understanding of this industry.

Required Skills To Become Research Analyst in Cryptocurrency:

  • Strong Analytical
  • Strategic Thinker
  • Good Writing and Communication Skills 
  • Candidate must be in-depth knowledge of coding skills

Research Analysts earn around $6,250 per year.

Technical Writer 

If an organization creates a new cryptocurrency, companies need a technical writer for writing a white paper, blog, articles, PR, etc. Content helps to educate people about your business, industry, or service. 

Which skill do you need for applying Technical Writer 

  • A writer can spend a good deal of time writing industry-specific content
  • Should have creative or find new ways to distribute the content
  • Have a good communication skill
  • Must have enough knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency

In the U.S. Technical writers can make  $50,000 to $70,000 per year.

Individual Must Need These Soft Skill 

Crypto jobs are more complicated than other jobs because this technology demands more skills in individuals. So I would like to represent some basic soft skills that every candidate must prepare before applying to any company.

1. Creativity:  

If you are a creative person and looking for a career in blockchain then this is the best decision for you. You must be creative to build your career in this industry.

2. Willingness to learn:

This is the emerging technology, every day comes new updates in this technology. Candidates have the spirit to learn every day.

3. Collaboration:  

Another required skill that employers want in every candidate is a collaborative personality. There is a huge chance to work with multiple teams.


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Blockchain has proved that it brings disruption in many fields like finance, banking, etc. Cryptocurrency is a new way of exchanging goods and services. Although many countries do not regulate cryptocurrencies, they widely use blockchain technology and launch their own crypto. According to the increasing demands of Blockchain technology, there has also been a huge increase in employment. Most of the company is constantly looking for skilled candidates for various cryptography jobs.

You have to skill yourself and learn future skills to get into this career. It is the most lucrative career option to achieve financial independence. So if you are looking for a job change and start your career then this article helps you to make a better decision.