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Academic Listening and Note-Taking

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Are you a person who is having trouble in listening to the academic lectures?  Or do you want to improve your listening skills? We present to you a course that can help non-Native English speakers improve their listening abilities. The instructor will share some very useful techniques that can improve your understanding and skills for listening to the lectures more carefully. This course is suitable for those who are planning to attend college classes in English. The lectures and guidelines in this course will help you improve your listening skills. Once you manage to complete this course, you will be able to understand and follow your lectures more effectively. You will also be able to take better lecture notes. Similarly, you will become confident enough to discuss lectures notes with classmates and professors, and more.

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This section contains feedback which users have given about this course. By reading the comments of actual learners, you can get a clear picture of what this course has to offer.

Positive Feedback

  • I can say that this was a very informative course that has taught me a lot as a student. Because of the learning content of this course, I was able to improve a lot at school (Sandiso, ★★★★★).
  • This was a very interesting course that encloses in it unique guidelines regarding the different kinds of speech patterns. Through this course, I was able to improve my note-taking skills. I would like to thank the instructor for such an amazing course and now I am looking forward to enroll in the next online course by UCLA (Tugsad A, ★★★★★).
  • It was a very useful course which taught me a lot about how I can improve my listening skills. Whatever I have learned from this course will help me in my educational and professional career (Tanveer A, ★★★★★).
  • I believe this course is very much suitable for all those who are not used to learning in English. The content here is very much articulate and I loved the part where the instructor has explained some note-taking methods. The assignments were also very helpful (Antara RR, ★★★★★).
  • A very valuable course that is suitable for those who are planning to study abroad. Plus this course was very helpful to my upcoming TOEFL test as the notes-taking strategies that the instructor has explained are very important and relevant (Jennie M, ★★★★★).
  • This was a well-organized course that is built up very logically. Most of all, the course really helps you improve your listening skills. I really enjoyed the content of the course and have found the content to be very much relevant and unique (Agnes K, ★★★★★).

Negative Feedback

  • The course has too much quizzes and assignments that I really got frustrated. I know all courses have quizzes and assignments to solve but this one had too much (Nada A, ★★☆☆☆).

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